Friday, August 5, 2011

Do it anyway!

Hey peeps! Did i just hear someone say "He's back"? You're right,i am back and this time i don't see me going anywhere for a very long time.You know how i like to o it nau? Straight talk and no bull ish! Legoooooooooooo!

I really get very bewildered when people get scared of doing things.The most shocking of all is when they don't even have anything to lose.It is very rare for you to do something that'll actually make you lose something.Most of the time we just fail to see the big picture,we allow ourselves to be myopic.I have been a victim of this a million times (you do realize that's a figure of speech,don't you? LOL).Remember my evil Ex? Well,i chickened out at a point when i could've professed my love for her and ended up not dating her till after over 8years.That was just one place when i was victimized by my very own self.Another aspect borders on career.I had always loved architecture,but i had series of fears which were mostly financial and ended up not applying to be an architecture student.Till today i still get thrilled by architecture...the world architectural master pieces are just an awe to me.I mean check out the Twin Tower in the United State,Burj Al Arab in the United Arab Emirate,these are just mentioning a few.Oh well,so much for a chicken right?!

Fear is always the reason why we decide not to indulge our interest or passions etc.Yes,as humans it is allowed,we are allowed to feel fear.But have you considered the things you've lost all because of fear? Have you stopped to consider the satisfaction that you've lost all in the name of fear? The annoying thing is that some of the fears are baseless.Sometimes we have absolutely no reason to even fear,but we still just let it spoil things anyway.Here's what i've started doing,do it first and worry about the result later.How does that sound? Hey,hey,hey...this might actually sound very stupid o,depending on the situation.But i know you all are a brilliant lot sha so no wahala.Before somebody go say "But i took your advice na"...hehehehehehehe! So here's the deal,if you wanna do stuff but you're scared,do it anyway.If you wanna toast a gurl or a guy but you're scared of rejection,do it anyway.If you wanna buy something you consider important but you feel you might need the money,buy it anyway...who knows,you might never see that thing again.But if that thing na Blackberry phone,abeg live am,you go definitely see am again.#imjustsaying.For those of you who already are doing this act-first-consider-later,you would agree that it has immense advantages lots of times.Don't get me wrong however,you may not always be right or make the right decisions,but consider this nau,has fear helped you to always make right decisions? So you see,you really have nothing to lose.Have a very pleasant day people!


  1. How can u talk of Architecture and not mention my city chicago???? I am vexed o! LoL
    Do it first and worry bout the result later is sure some nice way to overcome that initial fear but this way needs wisdom to be applied, like you said, its not in all cases.
    So what did u eventually study if not Architecture?

  2. @Giagerry: No vex na! Hahahahaha! A person without wisdom is better of with a bullet in his brains...i'm not kidding! Library and Information Technology,though i majored in Information Technology.

  3. Good one! Fear cripples the soul, live now regret later. lol...easier said than done for me though.

  4. @9jaFOODie: Trust me dear,not just you o.LOL But i'm doing very well these days.

  5. There's nothing wrong with fear. Its said that courage is not the absence of fear, but the will to overcome it. So be courageous, not fearless!

    @Gee- why would he concern himself with Chicago when he can contemplate the wonders of NY :P lol

  6. Yeah,there ain't nothing wrong with fear,it just shouldn't cripple your mind.

    So you guys wanna do battle of states huh? Have you guys seen Ajegunle? LOL

  7. am pissed for Gee too... like how can you not mention Chicago???!! lol.. Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Montreal ... o soooo BEAUTIFUL!!

    Am gettin' you, and like you stated not with everything tho but some of us need to stop wasting too much time over-analyzing almost everything.. and we know darn right it's fear!

    and yeah it's easier to agree than to actually practice it

  8. @Abi Tobi: You really have an eye for architectural wonders,those places you mentioned are just the right places.

    Yeah,we need to stop over-analyzing things.

  9. Fear is the worst thing ever, it can stop you from living your life. I've decided to just live in the moment and do whatever I want to do without fear stopping me, it is such a controller and that's not what I need

  10. @Coy~Introvert: You've just learnt how to live a happy life.

  11. Fear...I have been afraid to do something for over a year now! It sounds so easy to say don't be afraid, but its still very hard to move on...

  12. Nice..I will say apply wisdom why using such principle..I always say try something, what do you have to loose anyway? well thats if its not something bad..Say, apply to a big position during your job search, what do you have to loose anyway?

    Welcome back..

  13. blessings....
    it is great that you can be fearless, it is wise though to understand that how one view the world is shaped by their experiences and it is sometimes those very experience is the hinderance. While there is indeed freedom in expressing oneself without barriers doing so can be difficult for those bound by trauma and a whole lot of other baggages they have not yet learnt to put down. From your eyes it may be difficult to see and comprehend because from your view you do not hold any of those things or perhaps you have learnt to adapt a stance that says "I will regardless" which is to be commended however like many things in life, some things comes with time. If it never arrive for some then it wasn't for them for they were unable to recognize the opportunity, and wouldn't know what to do with it because they are/were not ready psychologically.

    good posts...
    keep on doing your thang...

  14. By posting this u just destroyed your fear...
    Give a damn to that fear and Enjoyy weekend :)

  15. As corny as this might sound, it was a book that really opened my eyes to this. The title is 'feel the fear...and do it anyway'. I try to remember this whenever i'm wishing i could do something but i'm afraid to try. Working on it oh

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  16. @Ema Leecious: Trust me Ema,i know it's easier said than done,but i've really progressed to saying and doing.If you can just try,you'd see it's not even as hard as you've been taking it to be.

    @Unveillinggold: I agree with you.Nothing in life should be done without wisdom.

    @Rhapsody B: Thank you very much for your contribution and encouragement,it means alot.

    @Jyoti Mishra: Hahahahaha...actually i destroyed my fear long ago.

    @Muse Origins: It a good thing you stumbled upon that book and please do work on it.