Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally,a mini vacation at least!

So i've been going on and on about this vacation thingy,it's finally here.*now dancing alanta* Yeah,it is here! The young man who happens to understand me a great deal is going to pick me up at Abuja airport tomorrow because that's where i'm going to.I'm putting up at his place and the guy must take care of me well o,or else....LOL I have a personal business to attend to in Minna,Niger state and so i'm gonna stop at Abuja first before proceeding days after.I actually took a whole week off just so i'd have some time to myself.I really need the break from it all.From work and the things that are eating my patience.I'm so excited even though i'm gonna miss you guys so much.Yes,i may not be blogging till i get back because i hate typing my posts with my phone.But for those who i've connected with on twitter,we'd still be in touch and for those who wants to connect with me on twitter,the handle is @ekpedekumoebila.This definitely isn't goodbye because you'll be hearing from me.

I plan to invade Silverbird Cinema,Bars and if possible nightclubs.My friend has been talking about a Karaoke bar and i would check it out and maybe see how good i am with music since i form R-Kelly in the bathroom always...hehehehehehehe! There were some rocks i enjoyed climbing while in minna,i'm gonna climb them again if i don't hurriedly leave the town.Plus,i wouldn't mind that unique feeling i'd get.My very own people,na so e go be o.Have a nice day and pleasant weekend ahead!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women,please know your worth for God's sake!

DISCLAIMER: If you hate curse words,then now is the very right time to stop cos this post is definitely filled with them.But if you don't mind curse words,then please feel free to go on.And in case you got enraged or angered by the post,no vex,i just talk am the way e dey do me.

This post was inspired by rage,anger,annoyance, it whatever you will,all i know be say i dey vex.Yeah,i know i'm not a woman,but i've got them as friends and i've got them as relatives and colleagues and it really pisses me the fuck off when i see them belittling themselves.WTF?!

Women wield so much power,yet some of them are so stupid and dumb so much so that they let themselves be used by some very useless,good-for-nothing assholes.Can't some of you women read between the fucking line? I mean,why would a woman who knows her worth,a woman who ordinarily should have good men falling over themselves just to have her,stick to a bum? Please tell me cos i'm a lil bit lost here.Why would a woman leave all the men without drama and choose the one who was forced out of his parents house? What the hell happened to the guy that hustles and knows his role as a man? Why the fuck would a woman get involved with a man who is jobless? I was going through Pretty Lashes' When Love Isn't Enough and the story she had on made me very furious.I have steam coming out of my head right now if only you can see me.I mean,you are aware that a man has 3 kids for 3 different women and you stupidly got involved with him.I mean,what the hell were you thinking?

Some women are just too desperate.Maybe it's because they feel men are scarce and that is very wrong.No doubt,men are so terrible that you hardly find the ones that are very good,but lots of them aren't so bad.I mean,some men cheat but are discreet about it,they respect and love their partners very much.The good thing is there are still the ones that are completely reasonable,i mean without cheating and all.Because some women are desperate,they end up with Woman beaters (Woman wrappers),Bum (sit at home and let her bring in money jare),Lazy ass (work small and rest more).

I am a guy and i know what guys are capable of.If you come desperate,they take you for-granted.Lemme give you some advice as a guy;

Never date a guy who is jobless (unless you both are students).

Never date a guy who has more than 1 kid (1 kid na management sef,not to talk of more than 1).

Never date a guy who slaps you (it'll 'graduate' to real live beating).

Never date a guy who cheats and lets you know about it (where the hell is the respect?).

Never date a guy who has not made you his official gurl.

Never date a guy who always takes money from you (Trust me cutie,he's not a man and my guess if he was forced out of his parents' house).

Never date a guy who insults you.

Never date a guy who isn't proud of you.

For God's sake,you are a woman and you deserve so much better.You deserve a guy that would love and cherish you.You deserve a guy that would flaunt you.You deserve a guy that'll spend on you,not the one you'll spend on.You simply deserve the best,don't let any 'idiat' tell you otherwise.I'm tired of seeing women getting themselves victimized,it just so fucking disheartening and infuriating.Have a nice day people!

