Monday, May 9, 2011

Is it just me or does anybody feel it too?

I spent the weekend at my cousin's and we were all out yesterday and came back quite late.I was so tired that my head was aching and i could barely move my body.This resulted to my sleeping like a log of wood...make that a wet log of wood or something that better explains the intensity of the sleep sha.However,i heard the heavy rain that started sometime after i sort of passed out into slumber land,even though i didn't open my eyes.I woke up this morning and the weather was...truthfully i was going to say shit or terrible,but i realized it's a God-given weather so *zip*.Anyways,it was still raining when i woke up this morning and i had my bath,got dressed and set out for work.The rain was still falling all this while.I got to the office quite late,unusual of me,and i've been feeling strange since.Seriously i blame it on the weather.I didn't have a bad day yesterday,i rarely even have bad days,so why the air of strangeness? Seriously i'm feeling very strange and dull and just there.Is it just me or does anybody feel this way too when it rains? I know God gave all weathers,but i really don't fancy raining season,mostly here in Nigeria because the sights that are spread in front of the eyes aren't good.Also the whole place is always messed up and this really makes it difficult for me to go out...i hate seeing muddy trashy ground so i just stay in the comfort of my house...grooving can't wait.Anyways,i wish you all a very pleasant day and week ahead.Welcome back Ladyngo!


  1. You're not alone... i slept in fits because thunder strikes kept interrupting, rushed off to work to avoid monday traffic. Imagine how pissed off i am that i havent done anything all day all cos the generator had too much rain water to drink and had broken down. As usual, PHCN never comes thru when u need them.

    The good part however is its 5pm and i've been home for 3hrs... Bosslady was nice! *smile

  2. I can imagine that feeling. I am not too crazy about the smell either. I am just glad tis the summer here though I am not looking forward to when it gets burning hot!

  3. aaaawwww, thanks for the shout out :)

    Anywho, i have a love/hate relationship with the rain. Love it because it puts me to sleep. Hate it because it always seems to be raining when i dont have a jacket, umbrella, and/or close-toed shoes on.

  4. I like the rain but only in moderation, not the drizzling one or the floods either. This time in naija is crazy I know, pele...

  5. I like it when it rains, but only when i'm at home cause rain makes me lazy lol


  6. I love the rain, well.... I love to stay home n do nothing when it rains. I will probably hate it if I have to go about my daily dues when it rains.

  7. P.E.T Projects-Lucky you!

    HoneyDame-I'm sure the hotness wouldn't be that bad.

    LadyNgo-You welcome anytime dear.

    Myne Whitman-Thanks alot.

    The Corner Shop-Rain is enjoyable when you're home.

    9jaFOODie-Just wait till you have to be on the road when it rains,you definitely will hate it.

  8. if am indoors with no plans of goin out i love the rains.. (its kinda cozy)if not,then the rains can stop already.