Monday, June 6, 2011

You are on your own,get that!

Hey people,i trust you had a very wonderful weekend.I for one lazed my weekend till the be my fault,na tiredness cause am.Meanwhile,i feel very lazy these days o,if like say i be woman i for think say i don get...see as ears don stand,comot jare.Ok,now to the serious matter.Sometimes i hear people complaining about being neglected by their friends or relatives.Lots of times i look at them with serious bewilderment and sometimes i just pity them.Meanwhile sometimes i outrightly want to just smack some sense into them.

When you were emerging from your mother's womb,did you emerge with anybody? No? Then swallow this simple truth right now...YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! I'm not kidding,really let that sink into your head.Ever wondered why some people you never expect to actually let you down? Have you ever wondered why that person you believe would be there till the end walk away at some point? Have you ever wondered why the world doesn't seem fair? Simple,you are on your own! The truth,as i mentioned in one of my previous posts "It is alright to be selfish...sometimes",is that we are all selfish at one point of the other.We always want things to be rosy,we always want comfort and sometimes when we don't have things our way,we tend to just go look for it somewhere else.When you see lots of people around you,i mean people who always flock around you,then it because you have something they want.It means you're successful in a way that they can benefit from and if somehow that success diminishes and they no longer gain,they simply go elsewhere to search for their gain.Remember the saying "Success has many friends"? Even viewing it from the religious perspective,the bible recorded that "a poor man is hated by even his own family".On your way to success,you'd have little friends and still lose some of them.But when you get to the top,you'll be surprised to know how many people know you,you'll be flabbergasted about how many people 'love' you.

Rather than keep yapping about your friends or loved ones not being fair to you and not assisting you or whatever,help yourself...remind yourself that you're on your own because you simply are.However,this doesn't mean there not very loyal and stick-till-the-end friends,but don't count on it.I heard this from somewhere "Hope for the best,but expect the worse",that makes so much sense.Don't hope that people will let you down,but don't depend on the fact that they won't or as D'banj would say it "You'll be sitting on a long thing".I was raised hard and i've always known right from when i was very young that i'm on my own.I don't get surprised about anybody's attitude,i've always known human beings are not reliable.Remember,the only person who can never fail you next to God is YOU,so depend on yourself and God.I don talk the one wey do me this morning so have a very nice day people and a pleasant week ahead.


  1. Quote of the Week:

    'Remember,the only person who can never fail you next to God is YOU, so depend on yourself and God.'

    The earlier we all start accepting that no man owes us anything, the better for all us.

  2. @P.E.T Projects: I love that "The earlier we all start accepting that no man owes us anything, the better for all us."

    @Francesca: Thanks alot and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Everyone wants to be accepted in some form or fashion (some more than others). But people do need to realize that there are always going to be people who disappoint, upset, ignore you, etc and that ultimately like you said the only one you can count on is God and yourself.
    But my small counterpoint is to make sure that in this quest for autonomy, you are not shutting out the people who really are trying to be there for you.

  4. Well said 9ja great. We can only count on God and ourselves

  5. @LadyNgo: My very own LadyNgo,i actually touched that part.I said somewhere that there are people that would actually stick till the end,but don't count on it.

    @Okeoghene: And that's the truth.

  6. Exactly!! I don't know why so many people think others (even family members) owe them something. I mean, please, everyone is dealing with their own issues, go deal with yours. It's true, only God is truly with you from beginning to end


  7. @The Corner Shop: Yes dear, everyone is dealing with his own issue and only God can be with you till the end.