Friday, June 17, 2011

Life is easy...Life is hard

Hey people,how are you doing this obviously lovely day? As for me today doesn't have any choice but to be very pleasant.Una know how we dey do am now,i don come today to tell una how e dey do me.Oya,make una siddon,carry kpofcorn and Coke,e don set!

I am a very stubborn guy.I mean,i don't believe things could go wrong.Even when i see things going wrong,i still tell myself that it's gonna pass and what do know,it actually passes.Maybe that is how i got this far,i prolly would've committed suicide long ago or something...but you obviously know that ain't possible.I'm stubborn physically and spiritually and i can attribute that to the success i've achieved so far in this little time i've spent on this planet.For those who know my story (no be Wale Adenuga Super Story o,but my life Super Story),they learn from it and trust me,i ain't hooting my horn (gerrout jor,ok small...hehehehehe).Fact is,i learn from people's life and experiences.But,it's from a selected group.You see,some people are plain 'FAILURES' and i no hide my face talk am.Some people have no aim,no nothing! They are just wasting their time on the surface of this planet.The annoying thing is that some of these people have all it takes to be somebody or make something out of their lives,but they are just too stupid and senseless to do so.You know say some people dey waka ontop of their brains so the thinking faculty don worn out (damn,i get bad mouth my mother i learn am from o).But on the real,some people are plain stupid so nothing can work for them.They are the ones who go about blaming people and everything for their own shortcomings and woes.

Life is very hard...i mean extra hard.I mean you hustle hard,from dawn till dusk and sometimes come up with nothing.Sometimes what you come up with is barely enough to live on not to talk of what to give out.Sometimes you do your best and try to be nice,honest and kind all in the bid to get the best out of life...and yet things still don't work out.It is simply because life is hard.People just don't make it like that,you have to be chosen and favored by 'fate'.Life is a bitch and screws people.Good people don't make it,but bad people are the ones who are successful.Good people don't live long,but bad people live to see their grand children.I agree with you for your sake.But you wanna know what i really think? Life is EASY!

Life is easy,trust me when i say this.Have you considered this; that life is planned? Life didn't just happen,it was planned by an Higher being who knows exactly what He wants.Imagine the electronics makers LG,Samsung,Sony and so on,when they design their products,it is done with precision.They design the products with specific aims in their minds and when the products are finished,they turn out the way they want in terms of functionality and beauty and what have you.When these products get to you,they come with manuals and the manuals tell you how to operate the products,right? Does it occur to you that life also has a manual? I'm not kidding,it does and you really have to be smart to figure that out.There are some people who after getting the manual transformed themselves.They live lives of beauty and riches and happiness and all.There are some people who just don't have a bad day,everyday is a beautiful day for them.You think life chose them to be that way? Nope,they chose to be that way,they got the manual for life and are using it to operate life.Now i've been going on and on about 'manual' and you're prolly asking what the manual is.Well,the manual isn't just one,it's different for the different aspect of life.To be financially successful,you need the manual for that part.To be spiritually successful,you need the spiritual manual.To be successful health wise,you need the health manual.But...if you hate to read,e go hard you o.Life manuals are in prints,the more you read,the more you learn,the easier it becomes.The people who are successful are people who love to read,they are curious minds! However,you were blessed with choices,try not to make the wrong choice of manuals else you'd plunge deeper into frustration.So you see,life is easy and life is hard,depending on where you stand.For me,life is very easy.I hope i even made sense sef? Hehehehehehehehe


  1. I'm totally with you on this one, especially the hustle hard bit. Growing up, my dad made sure that we knew we had to work hard to get the best.

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

  2. The people who are successful are people who love to read,they are curious minds!

    This is absolutely true, sometimes we forget that to continue to move up in life, we need to continue to fuel our minds.

  3. Exactly everything depends on our frame of mind. Choose the right angle and there u are... All fine and sane.
    And yeah all curious minds/ successful ones too have one thing in common the learning ability. They try to learn from everything whether they read, interact, watch etc.

    Conclusion is Life is easy if we want to :)

  4. @Boma: You dad thought you guys a very important life lesson.I'm glad you like the post and it's my pleasure to share.

    @Pretty Lashes: Yeah,we forget to fuel our minds sometimes only to complain about things not going the way they ought to.

    @Jyoti Mishra: You are on point Jyoti.

  5. Interesting take on life, I guess one needs two things to live life this way though. you have to trust that "God created you for a reason" and " Life is what YOU make it".
    Expectations lead to a lot of disappoint in life, I think it will be a better world if we all realize that "no one else is responsible for your happiness but you", so choose happiness when you wake and go through the day with that goal in mind.
    This was a great read, excellent job A-9ja-Great :)

  6. So while im waiting for you to compile all these manuals into one easy-access book for

    I dig your perspective on this though

  7. @LadyNgo: You just reminded me of what i started doing in my final year in the university.I became so tired of school that i always just wait for my mates to finish their notes and i'd copy and read.But funny thing was i alway did very well,so i believe you,wait well well...hehehehehe

  8. It is often said that ajekpakos stand a better chance of making it in tough conditions than most ajebutters. Your posts is very on point.

  9. Another great post my friend. I just hope I could have the manual on how to be happy everyday. I mean there isn't any dull moment. God Bless!

  10. The whole concept of life being hard or easy depends on how you want to make it.You are right too Life has a user manual some visible and some you not. It all depends on how curious you are and how much sacrifice you are ready to make.

  11. @Myne Whitman: True.Thanks alot Myne.

    @Kench Alegado: Yeah Kench,you can have the manual if you look hard enough.

    @DIDI: On point DIDI.

    @Madame Sting: Thanks,it's the reason i'm still alive and doing very well.

  12. You made sense and you didn't. Lol!

    Really though, life is easy AND hard, and both at the same time, sometimes


    And you've been tagged for the sunshine award :D

  13. @The Corner Shop: Hehehehehe...thank alot for the award Adiya!

  14. Blessings....
    Life is what it is, one simply have to find their groove and go with the flow, take the good with the bad, learn from it all and live life to the fullest.


  15. I always say Life is bitter sweet

  16. @Rhapsody B: Very true @ take the good with the bad, learn from it all and live life to the fullest.

    @Kitkat: Yeah,but mostly sweet.How's your vac so far dear?

  17. Life is hard, but only when one stands on the wrong side of life, but on the right side, it can only get better with every passing day

  18. @rarestreak: Well said.Thanks for stopping by!