Sunshine Award!

It feels very good to be appreciated and recognized.I really appreciate Yellow Sisi Unspoken and Adiya of The Corner Shop for the awards.I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 blogger that bring sunshine to Blogsville,but the problem is there are more than 10 bloggers in that category.So here's what i'm going to do,i'm going to give the award to 10 bloggers that i started following recently.Remember,you are all very much appreciated,make no mistake about that my followers.

Pretty Lashes
Kench Alegado
Jyoti Mishra
P.E.T Projects

Make sure you pass the sunshine on guys!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't deceive yourself,love isn't all that matters.

I was supposed to make this post yesterday but got caught up with work and when the time came to sit on my desk,it was already time to go.So here's the post,sit back with a bag of kpofcorn (for those ajekpakos who don't know kpofcorn,it's popcorn...hehehehe) and a bottle Coke.I'm a sucker for love.I mean i love that feeling that comes with being in love.All the laughter,the holding hands,the staring into each other's eyes,the head resting on each other's shoulder or laying on each other's arms.For those of you who have been in love or who are currently in love,you definitely know what i'm talking about.Love is veryyyyyyyyy sweet,but you'd be a very big fool to think love alone is enough...i ain't apologizing for that.

I used to think where there's love,nothing else matters.But that was like a decade ago or there about.I've since grown and now i know love isn't enough.A relationship is a system and a system comprises of sub-systems which all work together to make up the system.If one of those sub-systems isn't working properly,then the entire system would have a slight defect.This is how it is with relationships,not one thing alone matters,but lots of things.Amongs the things that make up a relationship are;

Those are only a few of the things that make up a relationship.The above listed are all almost the most important in a relationship.You'd be deceiving yourself if you say as far as there's love,money doesn't matter.Or as far as there's trust,communication doesn't matter.Or as far as there's love,compatibility doesn't matter.My dear,you go fall for inside very deep pit.All these things have their own roles in a relationship.Some come at certain times,while some come all the time.For instance,there are times you won't even consider Love because Reasoning would come to play and Trust won't allow you make an issue out of the situation.You might want to make a grievous mistake but your trust in your partner would help you escape the mistake after discussing with them.For instance,because you love your partner,Reasoning by the two of you won't allow any of you to sleep with someone else to make money (although some people dey do am o).Some gurls fall victim to terrible love situations based on their lack of simple reasoning.I mean,you know a guy has 3 children with 3 different women and you still somehow end up with him.What knd of life do you hope to have with him? Anyways,i'll treat that issue later! Have a nice day people!

PS: Love is the most important amongst all,because when all fails,love doesn't! But love alone is useless!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Life is easy...Life is hard

Hey people,how are you doing this obviously lovely day? As for me today doesn't have any choice but to be very pleasant.Una know how we dey do am now,i don come today to tell una how e dey do me.Oya,make una siddon,carry kpofcorn and Coke,e don set!

I am a very stubborn guy.I mean,i don't believe things could go wrong.Even when i see things going wrong,i still tell myself that it's gonna pass and what do know,it actually passes.Maybe that is how i got this far,i prolly would've committed suicide long ago or something...but you obviously know that ain't possible.I'm stubborn physically and spiritually and i can attribute that to the success i've achieved so far in this little time i've spent on this planet.For those who know my story (no be Wale Adenuga Super Story o,but my life Super Story),they learn from it and trust me,i ain't hooting my horn (gerrout jor,ok small...hehehehehe).Fact is,i learn from people's life and experiences.But,it's from a selected group.You see,some people are plain 'FAILURES' and i no hide my face talk am.Some people have no aim,no nothing! They are just wasting their time on the surface of this planet.The annoying thing is that some of these people have all it takes to be somebody or make something out of their lives,but they are just too stupid and senseless to do so.You know say some people dey waka ontop of their brains so the thinking faculty don worn out (damn,i get bad mouth my mother i learn am from o).But on the real,some people are plain stupid so nothing can work for them.They are the ones who go about blaming people and everything for their own shortcomings and woes.

