Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Vacation-less

I'm always quick to say i need a vacation,but i'm yet to go on that vacation.I've been rambling on vacation and how i need it,how i deserve it,how i'll go on it as soon as i have the chance.Well,i've been doing that for close to a year now.Then came the time when i really should have gone on that vacation,the time i really needed it.I had started making preparations even and was almost booking my flight.My friends where already expecting me,but somehow again...no vacation!

Somehow,i've realized the reason i keep stalling to go on that vacation i keep talking about,and the reason is that i like to work.Yes,boring me like working.It gives me a sense of responsibility and that feeling is one i don't joke with at all.As if my boss got the memo,he calls me on holiday periods to come to work when my colleagues would be with their families having the time of their lives and i don't even complain.I worked on chrismas day and i think new year,and i didn't really mind.I ordinarilly don't work on saturdays,but my boss calls me lots of saturdays and yet i don't complain.Sometimes i wonder if this isn't what they call being a 'workaholic'.I have even started my own company yet and i'm like this,i can only wonder.Dear future wife,i seem to like working too much,this might change or it'll even get worse so please take note and don't complain too much.Lovingly yours,your future husband...hehehe! Thats just an advice to her.

However,this easter break gave me an opportunity to slow down.I hung out with family,saw a few movies in my house,drank some red wine,read 2 books...I somehow had a vacation of some sort.But it's just inadequate,so i'm still rambling about needing a vacation...somebody shoot me! Ok i'm out of here cos it's obvious i'm just...Cheerio people,and this is a birthday shoutout to Adiya of The Corner Shop,happy birthday in arrears.


  1. lol... that first sentence is so me....
    but true its more a time to spend with family \members, but bak to d hard life n reality now i guess lol...

  2. Please go on VACATION please..U need it..i hope U change the workaholic mentality b4 Mrs right comes around..its not kool when the only place they have to come and be sure they find U is @ work..Easter sure was fun,i spent time with friends my siblings and Had to visit my MOTHER at the Hospital where she works & Lives. #notkool..please Plan A Vacation!!!

  3. I am guilty of the same thing... too much talking about it but never doing it because of working. grrr! This post reminds me that I need to just do it and book a vacation. :) Nice post!

  4. wow! you're a workaholic lol. I hate working and i dnt even work yet :p
    wish u cld be my co-worker when i get a job ;)

  5. All work and no play...
    As much as i'll like to chide you, i cant cos that'll be a case of the kettle and the pot. My list of places to visit keeps increasing yet the time doesnt seem available

  6. Awww darling! Thank you thank you :D :D

    And workaholic? tsk tsk! Please, leave town and go on that vacation. Take a special someone while you're at it!


  7. ChizyK-Hehehehehe

    DIDI-I'll try to go on the vac bro and i'd think about not being a workaholic befroe Mrs.Right comes along.

    Snakesmom-You are right.Yeah,make plans for that vac.


    P.E.T Projects-Hey,reduce the list of those places by visiting them.

    The Corner Shop-Hahaha,i'll try and go on the vacation Adiya and you're welcome dearie.