Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing God

I'm somehow addicted to a new soap, 'Roswell'.It's very cool and as most of the series from the US,it has lots of moral lessons.It's about a group of four aliens who were sent to earth for safety till they are grown and strong enough to return to their home planet that is in a grievous war with other planets.They had different powers and the leader of the group could heal people of terminal illness and also physical injuries amongst other things.There was a part where he healed a group of children in a ward (they all had cancer) and became very weak.Even though everyone who new (a limited number of people though) were happy and considered him kind hearted and all,a friend of his adviced him not to engage in such ever again.Her reason was that there's someone out there who's allowing all that,and that someone has a plan and purpose,so he shouldn't disrupt it.She said he shouldn't "Play God".That made a whole lot of sense to me.

At one point or the other,we've been guilty of trying to play God.There's this popular saying that "Everything happens for a reason",we say it but we don't believe it.Lots of times when something happens,we try to undo it.I remember fighting tooth and nail to save my relationship with my ex.Now it is so clear that that happened for a reason,but then all i could think of was keeping her.Mine was even better compared to the guy she eventually married,i mean he threatened my life and kept on harassing me.That aside,people force people to do things against their will.Parents forcing their children to get married to people they don't want to get married to.People blackmail people into doing stuffs and so on.These all boils down to Playing God.

However,we don't just decide to take the role of our maker.We don't just wake up and decide to start playing God,we do so because of our passion,our love,our nature (good or bad),our beliefs etc.If you consider any situation where you or anyone you know try to play God,you'll see that you or the person did so because of your love for someone or something,your passion for something,your belief for something or someone etc.These are always the reasons we knowingly or unconsciously play God.

Inasmuch as we may feel we have good reasons to justify our playing God,we really should consciously try not to.Sometimes the results from such acts is very very disastrous.For instance,some people who were forcefully married out end up sleeping around.That was just an instance,the instances are quite numerous.However,the fact that we don't want to play God doesn't mean we shouldn't try and correct some wrongs or set some things straight.I believe when you're playing God,you'll know if you're sensitive.This is the message i carry this morning,do have a nice day people.Please,if you can help it,don't play God!


  1. I totally agree with this; I also used to try to 'undo' things so that they work out the way I thought was the best, turns out I was wrong.

    Let things lie and things will always work out for the best.

  2. I think we all get carried away once in a while and momentarily become Mr/Miss/Mrs Fix-it.
    Its okay only when we retrace our steps and assume our real positions as mere mortals.

    For those who continually consciously act like the Almighty, I can only say goodluck!

  3. I don't know how i feel about this. I agree that yeah its one thing to go around and nitpick every little thing that ever happens to you. But its another thing to just be a passive participant in life under the guise that EVERYTHING that has happened is because of God. He gave us freewill for a reason.

    Not every single thing that happens is because God willed it too. There are things in life that you should fix. Some of them are obvious and some of them are not so obvious. The real issue is where do you draw the line. Thats where the power of prayer and seeking His guidance comes in.

  4. @Pretty lashes: Yeah,things will always work out for the best.

    @P.E.T Projects: Hahahahah @ For those who continually consciously act like the Almighty, I can only say goodluck!

    @LadyNgo: It's true that you shouldn't always just sit around with the mind that everything happens for a reason,however,when you start 'playing God',you'll know.There are times when even you know you should just let things be,but somehow you just can't help but try to change them.

  5. Yea we shouldnt try to play God, but that doesnt mean we shld jst fold our arms and let things happen without trying to salvage situations. What if God expects us to fight for a dying relationship? u cnt jst say, oh well, i wont bother fighting to save my marriage/relationship cos i dnt want to play God.
    There's a difference between playing God and being pro-active.

  6. u have a point but ii hapen to be one of d few people that believe there's a solution to most problems yet i feel no guilt. I think one should try their best with God's help, if it's beyond u then u leave it to God.

  7. I owe everything I do to GOD. This post is a very nice to share to everyone that God never give us something we can't accomplish.

  8. I totally agree with you that we shouldn't try to play God but also we shouldn't also play "doormat" by just letting everything go because we believe things happen for a reason. There is a reason why God made us in His image and likeness, that He also gave us the gift of choice and freewill; that I believe is to find solutions to situations we face. What He would like is that even in those situations we choose Him when we make our choice and not just that we let things be because we don't want to rock the boat. Remember the parable of the talents?

  9. @Kitkat: I like very much @ There's a difference between playing God and being pro-active.Right on point Kitkat!

    @Chizy K: If it is beyond you,leave it to God or then you'd be attempting to play God.

    @Kench Alegado: Thanks alot Kench!

    @Okeoghene: I agree with you Okeoghene!

  10. Honestly, this is so true- some people want to force things when sometimes it's better to just 'go with the flow' and see where God takes you


  11. @The Corner Shop: Going with the flow is the best sometimes,if only we can see that.