Life is very hard...i mean extra hard.I mean you hustle hard,from dawn till dusk and sometimes come up with nothing.Sometimes what you come up with is barely enough to live on not to talk of what to give out.Sometimes you do your best and try to be nice,honest and kind all in the bid to get the best out of life...and yet things still don't work out.It is simply because life is hard.People just don't make it like that,you have to be chosen and favored by 'fate'.Life is a bitch and screws people.Good people don't make it,but bad people are the ones who are successful.Good people don't live long,but bad people live to see their grand children.I agree with you for your sake.But you wanna know what i really think? Life is EASY!

Life is easy,trust me when i say this.Have you considered this; that life is planned? Life didn't just happen,it was planned by an Higher being who knows exactly what He wants.Imagine the electronics makers LG,Samsung,Sony and so on,when they design their products,it is done with precision.They design the products with specific aims in their minds and when the products are finished,they turn out the way they want in terms of functionality and beauty and what have you.When these products get to you,they come with manuals and the manuals tell you how to operate the products,right? Does it occur to you that life also has a manual? I'm not kidding,it does and you really have to be smart to figure that out.There are some people who after getting the manual transformed themselves.They live lives of beauty and riches and happiness and all.There are some people who just don't have a bad day,everyday is a beautiful day for them.You think life chose them to be that way? Nope,they chose to be that way,they got the manual for life and are using it to operate life.Now i've been going on and on about 'manual' and you're prolly asking what the manual is.Well,the manual isn't just one,it's different for the different aspect of life.To be financially successful,you need the manual for that part.To be spiritually successful,you need the spiritual manual.To be successful health wise,you need the health manual.But...if you hate to read,e go hard you o.Life manuals are in prints,the more you read,the more you learn,the easier it becomes.The people who are successful are people who love to read,they are curious minds! However,you were blessed with choices,try not to make the wrong choice of manuals else you'd plunge deeper into frustration.So you see,life is easy and life is hard,depending on where you stand.For me,life is very easy.I hope i even made sense sef? Hehehehehehehehe

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shut up and listen for a minute

As i was having my bath this morning,something crossed my mind; I listen way much more than i talk with most people i know.The reason is not that i don't know what to say or am secretive or i hate talking (i don't love it much sha),but the main reason is that most of the people i come in contact with would rather hear themselves talk rather than hear some other person talk.Some people are worse than FM stations,i mean FM stations go on break to take commercials but these people don't.They talk and talk and talk and talk not minding whether you're following or not.Some of them talk so much so that you sleep and leave them to their talking.There is nothing wrong with talking,don't get me wrong,but there is everything wrong with it when it isn't timed.Just like everything else,talking has its time and outside that time,it is very detrimental in various aspects.

The kind of people that talk alot are always prone to saying things they ought not to say.They are mostly bad at keeping secrets.This is because lots of times they say all they have to say and to keep their 'talking' going,they digress into telling peoples' secrets.So if you have a secret,do yourself a favor and don't ever make the mistake of telling it to someone who talks alot.Also,these talkative kind of people mostly lack wisdom.There's this saying (i was almost calling it popular but it isn't so popular); "a foolish man is considered wise when he's silent".There's also another saying i love "It is better to keep quiet and be considered a fool than to speak and confirm it".It has always been a known fact that people who talk less and listen more are always people with wisdom.The reason this is that you learn more when you listen than when you talk.Again,they are mostly chronic gossips.When they talk and talk and talk and run out of things to say,they dive into peoples' lives and say trash.Also,these kind of people rarely know their friends.The reason is because they spend most of their time talking rather than listening.So while with their friends,they don't pay attention to their friends but to themselves.

These i-love-to-hear-myself-talk kind of people lack wisdom and so they don't realize that just as they have things they like or want to talk about,the people they come across with also have things they want to share.You have problems,you have fears,you have dreams,you have hopes,you have passions,you have love and so on,what gives you the impression other people don't? Oh oh i get it,they are stones without feelings,right? People that talk too much don't interest me and the people who are very close to me are people who don't talk more than they listen.Have a nice day people!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Help...My patience is missing!

