Monday, July 4, 2011

Back...I wish!

Hey people,my very own people,how have you guys been? I miss you guys alot and even though i wished i am back,the truth is i am not.At least not exactly.I still would have to go away for another 3 weeks? Too much right? I know,but what can a man do? Nigeria made it mandatory for one to serve after school and even though i tried dodging it for a long time,i can do that no longer,the rope don tie my neck.So in advance,i'm saying Deuces because my trip to camp is tomorrow.This whole service ish was the major reason i traveled in the first place.Well,i know you guys are itching to hear the whole trip gist.Hmmmmmm,see as ears dem don stand.Ok ok,i'll give you the full gist.

The trip was far from what i expected,but it was quite cool sha cos alot happened that are memorable.Nw i'm going to give you a run through of the trip.

At about 4:30pm i landed at the airport,joined the queue to pick up my boarding pass.As usual,it was a rowdy and scattered process.Trust Nigerians,they want boarding pass but won't stay on the queue.The girl directly in from of me decided 'English' was a good thing to use at that point.She expressed her dissatisfaction and like i expected,no body seemed to care.Eventually i got my boarding pass and proceeded to the waiting lounge.At a point the airline were confused as to whether the flight would live by 6pm or 7pm and so i had to just wait for them to announce departure so i could call my friend Abdool and let him know.While waiting for the announcement,i noticed a very cute gurl staring at me.I thought it was just coincidence at first but then i caught her eyes on me some few other times.At about some few minutes to 6pm the announcement came for boarding and so i called my friend to inform him.I sat close to the window,like i mostly do and just stared out into the clouds till we landed at about few minutes to 7pm.As i was getting off the plane,the gurl that was staring at me resumed the stares and while passing,i flashed her a lil smile which she greeted with a wide one.I called my friend and realized he was already there.Got to him and hugged (#nohomo type) and greeted our friend he came with.We talked on our way home in a bid to catch up on things we couldn't talk about over the phone and on twitter.We got home at about 10pm after a few stop overs and i didn't sleep until 2pm.

I woke up by 7am,got dressed and Abdool and i went to visit his dad.I met the old man once and liked him instantly.He is a very lively and intelligent man.We talked about various topics and i wasn't surprised when he asked if i was married,you know my answer,don't you? Well,he went on to tell me marriage is good and all that and all that and i tild him i'd work on it.So,all you single bloggers who are in Nigeria (i don't do distance...hehehehe),please identify yourself cos this great man is in the market.*Now posing in different positions* Back on track,we spent a great deal of time with him,had breakfast and eventually left.Our next point of call annoyingly was Abdool's office.Who the hell works on sundays? At a point i drove out and went to look for something to eat.I got meat pie at a fast food,Nagari yogurt and drove back to Abdool's office.We spent a few hours at the office and eventually went to see our friend's family (i mean his wife and kids cos he was out of town).The wife turned out to be a great woman and i forgot i was meeting her for the first time even though i knew her.We stayed a while with her and when the day was getting dark,we headed back home.That's it,no bar hopping or sunday clubbing.

For those of you staying in Abuja,you know what the deal is with traffic.I woke up at about 5am and got set for the short trip to Minna.Abdool dropped me off at the park at about 8am and i boarded a cab to Minna.I got to minna at close to 11am and first visited one Amala joint i used to visit while in the town.Trust me,that woman makes a mean amala.After my meal,i went into the school to take care of my business.I finished everything at about 4pm and headed back to abuja.I got to abuja at about past 8pm and Abdool came to pick me up at the pack.We went to pick up a friend of ours and headed home.After a few rounds of music videos from Soundcity,Channel O and Trace,i called it a night.

Abdool came as usual to wake me up at a few minutes past 5am and i chased him away.He got set and went to work,leaving me alone in the house with his friend who's staying at his for some time.I spend the whole day lazing about with music videos and twitter till he came back later in the night and we gisted and i called it a night.

I woke up again at about a few minutes past 5am and got set to head out to minna.Got to the park at about 7:38am and got to minna at about 10:40am.I went into the school and the running around was crazy.At this point,i hooked up with my ex and she practically did the running around for me.Eventually we were done for that day,we went for lunch and we parted ways.My crazy friend Nath who i hooked up with that same day decided he was heading straight to a joint and after my personal running around,i called him so as to hook up with him,but couldn't cos i had to see a friend,another ex actually.She was with two of her friends and they were scouting for food.We all went to a restaurant and i did the honour of buying them dinner but my ex refused to eat.We left her friends and went to look for what she wanted to eat.We got sponge cakes and she got ice cream while i had Nagari yogurt.If you ever are in abuja,look for Nagari yogurt,it's simply awesome.Back on track...we went to her place and talked till late into the night.We eventually slept at about 2am.

