Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yesterday

A lot of people tell you not to look at yesterday because it is past,that you should focus on today that is here and they sometimes tell you tomorrow would take care of itself.Well,i'm going to tell you something contrary to what they say and i am going to make you see reasons why you should consider what i tell you.

Indeed yesterday is past and gone,but you shouldn't forget about it.Yesterday holds alot.It holds what we wanted to be,what we missed,waht we loved,what used to be our short,it hold a whole lot.But these aren't the reasons we should forget about it.The reason we shouldn't forget about yesterday is that is serves as a reminder of what we want.If you have a dream and it's not yet achieved,'yesterday' reminds you to work hard to achieve that dream 'today' or at least put the necessary things in place to achieve it 'tomorrow'.Yesterday is a drive,it sometimes come with the 'anger' you need to change your present situation.For instance,sometimes i think of back at the time when i was broke and all the shits i had to take and even though right now i'm doing very well,i just know i don't have a choice but to make it and make it know what i mean?!

Again,yesterday helps us to do better and i mean in every aspects.Looking back at yesterday helps us to make certain needed and imperative changes that would make a better 'today' and an even better 'tomorrow'.Certain mistakes were made yesterday and looking back helps us to make corrections.And also,yesterday also makes you realize how far you've come.

However,what you shouldn't do is making yesterday the reason why you don't want to move forward.Some people get scared of trying stuffs simply because of the things they suffered 'yesterday'.Yesterday shouldn't scare you,it should encourage you.Everything really happens for a reason and if you don't know that the challenges you passed through yesterday were to make you stronger and build you,then you are really in serious trouble.Yesterday isn't your enemy,but a friend.Don't say goodbye to yesterday,but don't let it scare you while it's with you.Have a nice day people.


  1. 9ice.
    Yesterday is gone but it teaches us a lot about tomorrow

  2. yes, we cnt jst ignore our past cos they hold the key to the future. we have to look st our past, and avoid the mistakes we made. If we simply ignore the past, we'll keep fumbling everytime..xx

  3. This is exactly true! Yesterday is not to be forgotten but to be learned from!


  4. Well written. Yesterday should not be discarded and forgotten cos it carves our today and makes our tomorrow better

  5. lani-True!

    Kitkat-I like the way you put it.

    The Corner Shop-Rightly said.

    Okeoghene-Thanks alot Adiya!