Monday, June 13, 2011

Help...My patience is missing!

Hey people,i'm guessing you all are doing very great and your weekends were swell.Well,my weekend was a rather quiet groove,no outing.I was indoor all through watching Criminal Minds, Kitkat has been going on and on about it so i had to pick it up and i really wasn't disappointed.I mean i watched just like two episodes and became hooked.Guys,trust me you'd love it if you like thinking fast and like solving brain-tasking problems.Anyways,Criminal Minds isn't the koko for today,the koko is quite serious.

You know i'll always be real to you,even if it's hard or terrible or whatever.Anyways,i just realized i've lost my patience.I used to be a very patient guy,very slow to anger and all.But right now,i am very impatient with people and it's terrible.Only the person who's very close to me right now is complaining,but i know others are probably seeing this too.Once i snapped at my boss and he was very shocked to the bone,in fact everybody was shocked.I didn't do it on purpose and i've not been losing my patience on purpose too,but it just so happened that right now i know i'm impatient and get driven over the edge easily.This however started after my break-up (you know the story) and right now,i really don't even know what's up with me and this patient issue.I mean,i'm still a nice person (people still dey tell me) and i still have my large heart in tact,it's just this useless impatience.Oya,wey those doctors or therapists? I want your patience is gone and i need it back.Have a nice day and pleasant week ahead people.


  1. Please Bros..U have to ask God to restore Patience..U have to go back to that slow in Anger mode..its a gradual process though.

  2. I agree with DIDI. I think it's a phase. You need to take it easy . They say the impatient dog um um.... or is it the other way round. Well take things easy sha.

  3. I hope you get your patience back! :)

    On a side note, Criminal Minds is amazing. My siblings got me hooked.

  4. You need to take it easy and try and be conscious of the impatience.That way you'd be able to control it or put it in check.Nice blog!

  5. I cant believe i just lost my A4 sized reply!!! *sob*sob*

  6. sounds like u just need to take a break...get away from it all for a couple of days

  7. Impatience and/or any other mood swing is usually an offshot of issues that need to be properly dealt with.

    I understand that GOD factor is important in finding a way out however, there may be personal issues you have to deal with.

    You have identified the breakup as a probable cause, i think you need to deal with that thoroughly. I perceive you are holding on to the hurt from that episode hence everytime you feel someone is getting close enough to have the chance of hurting you, you put up a defence mechanism in this case its impatience

    Secondly, it may be due to a burden in your heart... Is there something bothering you? Are there goal you feel you should have achieved but are taking time to come alive?

    Lastly, it may just be nothing... you may be stressed from work and I think you need a vacation ASAP!

  8. This is real thing... loosing patience, screaming for lame things, irritating others...
    you cant be good always :P, everyone have a breaking point.
    But life moves on... things will be better in time ahead. Till than bear it. You don't have any other option too.

  9. Practice the art of zen. Go all yoga on us (err but without the spiritual hoola baloo).

    Love love criminal minds!!!


  10. Yaay! glad you're addicted to criminal minds jst like me. welcome to the world of unsub's :)
    u shld try to do sumn that relaxes u cos you're probably stressed or sumn. goodluck!!

  11. @DIDI: Yeah bro,i think i'm gonna ask God for just that.

    @BSNC: Hehehehe...i understand all thesame.

    @Boma: Yeah,i will have it back soon.

    @Anonymous: Thanks alot and thanks for stopping by,would love to get your name next time though.

    @LadyNgo: Yeah,maybe i need to take a break and fun maximum fun!

    @P.E.T Projects: Thaks God your A4 response still came out anyhow.If i were to advice someone having this same issue as i,i'd have told them exactly what you just told me.

    @Jyoti Mishra: Yeah,now i know everybody has a breaking point.Thanks alot Jyoti.

    @The Corner Shop: Yoga huh? Would give it a thought,but can i play rap, r & b or rock while at it? hehehehehehe

    @Okeoghene: Hehehehehe

    @Kitkat: Criminal minds is a great series,my kind of script.Thanks dear.

  12. Your patience will come back, it may take some time but it will... Me sure of that

  13. Criminal Minds is DEFINITELY the best show EVER! lol I got my family and some friends in love with it

    for ur patience.... breath in and out.. u prolly need some alone-time; sort ur emotions out.. and u will get it back.. :)

  14. @Harry Itie: Thanks alot bro,i'm also hopeful it will.

    @Abi Tobi: Thanks Abi Tobi,but i've done a million breath in and out o...hehehehehehe.Criminal Minds is just great.

  15. Lemme add my "2-kobo"...
    i used to be a very patient person, slow to anger and all, until i befriended a "hot-tempered" person...needless to say, the saying("show me your friends and i will tell you who you are") became real. Thank God for my mum, who patiently showed me the way... I am not perfect, neither am i close...but every day, i pray for grace not to snap, i try to control my self and ...just work on it consciously...
    its a good thing you have identified it, that's a first step, try working on it consciously now...
    All the best, mate!

  16. @Ema! : Thanks alot Ema,i'm trying to be conscious of it so as to curb it.