Friday, April 29, 2011

Z is for Zeal

I'm a very enthusiastic guy...very enthusiastic,mostly when it concerns the things i like or believe in.I learnt quite early about 'zeal' and it's importance so it'll be bogus to say i just realized.Over the years,i've taken time to analyse certain profession or career path and what i concluded was; the people that are successful in their chosen career path are mostly people who are zealous,i mean very enthusiastic.One of such persons is Dr. Ben Carson,a surgeon and writter who authored Gifted hands.If only you could hear him talk about Medicine as a field.Another person i'd like to mention is Bill Gates of Microsoft.Computer is like a lover to him and he's so very enthusiastic about it.No wonder almost every homes have at least a microsoft operating system on their computers.Now let me come back home and dabble into the music world a bit.TuFace is doing extremely well in Nigerian music and has been around for close to a decade,that is a long time for a name to constantly ring in the music industry.His horizon expanded far beyond Nigeria and of course Africa.Need i go further?

The importance of zeal in whatever we do is so obvious and so on no account should a person perform without it.However,some people don't thrive in their professions because they're in wrong professions.In such situation,the only solution is to determine the field you're passionate about and go into it.I've head of people switching professions to the actual professions they love,that's a very good change.This is the much i have to say at this point.Have a lovely weekend people.


  1. wow u did it A-z am proud of u
    ur right about that Nigeria is still a kand where people get into a proff for money not love, but u can't blame them, i doubt d economy leaves them with much choice

  2. yay!! You actually finished this. Congrats! It's been really interesting

    As for the post- GBAM!!!! Right on. You can't reach your full potential unless you're doing something you're excited about


  3. congrats on succesfully completing ur challenge!!
    and yes u'r right bout the zeal thing too :D
    i think i shld drop law 4 becoming an author :/

  4. ((hugs))
    im so glad u stuck with this challenge n got to the finish line on time. After my last post i wandered if i wasnt puttin undue pressure on u. The letters seem so many and the time so short...congrats bro!

    Zeal is indeed essiential in achieving anything that's noteworthy.

  5. A lovely weekend to you too mehn..Congrats on completion of the challenge. On Point with the definition of ZEAL.

  6. ChizyK-Thanks alot dear.

    The Corner Shop-Thanks dearie and yeah,you can't reach your full potential unless you're doing something you love.

    Kitkat-If law isn't your passion,then it's a good idea to consider writing and thanks!

    P.E.T Projects-I'm glad i stuck to the end also and thanks alot for the hug,i feel very warm already.*wink*

    DIDI-Thanks alot bro.