Monday, May 2, 2011

Not knowing what to do

I want to thank you all for the congratulatory comments,i guess i was just being zealous to have finished the A-Z challenge and it was fun while it lasted.If only the alphabets were extended after Z...hehehe!

There's a time in your life when you get to a point where it seems as if the world is turning against you.There comes a time when nothing just seen to be working,a time when you just feel you've had enough...a point when you feel it's all over.But somehow you always seem to pull through,at least most of us do make it through those periods.However,when we get to such points,it's easier when it's us,but it's a different ball game all together when it's a loved one.

Have you ever been with a loved one who's grieving and you just don't know what to do at that point? I mean,you're seeing that they're extremely hurt and in pains but you don't just know what to do.You want to make it easy for them,but you just don't know how.You want to say something but you don't even know what to say.You want to do something to ease the pain they feel,yet you don't know what to do.You just feel so helpless and lost.Sometimes you even result to shedding tears all because you are aware of what they're going through but can't do a thing to help.

I hate to see people cry,it's worse when it's a loved one and the worst is when the loved one is a woman.It breaks my heart so very much.But what shatters my spirit is when i just can't seem to do anything to ease whatever pain they're going through.If you been in a situation like that,then you'll be able to relate to what i'm trying to portray.However,i've come to realize that what they need at such times is time.Time is what's capable of making it alright for them,but our presence does a whole lot too and should never be taken forgranted.This is just a thought i kinda woke up with this lovely morning.I wish you all happiness,joy and bliss at all times.Have yourselves a nice day people.


  1. Gorgeous.. Its d little things dat count when someone is hurt, a note, a message, a call. Just let them know u r dere, in case dey do wanna talk or need a shoulder to cry on. Let it be, time heals all wounds, as u said..

  2. nice!...currently at this state when there seems to be nothing that i say or do to ease the pain. Pray with them and stand still with them will definitely show that you care and this sure help

  3. Onne too many time. Congrats on your completion of the challenge. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead too

  4. awww it breaks my heart to see people cry and i suck at comforting people. i'll probably jst end up crying with them :/

  5. Melanie-Welcome back,we missed you! Yeah,being there and doing those little things count,but there are times when you just want to make sure you're easing their pain one way or the other and when you see you ain't getting anywhere,it gets annoying.

    Ms.Yellow Sisi Unspoken-This should always be done in my own opinion though.

    HoneyDame-Thanks alot dear. me,crying helps sometimes.

  6. Honestly! I'd rather be the one grieving than have to watch my loved ones and not be able to do anything about it.


  7. The Corner Shop-Trust me Adiya,i know the feeling.