Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Silence is such a wonderful thing...well,depending on the situation sha because i hate talking to people and being greeted by silence.However,there are situations when silence is just a very favorable tool.I have met people in this life,people whose mouths are worse than typewriters.They talk without ceasing or control,and lots of times end up saying things they regret.And i really do get tired of talking sometimes,mostly when the 'talk' isn't a reasonable and educative one.You see,i like talking about my passions...who doesn't? So if we're talking about any topic that relates to my passion,then i could go on and on.But when you start talking things that do not even make meaning to me,it gets me very impatient.

However,when i realized the potency of silence,i started using it to my own advantage.But the problem with it is that i can't use it on everybody.For instance,i have a close person that talks a whole lot...damn,shorty can talk! But i can't use 'silence' on her because i love her like that,so i always go through the ordeal of listening even when i'm sometimes not listening...c'mon,it ain't my fault.So instead i try not to see her often.If she comes visiting or i go visiting,then i know i have some minutes of talks to endure.Although not everytime is bad sha!

There's one time when i love 'silence' sooo much,and that's in relationships.Women hate the silent pill when there's a misunderstanding.They'd rather prefer you physically torture them,but being silent? They could just die! (no offense ladies,but you know it's true!).I've used it a few times and it worked like magic.But if you must use it,you should have a very good reason o!

Another time i use the 'silent weapon' is during an argument.Some people are just plain dumb.I mean,they argue over something they have no knowledge of.They would argue and if you continue arguing with them,you sometimes look like a fool.So in such situation,i just go silent.There's this very derogatory but very cool saying that "Silence is the best answer for a fool".Trust me,silence mostly shuts them up...note,not always but sometimes.Finally,silence from you gives people the impression that you're wise (it doesn't matter whether you are or not).Ordinarily,people with wisdom don't talk often,but when they do talk,they do so with wisdom.Have a nice day my people and please try not to talk someone into insanity!


  1. Unspoken words work best sometimes, there is a quote that goes in the line of "it's better to be silent and thought a fool than to opens once mouth and remove all doubt"..... Silence goes a long way!

  2. @9jaFOODie: I just saw that quote on Twitter this afternoon,it cracked me up sha! hahahaha

  3. Silence they say is the best answer for a fool. Love your write up.

  4. Words when spoken inappropriately can be likened to broken spoilt egg. It gives an unpleasant odor and cannot be retrieved. Silence is golden bruv.

  5. I hate when i talk to people and they give me the silent treatment. It's so annoying and rude. I automatically dislike them lol (especially if they arent even close to me). Like you ask someone a question and u know they heard u but they choose to act deaf.
    On the other hand, when i'm quarreling with someone, i give them the silent treatment. It always works :) the end up missing me :p

  6. @Myne Whitman: Thanks alot Myne!

    @Okeoghene: Silence is indeed golden!

    @Kitkat: Hahahahaha...i feel you dear.

  7. Most times, silence is the best comeback!