Friday, April 1, 2011

Seriously,don't change for anyone

I was watching the series How I Met Your Mother Season 4 and something happened that made a whole lot of sense to me.One of the characters,Ted Mosby had a gurl he met and liked and because he falls in love easily and gets dumped by the women,his friends Mashall and Barney decided to look out for him their own way.They knew he was going to try to call the gurl immediately and they believed the rule was you wait three days before you call a gurl whose number you just got,so they changed her number on his phone without his knowledge so he won't call her.Things got a little messy,Ted got very angry with both Barney and Marshall and said the words that made so much sense to me; "Yes,there are gurls i'd call minutes after i meet them and got their numbers and they'd take me forgranted,but those gurls aren't the gurls for me.The gurl for me would love that i called her only minutes after i got her number.She would know that is who i am and she'd love me for that".Yeah,it makes so much sense right?

However,those words got me thinking.You know,we are quick to want to change the things that really make us who we are,the things that define us all for that special person we love,but this happens as a result of misinformation.Yes,if you've been told to change who you are to fit someone else's life,then you've been misinformed big time.Here's the real thing though,the plain truth; You are not supposed to change the things that define you for anyone,they're supposed to fit into you.I mentioned it in one of my post that there's someone for everybody,regardless of the kind of person you are.There's someone for you whether you are soft,hard,find it difficult to express love through your mouth (some people suck at this),love pets,hate pets,love PDA (Public Display of Affection),hate PDA,like romance movies as a guy,hate romance movies as a guy...i could go on and on because the list is actually endless,but lemme stop there.My point is there's someone out the for you who would love you almost exactly the way you are.I used 'almost exactly' because there are somethings that should be changed about you,they don't define you but are prolly habits you picked up somewhere somehow that is very uncool.

Lastly,rather than try changing who you really are because you love someone,go in search of that one person who would love you for that person you really are,that way you won't have to live a lie or worry about what would happen if you get tired of not being you because the person already knows you and prolly loves you mostly for that.Some people fall in love with one attribute before they even get to find out the other attributes about their loved ones,this is very normal.Some here's my opinion,again,don't change who you are for anyone.If you need to do that,trust me,they're not right for you.Have a nice day people and this ain't April fool.


  1. Great post by a 9ja-great. lol
    Ted is such a sucker for love, there should be more guys with his character in real life. anyways... I agree with what you wrote, never try changing yourself in the hopes of making someone like you, the person that will love you unconditionally will not require you to change.

  2. 9jaFOODie-Trust me,there are lots of Ted Mosby's in real life,even here in Nigeria...hehehehe
    Indeed,the person who love you won't require you to change.

  3. i totally love this post. i dnt agree with all these articles that tell people how to behave to attract someone they like, thats jst silly. It always pays to be you, and if the person doesnt like you for who you are, then so be it. :)


  5. True..U can`t just change for anybody..There are Billions of TED MOSBYS around the globe 9ja-great..;p;

  6. You should only change for one person- you.

    Still loving your blog :D


  7. Kitkat-You don't need to change the basic thing that defines who you are,but that doesn't mean you shouldn't strife to be better and change bad things about you.

    Kathy Stemke-Thanks alot Kathy and i'm gonna do just that.

    DIDI-There really are billions of Ted Mosby's out there.

    The Corner Shop-True Adiya and thanks alot again.I love your blog also,alot!