Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing God

I'm somehow addicted to a new soap, 'Roswell'.It's very cool and as most of the series from the US,it has lots of moral lessons.It's about a group of four aliens who were sent to earth for safety till they are grown and strong enough to return to their home planet that is in a grievous war with other planets.They had different powers and the leader of the group could heal people of terminal illness and also physical injuries amongst other things.There was a part where he healed a group of children in a ward (they all had cancer) and became very weak.Even though everyone who new (a limited number of people though) were happy and considered him kind hearted and all,a friend of his adviced him not to engage in such ever again.Her reason was that there's someone out there who's allowing all that,and that someone has a plan and purpose,so he shouldn't disrupt it.She said he shouldn't "Play God".That made a whole lot of sense to me.

At one point or the other,we've been guilty of trying to play God.There's this popular saying that "Everything happens for a reason",we say it but we don't believe it.Lots of times when something happens,we try to undo it.I remember fighting tooth and nail to save my relationship with my ex.Now it is so clear that that happened for a reason,but then all i could think of was keeping her.Mine was even better compared to the guy she eventually married,i mean he threatened my life and kept on harassing me.That aside,people force people to do things against their will.Parents forcing their children to get married to people they don't want to get married to.People blackmail people into doing stuffs and so on.These all boils down to Playing God.

However,we don't just decide to take the role of our maker.We don't just wake up and decide to start playing God,we do so because of our passion,our love,our nature (good or bad),our beliefs etc.If you consider any situation where you or anyone you know try to play God,you'll see that you or the person did so because of your love for someone or something,your passion for something,your belief for something or someone etc.These are always the reasons we knowingly or unconsciously play God.

Inasmuch as we may feel we have good reasons to justify our playing God,we really should consciously try not to.Sometimes the results from such acts is very very disastrous.For instance,some people who were forcefully married out end up sleeping around.That was just an instance,the instances are quite numerous.However,the fact that we don't want to play God doesn't mean we shouldn't try and correct some wrongs or set some things straight.I believe when you're playing God,you'll know if you're sensitive.This is the message i carry this morning,do have a nice day people.Please,if you can help it,don't play God!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Silence is such a wonderful thing...well,depending on the situation sha because i hate talking to people and being greeted by silence.However,there are situations when silence is just a very favorable tool.I have met people in this life,people whose mouths are worse than typewriters.They talk without ceasing or control,and lots of times end up saying things they regret.And i really do get tired of talking sometimes,mostly when the 'talk' isn't a reasonable and educative one.You see,i like talking about my passions...who doesn't? So if we're talking about any topic that relates to my passion,then i could go on and on.But when you start talking things that do not even make meaning to me,it gets me very impatient.

However,when i realized the potency of silence,i started using it to my own advantage.But the problem with it is that i can't use it on everybody.For instance,i have a close person that talks a whole lot...damn,shorty can talk! But i can't use 'silence' on her because i love her like that,so i always go through the ordeal of listening even when i'm sometimes not listening...c'mon,it ain't my fault.So instead i try not to see her often.If she comes visiting or i go visiting,then i know i have some minutes of talks to endure.Although not everytime is bad sha!

There's one time when i love 'silence' sooo much,and that's in relationships.Women hate the silent pill when there's a misunderstanding.They'd rather prefer you physically torture them,but being silent? They could just die! (no offense ladies,but you know it's true!).I've used it a few times and it worked like magic.But if you must use it,you should have a very good reason o!

Another time i use the 'silent weapon' is during an argument.Some people are just plain dumb.I mean,they argue over something they have no knowledge of.They would argue and if you continue arguing with them,you sometimes look like a fool.So in such situation,i just go silent.There's this very derogatory but very cool saying that "Silence is the best answer for a fool".Trust me,silence mostly shuts them up...note,not always but sometimes.Finally,silence from you gives people the impression that you're wise (it doesn't matter whether you are or not).Ordinarily,people with wisdom don't talk often,but when they do talk,they do so with wisdom.Have a nice day my people and please try not to talk someone into insanity!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Shortest Poem

There came a time when i was on a poem high.I mean,wrote poems almost everyday and sometimes i write as much as three poems in a day.It was during that period that i wrote my shortest poem yet.It is actually one of my favs because it's short and simple.Hope you like it;

I stood
She shifted
I smiled
She frowned
I said hi
She walked away
I guess i was just at the wrong place at the wrong time

Friday, May 20, 2011

I am not perfect...i'm just on a quest for perfection!