Hey people,i'm guessing you all are doing very great and your weekends were swell.Well,my weekend was a rather quiet groove,no outing.I was indoor all through watching Criminal Minds, Kitkat has been going on and on about it so i had to pick it up and i really wasn't disappointed.I mean i watched just like two episodes and became hooked.Guys,trust me you'd love it if you like thinking fast and like solving brain-tasking problems.Anyways,Criminal Minds isn't the koko for today,the koko is quite serious.

You know i'll always be real to you,even if it's hard or terrible or whatever.Anyways,i just realized i've lost my patience.I used to be a very patient guy,very slow to anger and all.But right now,i am very impatient with people and it's terrible.Only the person who's very close to me right now is complaining,but i know others are probably seeing this too.Once i snapped at my boss and he was very shocked to the bone,in fact everybody was shocked.I didn't do it on purpose and i've not been losing my patience on purpose too,but it just so happened that right now i know i'm impatient and get driven over the edge easily.This however started after my break-up (you know the story) and right now,i really don't even know what's up with me and this patient issue.I mean,i'm still a nice person (people still dey tell me) and i still have my large heart in tact,it's just this useless impatience.Oya,wey those doctors or therapists? I want your patience is gone and i need it back.Have a nice day and pleasant week ahead people.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Comparison should be a crime

Something just struck me this morning when i got to the office and that was COMPARISON.Some people are so fond of comparing people with other people.This plague,like i choose to call it,is everywhere.It's in the family,relationships,amongst friends and so on.

I was in the middle of the comparison 'crime' committed by parents.I was always compared to a friend of mine and that almost created a little lacuna (chei,see oyinbo...nothing do me joor) in our friendship.His father was always going on and on about me and he felt very sad and maybe a little unloved,this created a strain in the relationship between himself and his dad.When i realized that was the case,i started making some adjustments.I stopped being smart around his dad and became a little way-ward and trust me,it helped in a way because it stopped to a great extent.His mother wasn't left out in the crime,but hers was quite minimal compared to her husband's.

Also,in relationships people make the mistake of comparing their partners to other partners or their relationships to other people's relationships.The resultant effect is that when done by a gurl,she makes her man feel like shit and men are very sensitive when it has to do with their ego.So,when compared to another guy,a guy starts pulling away because his ego gets hurt and eventually if sensitivity isn't applied,he generally quits the relationship.

Like i said in the title,comparison should be a crime.Some people don't just get the fact that it is very wrong to compare people.First of all,lots of times they don't even know your story,yet they feel they can conclude and compare you to some other person.The ones that even know you and your story,instead of realizing that is who you are,rather compare you because they expect more from you.If you are one of such persons,i've got news for you.The next time you feel the urge to compare,use yourself and live that person the hell alone,he or she could do without your damn comparison.My elder brother's ex was guilty of this too.She tried to compare her relationship with my brother to my relationship with my gurl at that time simply because she felt my relationship was perfect (at a point it actually was sha...hehehehe),but she didn't know what was underneath all she was seeing.And that is the case with most people that are into comparisons,they don't know what's underneath,they just go ahead and compare.So,comparison should be a crime because it hurts people very much.Some people are trying their best to be better and yet some other people instead of encouraging them feel it's preferable to compare them to other people.It is just so effing wrong and those people should be punished by being sent to jail or giving some very good strokes of the cane.Let me ask those people who feel it's ok to compare people this very simple question; is everything about and around that person thesame with the person they want to compare them with? I mean physically,spiritually,emotionally,environmentally, etc.? NO! So comparison is never ever fair and should be avoided like a plague that it is.My people,na so e do me today o,make una no mind me...hehehehehehe.Have a very nice day people!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't get it twisted,money is important...

It's no use reminding you of the things people do for money.I don't need to remind you of the atrocities that are committed all in the name of money,you all know that already.I mean you've seen it happen around you and prolly witnessed it firsthand.This is simply because money is very important.I've often heard people say stuffs like it's not about is the root of all this,money that.But here's the hard truth,money is very,very important.

