Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shut up and listen for a minute

As i was having my bath this morning,something crossed my mind; I listen way much more than i talk with most people i know.The reason is not that i don't know what to say or am secretive or i hate talking (i don't love it much sha),but the main reason is that most of the people i come in contact with would rather hear themselves talk rather than hear some other person talk.Some people are worse than FM stations,i mean FM stations go on break to take commercials but these people don't.They talk and talk and talk and talk not minding whether you're following or not.Some of them talk so much so that you sleep and leave them to their talking.There is nothing wrong with talking,don't get me wrong,but there is everything wrong with it when it isn't timed.Just like everything else,talking has its time and outside that time,it is very detrimental in various aspects.

The kind of people that talk alot are always prone to saying things they ought not to say.They are mostly bad at keeping secrets.This is because lots of times they say all they have to say and to keep their 'talking' going,they digress into telling peoples' secrets.So if you have a secret,do yourself a favor and don't ever make the mistake of telling it to someone who talks alot.Also,these talkative kind of people mostly lack wisdom.There's this saying (i was almost calling it popular but it isn't so popular); "a foolish man is considered wise when he's silent".There's also another saying i love "It is better to keep quiet and be considered a fool than to speak and confirm it".It has always been a known fact that people who talk less and listen more are always people with wisdom.The reason this is that you learn more when you listen than when you talk.Again,they are mostly chronic gossips.When they talk and talk and talk and run out of things to say,they dive into peoples' lives and say trash.Also,these kind of people rarely know their friends.The reason is because they spend most of their time talking rather than listening.So while with their friends,they don't pay attention to their friends but to themselves.

These i-love-to-hear-myself-talk kind of people lack wisdom and so they don't realize that just as they have things they like or want to talk about,the people they come across with also have things they want to share.You have problems,you have fears,you have dreams,you have hopes,you have passions,you have love and so on,what gives you the impression other people don't? Oh oh i get it,they are stones without feelings,right? People that talk too much don't interest me and the people who are very close to me are people who don't talk more than they listen.Have a nice day people!


  1. Quote i love: "It is better to keep quiet and be considered a fool than to speak and confirm it". I also like to say that sometimes it is wiser to seem foolish (aka keep quiet). that way, you read ppl and plan your next steps while they are busy yapping away. u may be called foolish for not running your mouth but u get the last laugh.

  2. @Olori: Word! When you're considered a fool for keeping quiet,your victory is sweeter!

  3. I so much agree with Olori. I am quite myself and prefer companions that can talk, but it can get too much at times.

  4. Once you get me started, I'm a regular chatterbox lol. But i don't engage in prattle. And when it comes to important matters, if i don't know i don't speak. But if i speak, that means you should listen. *humbly tooting my own horn here...toot toot*

  5. It's a lot better to listen than talk oh, although both have their times. Talking too much can give a sense of selfishness or something, like you're not really interested in the other person


  6. After reading this I visualised my friends and now I declare the frequency of such people around me is very high :D

    Excess of anything is bad and gossiping and talking also comes under this radar.

    you have unleashed a problem which is least talked :)
    well done

  7. @Myne Whitman: I think it's forgivable when someone talk sense alot,but gibbering doesn't just do it.

    @LadyNgo: Hahahahaha @ Once you get me started, I'm a regular chatterbox.That allowed since it's not meaningless chatter!

    @The Corner Shop: Word @ Talking too much can give a sense of selfishness or something, like you're not really interested in the other person.

    @Jyoti Mishra: Thanks alot Jyoti!

  8. I love your quote...and while I am with you in not liking people who talk too much, I must say that there are exceptions to the "wisdom" rule...I know a lady who talks so much she wears me out, but she is one very intelligent and funny lady...and she's a