I have never been a bad person...NEVER! I was raised by a very great woman who actually raised two boys all by herself (my elder brother and i).She thought us values and i have always held on to those values.But it wasn't all her,it was more than her because people who were raised with good values lose them along the way,but i never lost mine.It wasn't me either...maybe my quest for perfection,but definitely not me.I was raised around mixed sets of people,i mean my uncle who was living under the same roof with us smokes 'weed' up till this moment.

I grew up in a neighborhood with mixed sets of individuals.Some reasonable,some very far from reasonable.Even though kids learn from their immediate surrounding,i was privileged to sieve what i learnt and got only the good stuffs.By the time i was in my secondary school (what i believe is called high school in some parts of the world),alot of my mates were dropouts.Some were bus conductors,while some were daily hustlers.Some of the gurls even managed to heed to God's fruitful and multiply.Yeah,they went about it the wrong way! By the time i was a graduate of my secondary school,i had to change environment entirely to a new state and region of this fine country (the state where i am currently).At the time when i got to my new environment,a couple of things were considered cool.Excessive drinking,smoking and of course cultism,at this point,i already had clocked 18.But somehow (i'm still wondering how),i managed to still be me.Even though i started occasional drinking,i never smoked,still don't,i never got caght up in cultism and excessive partying.I was very respectful to men and women alike,i was very very respectful to gurls.A this point also,my mum had already freed her scolding hand and yet,the instilled values were intact or at least almost intact.I had made friends and some of them were 'cool'.We went out sometimes with them heavy-drinking and smoking,but i was still always that different one.I mostly didn't even go out with them because they always try get me to be like them.But instead of being like them,i tried making them to be like me (eventually i was able to convince some to stop smoking,even though that lasted only for a few months).I was given so much freedom by my mum so much so that i could go out for parties or hangout and sleep out,but instead,i always get to the house before 7pm.

I got into the university and went with my values.No smoking,rarely drank and rarely went to parties.I didn't skip classes...or at least not often except when i got close to finals,school became very boring so i mostly just stayed home (yeah i got spoilt a bit,bite me!).I did all my school assignments myself.However,i never lived a boring life.I new the things that were considered cool,i had always loved fashion so i was always a good dresser,i had the gadgets cool guys played with.I had cool gurls around me,even though i started dating a bit late,by choice...ok ok,had a few babes in secondary school (high school),but i didn't do anything,honest! So,i never lived a boring life,yet i never lived a way-ward life.I was able to balance the things i did,had my serious times and my play or running around times.This is the kind of life i lived and i'm still living.I had always wanted to be a good man,i had always strove to be a better man and i'm still on that journey to perfection.Right now i'm not perfect...i'm a good man,but i'm not perfect.The fact that we're not perfect isn't an excuse not to try to be,this is what has been guiding me.Won't you rather think and act in this line? Have a nice day people!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You want respect? Respect yourself first

I think one of the things i learnt first as a kid was "Charity begins at home".Meaning you should take care of things around you before you consider taking care of other things.I know this doesn't relate to the topic,but in a way it does.Many people are chattering about how they are not respected and so on and so on,meanwhile they are the main problem.The way some people live their lives are so very down-grading.They don't realize that the importance you place on yourself is the importance people will place on you.They don't respect themselves and yet want people to respect them.There's this man working as a driver for the other company in thesame building as the company i work with,he is a good definition of disrespect to self.He's rarely sober at one point,and his sight alone is just annoying.He's talking to you and his breath is reeking of cheap alcohol at 9 or 10 in the morning.It got so annoying the day he came to me to ask me for money,obviously for a smoke or cheap booze.First off,his manner of approach was so very irritating..."Come,give me ...naira".No good morning or how you dey or anything.It was as if he gave me some money to keep for him.From that day on,he became very obnoxious in my sight.I see little gurls talk to him with serious disrespect and the day i heard he has grown up children,my heart got broken even more.I mean,he's like a little boy before the eyes of people around,they talk to him with impudence.

I know you might be tempted to say it's because he's not rich or that he's a driver and people don't give respect to such persons,but permit me to say it's not true.His colleague...i mean his fellow driver working in thesame company as reasonable and about thesame age as him.He respects himself and is respected by everyone.When it comes to respect,it is true that lots of times money plays a very huge role,but that has to do with serious issues and maybe family.But when it comes to your neighborhood or work place,money doesn't cut it.You have to respect yourself for people to respect you.Even in the family,respecting yourself gives you a very great level of respect.Even if you are not given the right to make certain decisions because you're not wealthy,they still don't disrespect you.