First of,lots of the things people say about money is totally bogus.I'll start with this; Money is the root of all evil.That is a big fat lie right there.They obviously took that right out of the bible,but even the bible didn't say that.What it said was "The love of money is the root of all evil".We all have one sole aim in this achieve a perfect life.There's alot inculcated in a perfect life.For you to have a perfect life,there has to be a balance.You cannot expect to have some and leave some out and yet expect a perfect life.It's like this,a system consists of sub-systems,and for the system to function properly,all the sub-systems must be functional.To put it plainly,a car without an engine won't move.Also,a car with an engine but without tires won't move.So for someone to tell me money is not important in life simply means that person needs a shrink.I mean,whatever you want to do,you need money.Even if you want to get yourself involved in non-profit charity,you still need money.For you to have happiness,you need a good measure of money.If you can't deny the fact that going out to lovely places and seeing lovely people makes you happy,then you can't deny the obvious fact that money is important.You need food,you need cloths,you need shelter,you need money!

However,money isn't everything,really.Money is just a part of what makes life beautiful,not all the parts.If you have lots of money but are lacking in other parts that actually make life perfect,then your life is going to simply be miserable.Like i said earlier,there has to be a balance.Have money,and also have those other things that are needed to make life perfect.Are you wondering what those other things are? Well,here are a few; Friendship,Love,Faith,Hope etc.That's a post for another day anyhow.Have a nice day people and please hustle for the money o...hehehehehehehe!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sometimes when i read my poems,i marvel at my own imagination.How i do it,i don't know but i really let my imagination run wild.Here's a piece i wrote sometime towards the end of last year,enjoy.

My feet developed a brain of its own
Slowly and involuntarily
I stopped
Or my feet stopped me
I looked around
Trees, tall grasses, dead shrubs
I looked down
And again trees, tall grasses, dead shrubs
All floating this time on d water
But it wasn't d trees,
Nor the tall grasses swaying from side to side
As controlled by the wind
Neither was it the dead shrubs that made me go down on one knee
But an image caught my attention
Vague resemblance
I'm too lazy to think
But I was forced to ponder for moments on end
My image was supposed to stare back at me
But i'm seeing something different
Sunken eyes wit shadow
And in the eyes are deep pains
A very big frown plastered the face
Beards reminds me of pictures of Abraham i use to see in Sunday school when i was young,
My image is lost inside this water somewhere
Cos what i'm seeing is a stranger staring at me
Could it be someone drowned?
Those eyes are alive
Though full of anguish
Maybe it's a picture that fell into the water
But pictures have borders
I don't care what my head is telling me
That is not me
The image staring back it me is that of a stranger
When did i get so lost?
When did my eyes gather so much pain?
When did my problems register on my face?
That can't be me
That is a stranger
That is optical illusion
That is a picture
That is whatever
But certainly not me

Monday, June 6, 2011

You are on your own,get that!

Hey people,i trust you had a very wonderful weekend.I for one lazed my weekend till the be my fault,na tiredness cause am.Meanwhile,i feel very lazy these days o,if like say i be woman i for think say i don get...see as ears don stand,comot jare.Ok,now to the serious matter.Sometimes i hear people complaining about being neglected by their friends or relatives.Lots of times i look at them with serious bewilderment and sometimes i just pity them.Meanwhile sometimes i outrightly want to just smack some sense into them.

When you were emerging from your mother's womb,did you emerge with anybody? No? Then swallow this simple truth right now...YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! I'm not kidding,really let that sink into your head.Ever wondered why some people you never expect to actually let you down? Have you ever wondered why that person you believe would be there till the end walk away at some point? Have you ever wondered why the world doesn't seem fair? Simple,you are on your own! The truth,as i mentioned in one of my previous posts "It is alright to be selfish...sometimes",is that we are all selfish at one point of the other.We always want things to be rosy,we always want comfort and sometimes when we don't have things our way,we tend to just go look for it somewhere else.When you see lots of people around you,i mean people who always flock around you,then it because you have something they want.It means you're successful in a way that they can benefit from and if somehow that success diminishes and they no longer gain,they simply go elsewhere to search for their gain.Remember the saying "Success has many friends"? Even viewing it from the religious perspective,the bible recorded that "a poor man is hated by even his own family".On your way to success,you'd have little friends and still lose some of them.But when you get to the top,you'll be surprised to know how many people know you,you'll be flabbergasted about how many people 'love' you.

