Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Unprecedented love

The good thing about love is that it doesn't judge.It does care whether you're deserving or not.In most cases,men can give this kind of love.But consider the one who can give this kind of love and even better everytime.The reason for this season is the death and resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ (i call am my own because i no know whether na your own Lord too...hehehe).

As we celebrate this season,let us bear in mind that the love we enjoy now is unprecedented and thus should be extended.If you don't work for something,it shouldn't be hard to pass on.Pass the love to those around you,give them the privilege of smiling the way you're smiling.The thing alot of us don't know is that a smile can make a person's day.If just a smile can make a person happy,imagine what you can do with an arsenal of smiles.Personally,my other name is 'Ismaila' simply because i smile alot...hehehe! Have a pleasant day and have a Happy Easter celebration!


  1. Happy Easter to you too. Thank God for His love oh- we don't deserve it at all!

    P.S Easter was my birthday too so double Thanking God :D

  2. haha i'll start calling you Ismaila :) ..that is the name of my dad's "electrician" back home :p
    i totally agree that a smile can make a person's day. We need to spread the love since we are obviously getting it in excess from baba jesus

  3. LoL @ Ismaila :P..Happy Easter to you Bro..

  4. Is it too late to say happy easter?
    Happy Easter!

  5. The Corner Shop-Happy birthday in arrears Adiya,i sent a shoutout to you on Vacation-less.


    Kitkat-On point!

    DIDI-Thanks bro.

    P.E.T Projects-It's never to late to receive a good thing,so no,it's not too late.Thanks dear.

  6. For God so love the world that he his only begotten Son, so that we may have eternal life!

  7. Simon-On point Simon.Thanks for stopping by.