Friday, May 20, 2011

I am not perfect...i'm just on a quest for perfection!

I have never been a bad person...NEVER! I was raised by a very great woman who actually raised two boys all by herself (my elder brother and i).She thought us values and i have always held on to those values.But it wasn't all her,it was more than her because people who were raised with good values lose them along the way,but i never lost mine.It wasn't me either...maybe my quest for perfection,but definitely not me.I was raised around mixed sets of people,i mean my uncle who was living under the same roof with us smokes 'weed' up till this moment.

I grew up in a neighborhood with mixed sets of individuals.Some reasonable,some very far from reasonable.Even though kids learn from their immediate surrounding,i was privileged to sieve what i learnt and got only the good stuffs.By the time i was in my secondary school (what i believe is called high school in some parts of the world),alot of my mates were dropouts.Some were bus conductors,while some were daily hustlers.Some of the gurls even managed to heed to God's fruitful and multiply.Yeah,they went about it the wrong way! By the time i was a graduate of my secondary school,i had to change environment entirely to a new state and region of this fine country (the state where i am currently).At the time when i got to my new environment,a couple of things were considered cool.Excessive drinking,smoking and of course cultism,at this point,i already had clocked 18.But somehow (i'm still wondering how),i managed to still be me.Even though i started occasional drinking,i never smoked,still don't,i never got caght up in cultism and excessive partying.I was very respectful to men and women alike,i was very very respectful to gurls.A this point also,my mum had already freed her scolding hand and yet,the instilled values were intact or at least almost intact.I had made friends and some of them were 'cool'.We went out sometimes with them heavy-drinking and smoking,but i was still always that different one.I mostly didn't even go out with them because they always try get me to be like them.But instead of being like them,i tried making them to be like me (eventually i was able to convince some to stop smoking,even though that lasted only for a few months).I was given so much freedom by my mum so much so that i could go out for parties or hangout and sleep out,but instead,i always get to the house before 7pm.

I got into the university and went with my values.No smoking,rarely drank and rarely went to parties.I didn't skip classes...or at least not often except when i got close to finals,school became very boring so i mostly just stayed home (yeah i got spoilt a bit,bite me!).I did all my school assignments myself.However,i never lived a boring life.I new the things that were considered cool,i had always loved fashion so i was always a good dresser,i had the gadgets cool guys played with.I had cool gurls around me,even though i started dating a bit late,by choice...ok ok,had a few babes in secondary school (high school),but i didn't do anything,honest! So,i never lived a boring life,yet i never lived a way-ward life.I was able to balance the things i did,had my serious times and my play or running around times.This is the kind of life i lived and i'm still living.I had always wanted to be a good man,i had always strove to be a better man and i'm still on that journey to perfection.Right now i'm not perfect...i'm a good man,but i'm not perfect.The fact that we're not perfect isn't an excuse not to try to be,this is what has been guiding me.Won't you rather think and act in this line? Have a nice day people!


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  2. The way you have turned out is a combination of good upbringing, personal determination to be disciplined and God's grace to hold onto ur head while others are losing theirs!

  3. It's pretty amazing how you speak about your mother, I've always though of it is a sign of a good man =). I also like your life motto, it's a good one to live by. Lovely post

  4. People need to realise that they can live aa life that is not boring and it doesnt have to be wayward.

  5. @P.E.T Projects: You are so right about that.God grace played the major role!

    @Abosede: Yeah,my mum is the greatest of them all,all the gurls i've dated will attest to that fact.And yes,a good man was structured by his mum.Thanks alot Abosede,i really do appreciate you stopping by and dropping a comment!

    @Sisi Yemmie: My point exactly!

  6. I agree with Abosede, the way a man regards and speak about his mother shows a lot about him and his character! Its funny how similar this story is to my own upbringing and experiences. Nice one.

    Have a good weekend

  7. @LAdyNgo: Thanks alot LadyNgo,i also agree with you guys!

  8. ..... :), yeah, thanks God and your great mum for how you turned out. I hope you always remember and maintain your morals. you know what they say, Excessive money changes perceptions, I am sure you are on your way to becoming 9ja-greatest. always remember where you can from sha :)

    chaii... How did I manage to make that sound like I was preaching. SMH.

  9. I think you've been in my head lately (from the last post and this one). A lot of values instilled in kids actually come from how you were raised. Your mother did good :D


  10. shout out to all the greaat mothers they are the best....self discipline is the greatest thing and seeing you excel beyond the people around you i must say more greese to your elbow...I really like "The fact that we're not perfect isn't an excuse not to try to be" great motive

  11. Just like you I adore my mom so much even my granny. I learn a lot from your post and this one is so inspiring in a way that we can live our lives happily without cancelling all the wrong stuffs. Your great man! Regards to your mom!

  12. Blessings.....
    Your mother and I have something in common. I too raise two children on my own - two daughters.

    No one is perfect, perfection is a fallace. Perfectly imperfect is enough. It is enough that learn from your mistakes and try to not repeat it. It is enough that when you know better you do better. It is enough that when you are wrong you say you are wrong. It is enough for you to be responsible and accountable for you actions, words and deeds. Beyond that you can do no more than just be.

    Stay blessed and blessings to your mother.

  13. @9jaFOODie: I always try to maintain my morals and money can't change me.Thanks alot and you didn't sound like you were preaching.

    @The Corner Shop: She really did good Adiya,in fact she did more than good.

    @Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken: Thanks alot!

    @Kench Alegado: It's an honor to know you learn from my post,thanks alot Kench.

    @Rhapsody B.: Then you are one of those great mothers and we love you.I know what it feels like to be raised by a mom and so i know you are just great.Thanks alot!

  14. Aww nice! I always say nobody is perfect, but if you try to work hard at it, you might attain excellence.
    A wonderful-thought provoking piece!

  15. @MsJB: Yeah,you so right about that and thanks alot.