Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poetic Path: Everything is thesame but me

My eyes slowly opened
After a while I recognized where I was
My room
From my sleeping position
Everything is the same
The ceiling is the same one I slept under
I turned slowly around and the curtain is the same
I can even see the little thread that wants to break free from the fine silk material
I got up and made my way into the bathroom
It smelled like it did yesterday
The water felt the same way on my body
Even the towel gave me that same coziness like days gone by
I stepped out of the house
The chickens where running around
The cocks crowing at short successions
Work was the same with my boss’ voice threatening to burst my head at some point
The stroll back home was relaxing as usual
But when I got home
Saddled my bed with my bulk
Closed my eyes and drifted
I realized the difference
I am exceedingly happy
Not obvious to me was the fact that I finished today with a smile attached to my face
I know that now
Because I still have the smile on my face
Now I know what it feels to be greatly happy
The pains
The aches
The tears
The fears
The sleepless nights
The hatred for food
The loss of body mass
Are all a thing of the past
I have you closer to me now
All our challenges have been drowned
Now the only challenge I have
Is to control my happiness
So I don’t die of it
I realized that everything is the same
But one thing changed…Me


  1. Lovely poem, simple and easy to follow. As they say, change is the only constant in life.

  2. Well written.... No one dies of happiness

  3. Aww nice poem!!..i dnt think too much happiness can kill u though lol

  4. aaaawww *tear* nice poem! Damn, i want whatever kind of happiness you're talkin about if it has that kind of power...maybe a smaller dosage though as im not ready to kick the bucket just yet lol

  5. Lovely poem!! Love changes you!


  6. @Myne Whitman: Thanks alot Myne!

    @Okeoghene: Thanks alot!

    @Kitkat: I know no one can die of hapiness,anything is possible with poem! hehehehe

    @LadyNgo: Hehehehe...i'm sure you find that kind of happiness soon enough.

    @The Corner Shop: Yeah,love changes people.Thanks alot!

  7. This was absolutely beautiful. Easy to understand with a great flow of words. I feel like everyone goes through these notions, too. But like you say, no one can die with happiness; so why not always try and be happy? :)


  8. @Tours of the Sistine Chapel: Thank you very much Sara and thanks for stopping by.