Furthermore,some women cry about respect when in the actual sense they can't even earn it.I mean,you can openly sleep with a circle of friends and want to be respected.You can't earn respect when you call yourself a bitch or party from friday to friday...that is definitely not respecting yourself.You definitely can't expect to be respected when you allow different guys tap your ass all in the name of 'playing'.The way you relate is the way people relate with you.I particularly have interest in this because lots of women claim they're not respected.Well,there are a number of reasons why that is so,lemme be a nice 9ja-great and list a few of those;

1.You depend on various men to live...then you're their property.

2.You call yourself a definitely would be treated as such.

3.You sleep with a circle of're their play thing.

4.Your idea of fun is regular sleeping around with random men...well,this is the much respect you get...NOTHING!

5.You party on a obviously are unserious so no one will take you serious.

I think i've said enough already,by now you should've gotten the picture.Have a nice day people and please self respect is your gateway to being respected by other people.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poetic Path: Everything is thesame but me

My eyes slowly opened
After a while I recognized where I was
My room
From my sleeping position
Everything is the same
The ceiling is the same one I slept under
I turned slowly around and the curtain is the same
I can even see the little thread that wants to break free from the fine silk material
I got up and made my way into the bathroom
It smelled like it did yesterday
The water felt the same way on my body
Even the towel gave me that same coziness like days gone by
I stepped out of the house
The chickens where running around
The cocks crowing at short successions
Work was the same with my boss’ voice threatening to burst my head at some point
The stroll back home was relaxing as usual
But when I got home
Saddled my bed with my bulk
Closed my eyes and drifted
I realized the difference
I am exceedingly happy
Not obvious to me was the fact that I finished today with a smile attached to my face
I know that now
Because I still have the smile on my face
Now I know what it feels to be greatly happy
The pains
The aches
The tears
The fears
The sleepless nights
The hatred for food
The loss of body mass
Are all a thing of the past
I have you closer to me now
All our challenges have been drowned
Now the only challenge I have
Is to control my happiness
So I don’t die of it
I realized that everything is the same
But one thing changed…Me

Monday, May 16, 2011

A life of regret

Hey people,i was actually away for a few days.Not on vacation though,but for my aunty's traditional marriage.The trip was a very crazy one.I had to take excuse from my office to live on Friday and because my elder brother wouldn't let me drive him on the highway (no mind the fear fear guy jare),i sat while he drove.Halfway we had a flat tire and because i was the younger of the two of us,i had to be the one to go get it fixed and all (remind me not to come out last in my next life).We got to the village and everything went well (leaving me with pain all over my body though) until we had to go and drop some of the invitees.Just minutes from where we were to drop them off,one of the rear tires pulled off entirely.Luckily for us we weren't on speed and there were no vehicles on speed behind us.Anyways,we managed to get the vehicle off the road and because it was late and there was no way to fix it,so we paid someone to watch it,left it and went back to the village.Now i am back!

This post is a rather serious one and you'd soon find out why.Everyday we're faced with issues where we have to make certain decisions.I mean you are even sometimes faced with the decision of whether or not to go to work,right? Life comes with lots of decisions to be made,but it's in your best interest to take time to think before you decide because making the wrong decision is detrimental to you either psychologically,emotionally or even physically.I know of a lady who against the advices and threats of her parents went ahead to marry the man she loved.Well,after a few years of marriage she turned into a punch-bag,not before she started sharing him with countless other gurls.She reached a point where she was to make a decision,she made it and is paying severely for it,You can hear the regret in her voice even before she tells you about it,you can even see it in her eyes.People make various decisions daily and some of them end up hunting them for the rest of their lives.In my estate where i used to live before i moved out,had some guys who decided to join various cults.The result? Well,lets just say some of them won't have to worry about decision ever...they died.Some of them are in jail,while some are being stigmatized.

