Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Why

My imagination created this just today and sincerely i can't really put my hands on what inspired it.Anyhow,i hope you enjoy it.

Why do you feel comfortable walking part them when you see their hands raised up
Extending the bowl of expectation?

Why do you turn your face when they walk up to you in anticipation of something to help them live through just that day?

"It is better to give than to receive"
It indeed wasn't a man without wisdom who said that
Extend a caring hand today and touch a life


  1. In Nigeria n Africa as a whole, its almost like the beggars are sometimes more than the 'begged' but then again that could serve as more reason to give more often

  2. Lol @ Chizy...I dont know about that ooo. How about show them how to fish instead of giving em fish...

    But I agree that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

  3. I usually do not give a thought to why... i just dont!
    I'ld rather pay the money as widow's mite in church than hand it over to a 'supposed' helpless beggar who wld turn around and spend my hardearned money on drugs/booze or voodoo.

    I have studied some of these pple over the years and most of them only cook up lies (e.g a family member is on admission and they need money for operation etc) to get money to fund their addiction.

    I'll gladly give in church or at the orphanage that way im sure im not aiding anyone's vices.

  4. I think i would rather give it to people i know really need it coz these beggers are there everyday!!! even if they get their target

  5. These questions are food for thought. I try to give and leave the rest.

  6. i'll definitely make an effort to be more giving

  7. ChizyK-LOL @ In Nigeria n Africa as a whole, its almost like the beggars are sometimes more than the 'begged'

    Nutty J-Not a bad idea,but just letting them live to see another day isn't a bad idea too.

    P.E.T Projects-I understand your sentiments,but it's not always like that.

    DIDI-The idea is give,it doesn't matter to whom.

    Myne Whitman-Then you're doing the right thing.

    Kitkat-That'll be great dear.

  8. True, we should give more! But as for beggars on the street, i'm not sure oh. Sure, some might be in real need but a lot aren't. I've actually been totally swindled by hard-luck stories. The thing is, if your heart says to give, don't hesitate.


  9. The Corner Shop-On point Adiya,i've also been swindled a few times but that doesn't stop me from giving sha.