Thursday, August 11, 2011

...if you promise to marry me

I was chatting with one of my friends who is in Abuja and the statement he made as regards our discussion made me laugh real hard.In his own words "I'm not going to say anything about this issue because it's like you guys did something you're not telling me".I know you're confused,but soon enough your confusion will be lifted.

I'd been going on and on about my ex who was always on my case.I stopped updating you guys about her because sincerely i was tired of telling you guys about her and how she won't just let me be.Well,the truth is she never stopped disturbing me.I handled the situation in the best way i possibly could...i ignored her all the time.However,something happened a few days back that i couldn't really ignore.I was just on my own,minding my business as usual and working to make money when my phone beeped.I checked to see whose sms came in only to see her number.I deleted her number,but my obviously over-working brain had stored it and bluntly refused deleting it and freeing some memory space for other important thing or number.Anyway,i opened the sms and here's what it reads;

"You really should pick your calls or one of these days very important news will pass you by.Anyway,tomorrow is the day i sign the papers that declare me single again.But i keep wondering what's the use? The only reason i want to be single hates me"

I wasn't stunned or anything,i sent her a reply telling her to sign it but she shouldn't ask me why.She responded by asking why she shouldn't ask why,i replied and told her to not to sign it and that she should leave me the hell alone.After a few sms exchange,the next sms that came in was the shocker,here it is;

"If you promise to marry me,i'll sign those papers tomorrow"

At this point,i was blinded with rage.WTF?! I replied her by asking her if i looked like a fool.The sms exchange continued a while,but those were the really important ones.Back to my friend's statement,i laughed really hard but also asked myself what she saw in me that won't let her just leave me alone.I mean,she never stopped bugging me.She called incessantly,i ignore every bit of the calls,she sends sms,i don't reply any and yet she just won't back off.I mean,what the hell is wrong with her? Or better still,what the hell is wrong with me that i can't even repel this gurl? I can't repel any gurl,but it's always not as bad as this.The reason why she went through with the marriage is fulfilled and so she's getting a divorce but wants me back.It is very bad now because if she decides to go about it the way she usually does,i won't even have anybody to report her to.Right now,she can decide to pester my life and the big question i keep asking myself is,what the hell will i don when that happens?


  1. Ha....Obviously the girl doesn't have any plans to let you go. change your number or get a pretend girlfriend, if she sees that you are with someone else she might back up if she has any pride left.

  2. @9jaFOODie: Then i guess she doesn't have any pride left because she knew a few of the gurls i'd been with.I'm reluctant to change my number because of the people who know me with it,it's going to be stress getting them to have my new number.

  3. Man, i have the same reaction that your friend in Abuja not gonna say anything because i feel like there's something going on that the rest of us don't know about. I can appreciate the idea that this chick is just persistent as hell but there must be something else happening thats givin her hope, whether its something intentional on your part or not.

    Or maybe you're just that awesome. *kanye shrug* lol

  4. Maybe you too should go and marry, so she will leave you alone, lol. Are you really sure she is signing those papers? If true, then it must really be a short marriage and she really doesn't know what marriage is about before she jumped in an is jumping out again.
    You sound like a very wise person, who won't allow himself to be used. I like you for that

  5. @LadyNgo: What could i possibly do when i'm ignoring her? I don't even speak to her friends,i don't speak to any of her family,i don't send her sms or facebook message...what could i possibly do to give her hope?

    @ilola: Well,she already said she wanted to marry me.LOL
    She actually got married to fuilfill an agreement between her folks and the guy's folks and since the agreement is fulfilled,she now wants me back.I can't allow myself to be used!

  6. nawa oh! well.. the babe is going no where!! >> maybe there is something else she has done that u don't know about/ or u guys have done something we don't know...or she has an obsessive compulsive disorder of you!

    Start praying about her lol, am serious! I don't think u being in a relationship now will solve it she ll find u more desirable, and worse still attcak your girl.... talking to her won't either..

    btw... u seem to have a lil' bit of time for her.. she is still getting ur attention, whether it is ur rage or love she has ur attention and she's loving it...

    completely ... like completely 100% ignore her + find a way to flush her, her numbers, etc off ur memory

    or get a restrain order lol

  7. idk man lol. maybe it really is that you're just that awesome.

  8. @Abi Tobi: Abeg o,we know do anything o.Maybe she did something,but i didn't do anything with her.LOL
    I guess i'd just look for a way to do the flushing you suggested.

    @LadyNgo: Awesome,maybe...but c'mon,there are lots of awesome guys out there! LOL

  9. I am short of words..This is strange sha..Inasmuch as you love her, do you want to marry someone like that? you have to ask yourself some questions.If you really want to get her out of your life then be ready for the stress that will come with it including changing your number, if possible address, so she dont locate you, blocking her on ur social networking sites, e.t.c. Because the rate at which all this is going, I dont see it ending anytime soon..For my ex, it was hard but I had to discipline myself and be very accountable..I dont know your religion but as a Christian, I believe that above all, you need to pray to God for direction and wisdom because bible says wisdom is profitable to direct..Surrender everything totally to God and let the Holyspirit work through you. Also, pray that God destroy every soul tie you have with her spiritually and physicall because everything that manifest in the physical has a spiritual root. It might look cool that a girl is crazy about you and is ready to do anything for you but you should ask yourself, is this want I really want..True forgiveness of oneself come from sincere repentance and surrendering to God..

    P.s you can read my post called the "break up" maybe it will help you..All the best :)

  10. lmao at "i cant repel any girl" ooh someone is a ladies magnet!
    your ex sounds like a psycho though.. sowi :p

  11. LOL@ beat me to it. That was going to be my comment.

    ...sooooooo you just got it like that, huh?? *dusts 9jaG's shoulder* I ain't mad, bruv!! lol

    i can't with this ya ex sha...da hell?

  12. I concur with the get a fake girlfriend bit. That your ex is an obsessed psycho- jokes aside oh. You should be afraid

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    Muse Origins

  13. @Unveillinggold: I'm overwhelmed by your comment,i really don't know what to say.Thanks alot!

    @Kitkat: Self awareness helps you to be a good person,that's the only thing i know!

    @Random One: LMAO

    @Muse Origins: The fake gurlfriend thingy won't work,trust me.

  14. she really sounds like a weirdo !!

  15. Erm Bro..I know this sounds funny but its no joking matter,before U know it U have her inflicting injuries on herself. I don`t know much but in this case there are 4 magic words that always work. "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" Psycho ALERT!!!

  16. @Jyoti Mishra: Yeah,i thought so too!

    @DIDI: Hahahahahaha! As far as the injuries stays on her,we're cool!

  17. I suggest you keep your distance from your ex, unless she's joking but I don't think so.

  18. @Myne Whitman: Myne,i've not seen her for close to a year and believe me when i say it is on purpose.I believe it'll be alright though!

  19. HA HA... I am officially stunned with this post...
    I have to Agree with a few other commentors..either your putting off vibes that there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel or.....

    God forbid a Fatal Attraction... (Prayer is Key)

    Enjoying the blog so far...

  20. @Mikki: Hahahaha! I am not putting off any vibes,she's just something,really.I'm already praying! Thanks,the blog is blog is glad you're enjoying it so far.