Actually,this post was encouraged an sms i received just this morning.It's was so full of regret and it got me wondering.If you know you'd regret a decision,why make it? I mean life is too short to live your life in regret.Some regrets are just for a while,while some are like a part of your life.So,before you make a decision,think it through thoroughly and make sure it's not the one that'll make you live a life of regret.Believe me,it's not worth it living a life of was meant to be enjoyed,not regretted.I wish you the best people.Have a nice day and week ahead!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Even with friends,there's a time to walk away

Yesterday was such that made me hate being a bachelor.I mean i closed from work and had to got to the market,got stuffs for the food i wanted to prepare and got home.I cooked,even though i was quite tired and almost swearing.Anyways,i finished and couldn't even eat immediately.It was during this periods that i started reminiscing about what someone said "A friend comes to visit you in jail,while a good friend sits with you in the jail sell saying "Mehn we fucked up"".That made sense,i mean a whole lot of sense.A good friend is one that stays with you through thick and thin.He's always there in your best times and even in your worst times.But,there's a time when one should walk out on his friend and damn that good-friend-sticking-with-you-in-your-best-times-and-worst-times ****.

I know you're prolly wondering what this 9ja great is saying.Well,i'm definitely going to be explicit and carry you along,afterall,it's you and me *in Life House's voice*.Back to the topic jare! There are some people who don't deserve meaningful friendships because they themselves are not meaningful.You know what i mean by meaningful's that type that adds value to your life,i mean the symbiotic type.You-gain-i-gain! You see,there are some friendships that are purely worthless.Imagine someone who is void of plans for the future being friends with someone who is equally void of plans for the future,the friendship between the two is going to be simply worthless (but them go match sha).Now imagine someone who doesn't have anything to offer being friends with someone who has alot to offer,the person would be gaining while the other one would be losing.In biology it is called a parasitic relationship.The one who doesn't have anything to offer is a parasite to the other.

However,there are times when you are in a person's life for a reason.Sometimes you romance someone who doesn't have anything to offer just so you could affect the person's life.This could be a very sweet kind of friendship.But,there are some people,like i said earlier,who don't deserve your friendship because the more you try to affect their lives,the more they try to be their old self.For instance,some people are so negative that everything fails in their hands.Being friends with such kind of person could be detrimental to you because some of them are so caught up in their negative world that they may even drag you into it if you're not strong willed enough.Also,sometimes when you're friends with people,initially you may not won't know the kind of person they are until the friendship travels a little into time.You may end up realizing the person doesn't have plans and when you try to affect the person's life to reshape ideas and beliefs,the person might still be 'planless'.At this point,you really should just draw the line,i mean call it quits! If you realize your best friend has changed from what he used to be and you try to get him to revert to his old self to no avail,you really should let it go.I mean,break the friendship.Through thick and thin huh? If you have that in mind,you may end up losing your way.Sometimes you may be in a very wrong path and have a best friend who's also in that path.However,when you do realize the right path and try to drag your friend along and he refuses to follow that right part,you should simple walk away,for your own good.So in all kinds of friendship,there's a time to draw a line,a time to walk away.Personally i have broken up some friendships just because they didn't go in line with where i am going.Have a nice they people and it may just be time to let some so-called friends go.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This 25 Question thingy

1.      Do you have any pets?
Yeah,a laptop.It doesn't count?

2. Name 3 things that are physically close to you.
My laptop, my phone and my sneakers

3. What's the weather like right now?

4. Do you drive? If so have you crashed?

5. What time did you wake up this morning?

6. When was the last time you showered?
This morning

7. What was the last movie you saw?
Grown Ups (for the third or fourth time)

8. What does your last text message say?
“Oh the two of you should go to hell.Goodluck to your girl for being second best" (from my evil ex)

9. What's your ringtone?
Hello seattle~Owl City

10. Have you ever been to a different country?
Does Badagry count? No?

11. Do you like sushi?
Kilon jebe? What is Sushi?

12. Where do you buy your groceries?
My gurlfriend is in the best position to answer that

13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster?

14. How many siblings do you have?
1 (my elder brother)

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?

18. Do you color your hair?

19. Tell me something you are planning to do today.
Twit my *** out and read

20. When was the last time you cried?
I think January or December last year.

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?
I hate pizza.

22. Which do you prefer-hamburgers or cheeseburgers?

23. Have you ever had an all-nighter?
Only a million times...clubbing,partying,night-vigil,movie watching...

24. What is your eye color?


25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
Yes ke

Monday, May 9, 2011

Is it just me or does anybody feel it too?

