Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't get it twisted,money is important...

It's no use reminding you of the things people do for money.I don't need to remind you of the atrocities that are committed all in the name of money,you all know that already.I mean you've seen it happen around you and prolly witnessed it firsthand.This is simply because money is very important.I've often heard people say stuffs like it's not about is the root of all this,money that.But here's the hard truth,money is very,very important.

First of,lots of the things people say about money is totally bogus.I'll start with this; Money is the root of all evil.That is a big fat lie right there.They obviously took that right out of the bible,but even the bible didn't say that.What it said was "The love of money is the root of all evil".We all have one sole aim in this achieve a perfect life.There's alot inculcated in a perfect life.For you to have a perfect life,there has to be a balance.You cannot expect to have some and leave some out and yet expect a perfect life.It's like this,a system consists of sub-systems,and for the system to function properly,all the sub-systems must be functional.To put it plainly,a car without an engine won't move.Also,a car with an engine but without tires won't move.So for someone to tell me money is not important in life simply means that person needs a shrink.I mean,whatever you want to do,you need money.Even if you want to get yourself involved in non-profit charity,you still need money.For you to have happiness,you need a good measure of money.If you can't deny the fact that going out to lovely places and seeing lovely people makes you happy,then you can't deny the obvious fact that money is important.You need food,you need cloths,you need shelter,you need money!

However,money isn't everything,really.Money is just a part of what makes life beautiful,not all the parts.If you have lots of money but are lacking in other parts that actually make life perfect,then your life is going to simply be miserable.Like i said earlier,there has to be a balance.Have money,and also have those other things that are needed to make life perfect.Are you wondering what those other things are? Well,here are a few; Friendship,Love,Faith,Hope etc.That's a post for another day anyhow.Have a nice day people and please hustle for the money o...hehehehehehehe!


  1. WORD bRO wORD!!!! i`M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON LAND!!! now i have to go clean cobwebs on my blogs and welcome myself 1st!!!

  2. @Pretty Lashes: Yes o! LOL

    @DIDI: Welcome back bro,the blog missed you.

  3. i dnt feel money is necessarily the root of all evil, but it definitely causes lots of evil in today's world. jst look at politics in Nigeria,lol

  4. of too much money is the root of all evil but who say money no good???

  5. @Kitkat: You're getting it wrong dear,money isn't the root of any evil,but the love of money is sure the root of all evil.

    @Sisi Yemmie: You're definitely feeling me.

  6. Money is only evil when you make it your 'idol' above all else. But it makes live beautiful oh! Have you noticed that the people who say money isn't everything are the ones that have it? heh!


  7. @NigerianDaDL: Thanks!

    @The Corner Shop: Hahahaha...yes o!