Thursday, June 9, 2011

Comparison should be a crime

Something just struck me this morning when i got to the office and that was COMPARISON.Some people are so fond of comparing people with other people.This plague,like i choose to call it,is everywhere.It's in the family,relationships,amongst friends and so on.

I was in the middle of the comparison 'crime' committed by parents.I was always compared to a friend of mine and that almost created a little lacuna (chei,see oyinbo...nothing do me joor) in our friendship.His father was always going on and on about me and he felt very sad and maybe a little unloved,this created a strain in the relationship between himself and his dad.When i realized that was the case,i started making some adjustments.I stopped being smart around his dad and became a little way-ward and trust me,it helped in a way because it stopped to a great extent.His mother wasn't left out in the crime,but hers was quite minimal compared to her husband's.

Also,in relationships people make the mistake of comparing their partners to other partners or their relationships to other people's relationships.The resultant effect is that when done by a gurl,she makes her man feel like shit and men are very sensitive when it has to do with their ego.So,when compared to another guy,a guy starts pulling away because his ego gets hurt and eventually if sensitivity isn't applied,he generally quits the relationship.

Like i said in the title,comparison should be a crime.Some people don't just get the fact that it is very wrong to compare people.First of all,lots of times they don't even know your story,yet they feel they can conclude and compare you to some other person.The ones that even know you and your story,instead of realizing that is who you are,rather compare you because they expect more from you.If you are one of such persons,i've got news for you.The next time you feel the urge to compare,use yourself and live that person the hell alone,he or she could do without your damn comparison.My elder brother's ex was guilty of this too.She tried to compare her relationship with my brother to my relationship with my gurl at that time simply because she felt my relationship was perfect (at a point it actually was sha...hehehehe),but she didn't know what was underneath all she was seeing.And that is the case with most people that are into comparisons,they don't know what's underneath,they just go ahead and compare.So,comparison should be a crime because it hurts people very much.Some people are trying their best to be better and yet some other people instead of encouraging them feel it's preferable to compare them to other people.It is just so effing wrong and those people should be punished by being sent to jail or giving some very good strokes of the cane.Let me ask those people who feel it's ok to compare people this very simple question; is everything about and around that person thesame with the person they want to compare them with? I mean physically,spiritually,emotionally,environmentally, etc.? NO! So comparison is never ever fair and should be avoided like a plague that it is.My people,na so e do me today o,make una no mind me...hehehehehehe.Have a very nice day people!


  1. That whole comparison thing is just dumb. i've been in that situation with friends, exs, etc and its never a good time.

  2. I think it's part of human nature to compare, we have this natural "stupidity" to assume the grass is always greener on the other side or just assume that the "OTHER" thing is better.
    It takes a conscious effort to be content with once own situation.

  3. @LAdyNgo: I agree with you totally!

    @9jaFOODie: It really takes a conscious effort to be content.

  4. hahahahah! i know the feeling, unfortunately i was kinda always on the bad end of the comparison. loooL--those days!!

  5. i hate when people do that shit! its frickin annoying! like dnt compare me to anyone :(

  6. Oh gosh, that's crazy true. Have you turned on the TV (I'm sure you have). Look at what the media is feeding to kids of today, and young adults like myself, crazy ish.

    It's been a struggle for me, but I think I'm getting better at not comparing myself to family, friends and anyone else out there. Life is so much better when you learn to be you, and know that you is good enough!

  7. comparisons are never good.......... and they can never do a single good thing to either side(good or bad). But this plague as u said is so deep rooted that it comes out in one or the other form :( without exception.

    the thing is we never realise but we deal with it almost everyday.
    and really it irritates a lot especially when u are at wrong end.

  8. @Gee: Hahahaha...It's a good thing it was those days.

    @Kitkat: Yeah right?!

    @Boma: Yes dear,life is so much better when you do you.

    @Jyoti Mishra: That is so true Jyoti!

  9. I totally agree. I hate when people compare me to someone else. it is like u are acting as though you have me all figured out. It really pisses me off

  10. lol imagine me that have a twin. I am constantly compared to her. There are somethings people can't escape. It is wrong, but it is what it is.

  11. This is totally true!!! People should never be compared, but this is sadly not something i see going away :(


  12. I've never been a fan of comparisons such as these...apart from them being very annoying, they can also as you say, cause a lot of hurt.

    There's nothing wrong with admiring another person and praying for certain attributes/talents/etc that they've got...but comparing yourself to them, or comparing others with them, is so not it.

  13. The one I hate most is in relationships. If your ex was so 'everything' why didn't you just stick with him/her? I mean it's only once you can find someone so perfect, so you must be so dumb to let them go and try to stress the next person out duh!!!
    Lol nice post, I liked it ;)

  14. Well people do that to me, but treat their f**k up immediately.

    The only person that gets away with it is my mum. She tells me my mates this and that. I think in her mind she is trying to 'encourage' me. Well, it doesnt!!!

    Thanks for sharing this

  15. No two people are the same, neither identical nor siamese twins; why do you think God made our thumb prints different?

    It is okay to xray other people's lifes and get motivated by it however trying to become a mirror imagine would be courting trouble.

  16. @Harry Itie: Yeah,it really pisses one off.

    @BSNC: I can only imagine how annoying it is for you who has a twin.

    @The Corner Shop: Yes o!

    @Anoda Phase: Well put!

    @MsJB: Yeah,it is more annoying in relationships.I mean the offenders should just be shot...hehehehe

    @Mena UkodoisReady: Nice one @ I treat their fuck-up immediately.

    @P.E.T Projects: I guess they don't really think of the fact that no two people are thesame when they engage in their comparison crime.

  17. i think the child comparison thing starts with with the baby olympics thing that parents sign their kids up to unassumingly.
    You have parents who compare their babies with other babies who are not walking or talking yet, or even with older siblings. They think 'o! this one is already talking at 6 months old, what's wrong with you.' and they start to panick and bombard the baby with Sesame Street and Barney videos...
    that goes on as the child grows up comparing report cards etc... I used to be a victim of this, but the good thing about it is that it made me more confident about my abilities and who I am, and less dependent on my father's approval. thankfully he's proud of who i've become today - which is a bonus.

  18. @MsLuffa: That's so true.It's a good thing you're confident.