Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This 25 Question thingy

1.      Do you have any pets?
Yeah,a laptop.It doesn't count?

2. Name 3 things that are physically close to you.
My laptop, my phone and my sneakers

3. What's the weather like right now?

4. Do you drive? If so have you crashed?

5. What time did you wake up this morning?

6. When was the last time you showered?
This morning

7. What was the last movie you saw?
Grown Ups (for the third or fourth time)

8. What does your last text message say?
“Oh the two of you should go to hell.Goodluck to your girl for being second best" (from my evil ex)

9. What's your ringtone?
Hello seattle~Owl City

10. Have you ever been to a different country?
Does Badagry count? No?

11. Do you like sushi?
Kilon jebe? What is Sushi?

12. Where do you buy your groceries?
My gurlfriend is in the best position to answer that

13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster?

14. How many siblings do you have?
1 (my elder brother)

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?

18. Do you color your hair?

19. Tell me something you are planning to do today.
Twit my *** out and read

20. When was the last time you cried?
I think January or December last year.

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?
I hate pizza.

22. Which do you prefer-hamburgers or cheeseburgers?

23. Have you ever had an all-nighter?
Only a million times...clubbing,partying,night-vigil,movie watching...

24. What is your eye color?


25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
Yes ke


  1. Interesting questions with interesting answers. Your ex sounds a leeetle psycho.

  2. lol... this was fun to read :).... hahah@"Yes ke".. I say that a lot!

  3. Misha-Yeah,i thought so too when she just won't leave me alone.


  4. What?! the nutcase still calls you?
    Gimme her digits brotha!! she needs some tough love!
    We should go e-sushi-tasting!

  5. HoneyDame-My dear,she actually even wanted something i couldn't give.She's married finally though so i'm hoping i've heard the last of her.But if she calls again,you'll get her digits.E-sushi-tasting huh? That is even more complicated that the normal sushi...hehehehehe

    Okeoghene-I am awesome Okeoghene and thanks a million for asking,it means alot.

  6. Bros that Ex is a "pot Full",used pot coz hand is an understatement lol..

  7. Badagry abi? Ok now, they speak a different language (*yinmu) so it counts LOL

    That movie Grown ups... cant get over the lactating 4year old hillarious stuff

    I wish I had the luxury of waking up at 6am kai, the things Lagos traffic deprives me of *sad face

    As for your ex... she'll keep torturing herself while you move on and enjoy life... jump and pass!

  8. DIDI-You can say that again bro.Let's just hope she leaves me the hell alone now that she's finally married.

    P.E.T Projects-If you check well Badagry might be a different country o...hehehehe
    I can imagine how you feel,Lagos traffic is worse than hell,one reason i don't visit often again,pele.And yes o,she's torture herself till she realizes or kills herself,whichever way i won't be affected.

  9. Ahaha, this guy na rela 9ja. Real omo Naija response, lol. Fun post.

  10. This is a pretty interesting insight into you and your life. Thanks for sharing :D


  11. Fellow Writer-Yes o,confirm original 9ja man.Thanks for stopping by.

    The Corner Shop-Anytime Adiya and thanks.

  12. Lol...dis was funny, number 23. cracked me up

  13. @Fellow Writer: Yes o,original 9ja man.Thanks a millie and thanks for stopping by.

    @Coy~Introvert: Hehehehe...don't mind me jare,i was only being truthful.

  14. fuuny and interesting read...
    lol @ your response to 11 and 25