Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't deceive yourself,love isn't all that matters.

I was supposed to make this post yesterday but got caught up with work and when the time came to sit on my desk,it was already time to go.So here's the post,sit back with a bag of kpofcorn (for those ajekpakos who don't know kpofcorn,it's popcorn...hehehehe) and a bottle Coke.I'm a sucker for love.I mean i love that feeling that comes with being in love.All the laughter,the holding hands,the staring into each other's eyes,the head resting on each other's shoulder or laying on each other's arms.For those of you who have been in love or who are currently in love,you definitely know what i'm talking about.Love is veryyyyyyyyy sweet,but you'd be a very big fool to think love alone is enough...i ain't apologizing for that.

I used to think where there's love,nothing else matters.But that was like a decade ago or there about.I've since grown and now i know love isn't enough.A relationship is a system and a system comprises of sub-systems which all work together to make up the system.If one of those sub-systems isn't working properly,then the entire system would have a slight defect.This is how it is with relationships,not one thing alone matters,but lots of things.Amongs the things that make up a relationship are;

Those are only a few of the things that make up a relationship.The above listed are all almost the most important in a relationship.You'd be deceiving yourself if you say as far as there's love,money doesn't matter.Or as far as there's trust,communication doesn't matter.Or as far as there's love,compatibility doesn't matter.My dear,you go fall for inside very deep pit.All these things have their own roles in a relationship.Some come at certain times,while some come all the time.For instance,there are times you won't even consider Love because Reasoning would come to play and Trust won't allow you make an issue out of the situation.You might want to make a grievous mistake but your trust in your partner would help you escape the mistake after discussing with them.For instance,because you love your partner,Reasoning by the two of you won't allow any of you to sleep with someone else to make money (although some people dey do am o).Some gurls fall victim to terrible love situations based on their lack of simple reasoning.I mean,you know a guy has 3 children with 3 different women and you still somehow end up with him.What knd of life do you hope to have with him? Anyways,i'll treat that issue later! Have a nice day people!

PS: Love is the most important amongst all,because when all fails,love doesn't! But love alone is useless!


  1. Hi 5!

    LoL @ Kpofcorn, you're a slighly razz child (pronounce as rass-shild).

    Honestly, people need to start thinking beyond kisses, cuddles and 69! There are many more things that are important, infact these elements are the ones that's hold the relationship together when the hair turns gray, the stomach bigger and the waist larger.

  2. @P.E.T Projects: You're on point dear!

  3. even without money, if you possess the rest on that list, am almost certain that would equal a good relationship

  4. love doesnt conquer all, except maybe in disney movies lol

  5. Listen to Dr. Love over here dropping serious knowledge o! lol My favorite here is compatibility- for whatever reason soooo many people overlook it. How can a relationship last if you can't get along? Doesn't matter how much you love the person.
    I'm with u 100%

  6. I think the issue is that people have different definitions of love. IMO, love covers all you've listed, and without it, they will never be enough.

  7. Clapping for P.E.T projects for breaking it down.
    lol @ Kitkat`s comment,so true.U are right Bro. As Myne said people have different definitions of Love,a friend once told me you can buy a girl or wife. I guess he was referring to those girls who put money before love.

  8. @Chizy K: Yeah,but in most cases without money the relationship would crumble.

    @Kitkat: Yeah,i agree.

    @LadyNgo: Yeah,Dr.Love is in the building.LOL Compatibility is very important and i see people fight simply because they are incompatible.

    @Myne Whitman: You're right Myne!

    @DIDI: Thanks DIDI!

  9. This is soooo true!! It's the high school/immature love that gets people thinking "I fall in love and we'll live happily ever after". There's more to it than that!

  10. i just saw d title nd fell in love.....will u marry me :) ok ok ok i know im not ur type lol....but u hit it on d head bruv. love isnt all dat matters for it to work.....u need to put d work in which includes stuff on d lovely list u provided. but when push comes to shove love is probably d one u can rely on most