Rather than keep yapping about your friends or loved ones not being fair to you and not assisting you or whatever,help yourself...remind yourself that you're on your own because you simply are.However,this doesn't mean there not very loyal and stick-till-the-end friends,but don't count on it.I heard this from somewhere "Hope for the best,but expect the worse",that makes so much sense.Don't hope that people will let you down,but don't depend on the fact that they won't or as D'banj would say it "You'll be sitting on a long thing".I was raised hard and i've always known right from when i was very young that i'm on my own.I don't get surprised about anybody's attitude,i've always known human beings are not reliable.Remember,the only person who can never fail you next to God is YOU,so depend on yourself and God.I don talk the one wey do me this morning so have a very nice day people and a pleasant week ahead.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Do you and let me do me!

I was going through Coy~introvert's blog post she titled "Shut Up".It was with so much emotion that i was wondering who the hell pissed her off only to be pissed of hours after reading her blog post.I mean,why won't people just mind their effing bussiness? I'm tryna live my life the way i deem fit for me and i'm really making effort but it drives me bonkers when some people just won't do thesame and live me the hell alone.I'm not perfect like i said in Hi,i'm Ebila and i'm no saint,but... but i am trying in my little way to reach perfection.I am comfortable with the way i am and with the progress i'm making,i'm cool with the way i live my life presently,so why the hell would someone try to live my life for me?

I closed from work yesterday and just when i was about going home,someone thought it wise to effing piss me off.I mean,if your life is so perfect and you're jobless,why not just consider you immediate family or husband or whoever? Must it be someone that isn't related to you? Even if the person relate to you sef,must you help the person live his life? Some people are plain hypocrites.They claim saints and do much worse in secret.People,let me give you a very good advice,if your life is so perfect and you have nothing to do and you somehow have the urge to help someone live his life...DON'T!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Badasses looking for saints

Yeah i know the title is a bit crazy,but i don't know how else to express it.Somehow i just started thinking about this; Bad guys wanting to hook up with good gurls and vice versa.If being bad is such a good thing,why continue being bad? Why not just be good if you want a good gurl or guy? Good and bad here isn't in terms of personality o,it's as relate to dealings with relationships and sexuality and all.
I have a friend who actually sleeps around (not that he planned on doing so,but something happened along the way),but he keeps saying he needs a good gurl.I mean,guys say gurls who do certain things in bed are bad and so they are on the look out for such gurls so they'll just play with them.I just start wondering when i come across such guys (yeah,i wonder when that friend of mine starts saying such).A guy that drinks heavily,parties often,add clubbing to that,smokes,likes saying obscene things and likes sex,would want to be serious with a gurl who doesn't drink or party or clubs...the annoying thing is good gurls fall for bad guys (that's a story for another day).This is something i don't quite get because it's different with me...yes,lemme come clean a bit.I'm an example of a not-so-good-guy.I party,i club,i drink (not occasionally,not often also..*wink*),i do some very naughty things.But the thing is all these things are controlled and so when i am looking out for a gurl,i don't go looking for the saint,nope,don't like saints...hehehehehe,but for the one that is like me.The one that drinks like a lady,parties,clubs,say nasty stuffs but all at the right time.

So,here's a thought; if you think being bad isn't cool,simply change your ways and be good.Don't continue being bad and go searching for a saint.It's cooler when you have someone as bad or as good as yourself,that way una go rhyme wella.Just for the records,all the gurls i ended up breaking up within very short periods were good gurls,i stayed longer with the ones that were not exactly good.Have a nice day people and happy new month to you all!