Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women,please know your worth for God's sake!

DISCLAIMER: If you hate curse words,then now is the very right time to stop cos this post is definitely filled with them.But if you don't mind curse words,then please feel free to go on.And in case you got enraged or angered by the post,no vex,i just talk am the way e dey do me.

This post was inspired by rage,anger,annoyance, it whatever you will,all i know be say i dey vex.Yeah,i know i'm not a woman,but i've got them as friends and i've got them as relatives and colleagues and it really pisses me the fuck off when i see them belittling themselves.WTF?!

Women wield so much power,yet some of them are so stupid and dumb so much so that they let themselves be used by some very useless,good-for-nothing assholes.Can't some of you women read between the fucking line? I mean,why would a woman who knows her worth,a woman who ordinarily should have good men falling over themselves just to have her,stick to a bum? Please tell me cos i'm a lil bit lost here.Why would a woman leave all the men without drama and choose the one who was forced out of his parents house? What the hell happened to the guy that hustles and knows his role as a man? Why the fuck would a woman get involved with a man who is jobless? I was going through Pretty Lashes' When Love Isn't Enough and the story she had on made me very furious.I have steam coming out of my head right now if only you can see me.I mean,you are aware that a man has 3 kids for 3 different women and you stupidly got involved with him.I mean,what the hell were you thinking?

Some women are just too desperate.Maybe it's because they feel men are scarce and that is very wrong.No doubt,men are so terrible that you hardly find the ones that are very good,but lots of them aren't so bad.I mean,some men cheat but are discreet about it,they respect and love their partners very much.The good thing is there are still the ones that are completely reasonable,i mean without cheating and all.Because some women are desperate,they end up with Woman beaters (Woman wrappers),Bum (sit at home and let her bring in money jare),Lazy ass (work small and rest more).

I am a guy and i know what guys are capable of.If you come desperate,they take you for-granted.Lemme give you some advice as a guy;

Never date a guy who is jobless (unless you both are students).

Never date a guy who has more than 1 kid (1 kid na management sef,not to talk of more than 1).

Never date a guy who slaps you (it'll 'graduate' to real live beating).

Never date a guy who cheats and lets you know about it (where the hell is the respect?).

Never date a guy who has not made you his official gurl.

Never date a guy who always takes money from you (Trust me cutie,he's not a man and my guess if he was forced out of his parents' house).

Never date a guy who insults you.

Never date a guy who isn't proud of you.

For God's sake,you are a woman and you deserve so much better.You deserve a guy that would love and cherish you.You deserve a guy that would flaunt you.You deserve a guy that'll spend on you,not the one you'll spend on.You simply deserve the best,don't let any 'idiat' tell you otherwise.I'm tired of seeing women getting themselves victimized,it just so fucking disheartening and infuriating.Have a nice day people!


  1. Damn, tell em why you mad son!!! and LOL @ the "Have a nice day" at the end.
    Na true talk though. as always, thumbs up on the post!

  2. @LadyNgo: Hahahaha...thanks alot dear!

  3. TELL THEM!!! but Gosh BRO..this post has BOMB written all over it. They gonna get this message loud and clear.

  4. Hhaha..I can tell you are extremely angry... true talk though, we have to know our worth :)

  5. @DIDI: Yeah,it was BOMB ridden bro! LOL

    @9jaFOODie: Yeah,you ladies need to know you deserve the very best and nothing less!

  6. I wish you could blast this from a trumpet!!!!

  7. @Sisi Yemmie: This is the only trumpet i have for now.LOL

  8. Your heart is definitely in the right place.

  9. Woosh!..Nice preach it please..
    Mr man i can see the steam from your head pass the one from my kettle oh..jk lol

  10. This is spot on!!

    PS: I gave you an award on my blog.

  11. u vex small o! lol oh well, u make a whole lot of sense...

    But... for a guy who doesn't have a job: some of them are looking for... I think it should be never date an irresponsible man. Because, wheather he has a job/money or not... If he is irresponsible, he is more likely stupid and careless with spending and management

    I love your points :)

  12. LOL!! Here!! Here!!

    Women!! our very own downfall. Well sha you never know what people are dealing with. Self esteem is a muthafvcka so she might be a 10 but her mind is 3. I keep saying that a man behaves the way he does because some woman has/women have allowed him...I wish a nucca would! mschewww

  13. You are so right! angry and

  14. @Myne Whitman: Thanks Myne!

    @Unveilinggold: Eh ehn,i knew someone would eventually see the steam.LOL Thanks alot and for the follow also,you can be rest assured i'd revenge it.

    @Boma: Thanks alot Boma and for the award also.Funny thing is i also gave you an award.

    @Abi Tobi: I agree totally with this "I think it should be never date an irresponsible man".Thanks alot.

    @Anonymous: I can see you're also a bit steamed.Anyways,thank alot for stopping by.Would've loved to get your name though.

    @Bleesing: Thanks Blessing!

  15. You deserve a kiss, yes! 2 kisses infact *turn your cheeks*

    Nice post dear!

  16. @P.E.T Projects: Thanks alot sweets.*now closing my eyes and bringing my lips closer to hers* LOL

  17. Ahem... PH sharp-man LOL
    Stealing a kiss are we? Norin do u!

  18. @P.E.T Projects: Nor be my fault na.You don't get to be offered kisses from pretty gurls all the time.LOL

  19. Kai, see raw passion o, only God know what made you this angry. I really love tour blog, please tell me how your blog has been able to elude my wandering eyes all these time.
    As for your questions, the sad annswer is that many women don't know their worth and some others believe in these rubbish statistics.
    Also do you know that currently, men are more than women in Nigeria? Just go to Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) or website or CIA world factbook website. How do I get these info, well that is my everyday job

    P.S: I really hate curse words, but I tried to endure them for you.
    First time here and following.
    Please, check my blog out at

  20. Also, please read my post on 'Mrs Pressured'. Just look for it by the right side of my blog, under popular posts. I want to know your opinion

  21. @ilola: The fact that men are more than women statistically doesn't give women the excuse to be rubbished,they are even supposed to know their worth now more than ever.They just need to wake up sha! I wonder how you managed not to find my blog,it has gained popularity o,LOL.Thanks for stopping by and for the comments and you can be sure i'm checking out that post and dropping my opinion.

  22. You misunderstood me. I meant that Many people believe that women are still more than men so they allow themselves to be rubbished. They do not know that those statistics have changed for a while now and now men are now more than women.
    I hope you understand now.
    I thought I followed you before and I kept looking for you on my blog updates. Sorry

  23. @ilola: Sorry i miss understood you,but i get you now.I'm reciprocating that gesture asap.

  24. As in!!!!! You just hit that nail! It's amazing how many desperate women with low self-esteem are out there! :(


  25. @The Corner Shop: You so get it Adiya!