I woke up by 7am and got set to do my remaining running around.I went to pick up the car i was to use for that day,went to pick up Nath and we headed out to the school to finish up.This day's running around was pretty annoying,but that God for the car,it was easier.At about past 4pm,we drove back to town and i went to drop off the car.Got to the pack and headed for abuja.Got into abuja by 8pm where Abdool picked me up and before we headed home,we stopped at his office.Yes,Abdool is a workaholic and yes again,worse than me.

5am is normal so i was up and got set and Abdool and i headed to his office.I left him at the office at about past 9am and went to hook up with Moheezy (Mohammed).The last time i saw him was 2009 so we had serious catching up to do.We talked and talked and eventually decided to hook up with Bobby.I saw Bobby a few weeks in port harcourt but he's since been in abuja.We got to his house and that was when the crazy fun started (and ended...hehehehe).We were greeted with Black label and the house was lively with chatters.Port harcourt boyz no dey hear something and they proved it.The house was filled with guys and a few of their gurls.We finished the Black label and decided to switch to Jack Daniel's.After a few hours,Adiya of The Corner Shop came through.She was scared of the number of guys that greeted her before she eventually started seeing the gurls (i guess that was the point she relaxed....hahahahahaha).We chatted for a while and i was amazed by how free she was around me.It was as though we've known each other for long.After a few hours,it was time for her to live and so i put her in a cab and went back inside.After a few minutes,i decided to call it a day but headed to a bar where i pumped in a few percentage of alcohol.Got to Abdool's office,stayed a while then we headed back home.I slept immediately we got home.

If he had woken me up by 5am,i'd have committed murder and i'm sure he knew that too.We stayed at home till about past 9am and we went to our friend's house to take his wife and baby to the park on their planned trip.We dropped them off at about 10am and again went to Abdool's office....don't even say it,i know! We stayed at the office till about 2pm then went to check out his furniture maker who's making his home-work table.Past 3pm we headed to the airport and he left me at about 4:30pm.I got my boarding pass and waited till 5:30pm when we boarded.Got back to port harcourt (by the way i missed it alot).

That's all about my trip as i remembered it.Yeah i know,it wasn't like i planned but it wasn't generally a bad trip.Abdool did his best to make sure i was very comfortable,but he didn't have time and i couldn't drive long distance because i didn't go with a driver's license.I didn't go to Silverbird cinemas,i didn't climb the rocks,i didn't even go for Karaoke,but i had fun all thesame.It's good to be back even though for a day.But tomorrow i leave for camp and would stay for 3 weeks.I'd miss you people,so here it is,Deuces! Have a very pleasant week ahead!


  1. Lemme ask something, where you keeping these details daily for blogsville or you typed them all at once?
    Its a pity you didn't go to silverbird,
    Which camp were you posted to? Niways, have fun in camp cos you will never have the opportunity to do so again

  2. @@ilola: I sort of remembered most of my trip so yes,i typed them all at once.Yeah,it's a pity i didn't go to Silverbird,i enjoyed my last visit there.I am going to camp cos i have no option,i hate the fact that i have to though.

  3. 3 weeks? which kind nonsense be that now?!? its already been too long as it is *goes to silently weep in the corner* (see how i just skipped the whole vacation gist lol)

    well, in any event, i hope u enjoy yourself at least a lil bit in that 3 weeks

  4. Youngman, you met Adiya and didnt ask for the male accessories??? You didnt visit Yahooze?

    Where were you posted?

    I've not served too but after these years of work i dont wanna go down that lane jare.

  5. Service service...get ready..I dunno if I can serve oh..
    All the best ;)

  6. All the best oh. We will miss you oh. I have been playing with the idea of serving. Give us feedback.

  7. you're obviously a busy bee right now. take your time. we'll be here when u return :)

  8. All the best. Stay positive and safe.

  9. Enjoy camp. Were you posted to Minna?

  10. I was also disconnected from web..
    missed few of your posts.
    Looks like u had fantastic time.

  11. Haha!! Don't blame me oh!! Glad you had some fun even though you didn't do some of the things you were supposed to. Good luck with camp.

    Had to change my url. Sorry for the inconvenience oh :(

    Adiya (formally the corner shop)

  12. Oga, nawa for u o! U come strike me out completely...single and resident in Nigeria. We nor fit do polygyny?! Esokay.have fun sha Come back soon o....


  13. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your summer!

  14. Hope you're enjoying camp :)

  15. ermmm just thought i'd remind u its been a month, u promised 3weeks. we're waiting

  16. @Sylvia Ney: Yes i am,thanks alot.

    @ChizyK: I free now abi? LOL