I spent the weekend at my cousin's and we were all out yesterday and came back quite late.I was so tired that my head was aching and i could barely move my body.This resulted to my sleeping like a log of wood...make that a wet log of wood or something that better explains the intensity of the sleep sha.However,i heard the heavy rain that started sometime after i sort of passed out into slumber land,even though i didn't open my eyes.I woke up this morning and the weather was...truthfully i was going to say shit or terrible,but i realized it's a God-given weather so *zip*.Anyways,it was still raining when i woke up this morning and i had my bath,got dressed and set out for work.The rain was still falling all this while.I got to the office quite late,unusual of me,and i've been feeling strange since.Seriously i blame it on the weather.I didn't have a bad day yesterday,i rarely even have bad days,so why the air of strangeness? Seriously i'm feeling very strange and dull and just there.Is it just me or does anybody feel this way too when it rains? I know God gave all weathers,but i really don't fancy raining season,mostly here in Nigeria because the sights that are spread in front of the eyes aren't good.Also the whole place is always messed up and this really makes it difficult for me to go out...i hate seeing muddy trashy ground so i just stay in the comfort of my house...grooving can't wait.Anyways,i wish you all a very pleasant day and week ahead.Welcome back Ladyngo!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have a thing for decoration or is it colors?

I've always had a thing for decoration and anything that has to do with colors.This will attest to the reason i love graphics,fashion and photography.They make use of colors in such a way that they speak to you.I got to work this morning and something caught my eyes.There's this site i somehow stumble upon and love very much Xsightn.It's a site owned by a photography company and they cover lots of weddings with very amazing photographs to show for them.

The reason for this post is i kinda keep envisaging the decor on my wedding but each time keep realizing it is my future wife's wedding not mine and she definitely would have her own decor in mind.Wetin man go do? I'm very creative with colors and decors and graphics but i know i can't take over the decor of my wife's wedding...but we could make a deal though,no? Let me not keep talking,lemme just show you some pictures so you'd know why my mind wandered to decors this morning.All the pictures came from Xsightn.

Have a nice day people lemme continue envisaging other forms of decors for my wife's wedding...heheheheheh!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To be a man...

I found it very hard to sleep last night even though i was dead tired,i mean zonked! Eventually i slept around 3am or so and had to wake up and head for work.Seriously,i didn't want to wake up cos somehow the sleep decided to be sweet when i had to be at work.It took my mind back to when i was very young.Then you didn't also have a choice but to get up and go to school.If you don't want to,you'll be woken up from your bed and either advised or simple made to go to school.Then when i was in the university,it was better because no one was around and so i went to school when i felt like it...i was a very good student sha o.Anyway,i got prepared and got to work but it never occurred to me that i'd be on a journey of serious thoughts till i sat on my system.I graduated from the university and my department has been torturing me with their incompetence and so i'm still yet to go for my compulsory youth service.The good thing however is that i got a job even before i graduated and so work has been easing the pressure this service issue would've otherwise placed on me.

This morning,i tried fulfilling the promise i made to a friend that i'd help him check for schools abroad for his Masters/Graduate program.It was easy because i already had one in Canada that i'm looking at doing my own masters.Now,to the 'Masters' issue.I studied Library and Information Technology in the university but my love for computers and related gadgets made me decide to major in Info Tech.I have various ICT skills that i was taught in the university but had to learn on my own based on my love and so i decided to further that by doing my masters.The thing however is that i have decided i didn't want to bother anyone for my fees or upkeep and all *sounding tough*.I want to sponsor myself through my master degree program in Canada.I know it'll cost alot,yet this is what i have decided.I keep looking at the cost involved and even though it's huge,i just know i'll get it somehow.And that was when it hit me that being a man isn't a piece of cake...not that being a woman is though.But being a man entails a whole lot.It entails people expecting so much from you and even you expecting so much from yourself,not that some men care about this sha,but that's how it is.It's hard to see a MAN,not a man,being comfortable with being helped all the time.It's hard to see a MAN being comfortable with sitting around doing nothing.The pressure from both within and without will just not allow it.For instance,i moved out of the house immediately i graduated,even though my mom kept on telling me how it wasn't time yet and all that.But i moved out all thesame and i'm not regretting any second of it.But,it's not been a piece of cake because now i have to do everything for myself,i have to take care of myself.And because lots of people thinks you're doing well,sometimes you take care of people too,in a way...oh,i mean 'I'...hehehehehehe! Now i know how my father,uncles and other much grown adults would've been respect don increase! The head just have to work steadily because what you have isn't ever enough...or at least mostly never enough.The more you climb higher,the more hurdles you have to scale.The aim of this post is no to ramble or nag,it just a way of telling those men out there that i understand,cos i'm one of them...i've been for a few years now and i know it's a battle-field out there.Keep your head up mates,we go make the papers! *in English accent* Have  a nice day people.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When love fails,where does friendship go?

