Saturday, April 2, 2011

Women get fish kidding!

I was having a chat with an acquaintance yesterday and he said if a marriage breaks,then it's the man's fault and never the woman's.His reasons? Well,he said women were meant to turn where the men want them to.Inotherwords,women can be easily manipulated by men.I didn't even think of it before concurring with him.You don't agree? Before you answer that,i'm going to give you reasons why you shouldn't even dispute the fact.

Women don't have a mind of their own,they can be readily and easily convinced to do stuffs.I can trace this back to the garden of Eden where the woman was convinced to eat the forbidden fruit by the serpent who only had to sugarcoat his tongue to get the woman to succumb.Don't even get me started on the fact that man was made to eat the fruit by the woman because we all know that we men love our women and mostly like to do their bidden even though we know we may be doing the wrong thing,we just still go ahead all in a bid to make them happy,that's what we were meant to do,ain't it? If you don't believe that,answer these questions,why didn't the serpent go through man to have the forbidden fruit eaten? Why did he pass through the woman? Here are the answers,he knew man was going to be impossible to penetrate unless through the woman and the woman on the other hand was easy to penetrate.The reason why this is so is that women respond to what they hear while men respond to what they see.I bet you the reason why man ate the forbidden fruit was because woman used her boobs to rub on him or something,i'm just saying! Hehehehehehe

Furthermore,i have stories to buttress my point.While i was in my first year in the university,i met a fell for a gurl,but she told me she had a boyfriend she loved very much and would never cheat on,so she won't be able to date me.I persisted and kept on being friends till i got tired and decided to use my sugarcoated tongue.I talked to this gurl and succeeded in changing her mind.I eventually won her heart from her boyfriend.The reason why a sane gurl would leave a guy that loves her (apart from good sex sha o) is sweet talk.They may realize their mistakes and want to make amends,but they'd have falled all the same.A guy that has sugarcoated mouth can get the gurls anytime anyday.Even you women can't deny the fact that a smooth and sweet talker hit that spot most times,can you? Another story,while i was being all terrible with the ladies,i had this gurl who was crazy about me,at a point when i got tired of it all,i stopped communication.Even when she tried establishing,i merely blew her off and eventually when i decided to speak to her,she was still willing to stay with me even though she knew it was because of other gurls that my interest in her reduced.I could give lots of stories to stick this claim.In fact,lots of you women can even give instances when you were used so,it's like that...hehehehehehehehe

Disclaimer: This post wasn't intended to stair up anger or anything,but just a piece of reality from the part of the writer...who him be sef? hehehehehehe


  1. LMAO, if your logic here is that a woman can be convinced to do anything wit sweet talk/sugar tongue and whatever else...and a man can be convinced to do anything because of woman, even when they know its a bad idea...who really get fish brain?!? lol. see you are saying that it takes convincing to get a woman to do something, whereas a man will go against his good judgement because of body part wey women possess.

    Anywho, i agree that women do ridiculous things for guys same as guys do ridiculous things for women. *kanye shrug*

  2. Nailed it ,Nailed it ,Nailed it !!!..This is so True..just get your TALK game on and she is yours but when the women get their "COME SEE WHAT I GOT" game on..we go running..i guess in a way we in the same shoes but from different angles..

  3. lool @ lady Ngo>> who really get the fish brain shey?

    yeah, "sweet mouth" works, and a woman would do almost anything for the man she loves (that SHE LOVES) .... but not having a mind of her own isn't the right word...

  4. runnning all the way with LadyNgo. Call me chauvinistic!:p
    Fish brain ko, duck brain ni!

  5. LMAO.... are you for real? a topic this controversial and Eve is the premise for your argument?
    hahahaha.... All I can do is laugh.

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  7. lool at your disclaimer. well i'm pissed MAJORLY!!
    your logic equals FAIL!!.. how cn u tlk bout women like this and xpect us not to be pissed lol
    firstly, i dnt fall for sweet talkers, matter of fact they piss me off. a guy telling me i'm hot doesnt make me like him more or less, infact it may piss me off if i feel like he's patronizing me.
    And jst cos the girls that are ur victims are gullible doesnt meean u shld classify all girls that way :/
    u'r such a dude..uurgh!

  8. ha! are you joking? because your 1st scenario from the garden of eden proves that men are the one with the fish brain: you said "[men] like to do their bidden even though we know we may be doing the wrong thing
    if they know and they still do, that is the fish brain in practice!

  9. LOL!! U don't know that a woman has you men woven around her little finger?? We just make you men think you're running shit. See the reason you gave for why Adam ate the's that easy to get you guys to do stuff...all we gotta do is act like we're helpless or show a little skin.

    Who get fish brain? ha!

  10. LOL!! LadyNgo! Abi? See me see wahala. The guys are even worse off cause we can get them to do whatever, even without flashing the boobs hehe


  11. Haha, you got this one coming for ur self, guess its only DIDI here to support u. Lady Ngo and Anonymous 6:27 both said it all.
    You guys may need words to get a lady, but we don't need to speak to get what we want, even the eyes alone can do the magic.

  12. Kitkat-C'mon hon,didn't mean to upset you,i mean,the idea is for you guys to spot that we're bird of a feather in this context.Men also have fish brain,so don't get upset about it.

    DIDI-Thanks man!

    The Ladies-Ok ladies,you all got me.*heads down,shoulders down with a sad look*

    It's annoying that we get all baby-ish when you people show some skin or give us those hmmmm looks.Damn! Yeah,i agree,we also get fish brain.hehehehehehe