I really can't put a finger on where i got that,but i'm almost very certain someone asked me that question some time ago.If i wasn't dreaming nor hallucinating,but was in actual sense asked that question,then i'm certain i couldn't give an answer.I mean,what answer is there to give to a very depressing and scary question?

I've had a very very close friend who happened to be a gurl.As a matter of fact,she was my best friend for a very long time because she was the one who knew thins other people didn't know.We were friends for like 8 to 9 year before we decided to go beyond that.Our relationship lasted for about a year and six months out of that one year were like the best months i've had yet.Life was so very beautiful.Did i regret transforming our friendship into a romantic relationship? NO! Not even for a split second.But before i go into all that,let me let you in into a plain truth.

It is very impossible to have the opposite sex as your best friend.I said it,quote me anywhere! It is just not possible.When you get close to people,you get to find out things others don't know about them.Some are cool,some are not so cool,while others are just plain terrible.But the thing is,you start developing a form of attachment to them that makes you blind to their faults.It is easier for you to get more comfortable with the opposite sex because they are less likely to judge you or get jealous of you.I know you might be tempted to tell me it's not true that you can't actually be friends with the opposite sex.Maybe you're even best friends with the opposite sex and you might want to use that to stick your claim,but the truth still remains,it's not possible.Feelings always start flying.It may take a very long time for this to happen,but it always most certainly happens.Take into cognizance the number of people you know who had the opposite sex as friends and continued being friends without anything more...i bet you can't think of any or at least you can't think of more than one right? Personally,i don't know any successful friendship between people of different sexes.

So,back to the question of where does the friendship go after love fails? Well,the response to that question is relative to what happens after friendship turns to LOVE.If the love continues and blooms,then the friendship blooms with it.But if the love goes sour or goes down the drain,then the friendship goes down the drain with it.Don't mind anyone who says the friendship heavy lie be that.If there's any form of friendship after that,it's not even going to be half like the friendship you had that turned into love.It's going to be something much less.It's worse when one party is still in love,then friendship wouldn't even work at all...not any form of friendship.So before you dive into love from friendship,think it through.Although personally i'd advice you just jump into it if you're certain you guys are right for each other and you're not just shallow about it...hehehehehe! Ok,don't mind me o,please think it through seriously before you jump into love.Although love is much more sweeter than 'just friends',but some people are better off friends than lovers,make sure it's not so for you before you change the 'level'.Have a nice day people.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Not knowing what to do

I want to thank you all for the congratulatory comments,i guess i was just being zealous to have finished the A-Z challenge and it was fun while it lasted.If only the alphabets were extended after Z...hehehe!

There's a time in your life when you get to a point where it seems as if the world is turning against you.There comes a time when nothing just seen to be working,a time when you just feel you've had enough...a point when you feel it's all over.But somehow you always seem to pull through,at least most of us do make it through those periods.However,when we get to such points,it's easier when it's us,but it's a different ball game all together when it's a loved one.

Have you ever been with a loved one who's grieving and you just don't know what to do at that point? I mean,you're seeing that they're extremely hurt and in pains but you don't just know what to do.You want to make it easy for them,but you just don't know how.You want to say something but you don't even know what to say.You want to do something to ease the pain they feel,yet you don't know what to do.You just feel so helpless and lost.Sometimes you even result to shedding tears all because you are aware of what they're going through but can't do a thing to help.

I hate to see people cry,it's worse when it's a loved one and the worst is when the loved one is a woman.It breaks my heart so very much.But what shatters my spirit is when i just can't seem to do anything to ease whatever pain they're going through.If you been in a situation like that,then you'll be able to relate to what i'm trying to portray.However,i've come to realize that what they need at such times is time.Time is what's capable of making it alright for them,but our presence does a whole lot too and should never be taken forgranted.This is just a thought i kinda woke up with this lovely morning.I wish you all happiness,joy and bliss at all times.Have yourselves a nice day people.