Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Sacrifice of love

This poem was born during that time when i had my break-up and my mind couldn't think of something better better to work on.Yeah,you're allowed to comment anyhow you wanna.Yeah,i am a very emotional guy.
The night is always almost unending
Every second is a severe torment of not just my heart
But my very soul
The darkness wraps me like the stamen of a petal before it blooms
Like a little piece of paper in the hand of a large man
Sleep is a now forgotten friend
In the emptiness of my room
I battle with the cruelty of the night
My thoughts are like little pricks from a million needles
My head is often too heavy to be supported by my neck
And when I get lucky and find slumber
I wake up with the pain in my chest
When the night slowly turns into day
The weak light of dawn replaces the darkness of night
And the sun completely brightens the day
I welcome the day with gratitude
Even though it never stays as long as I want
But it comforts me
The hotness of the sun on my skin
The noise of day all around me
The dust raised by rushing feet
All conceal the torment of the night
When the intensity of the sun reduces
The brightness weakens
And when finally the sun is drowned in the horizon
The torment slowly creeps in
And with it comes the pain in my chest
My almost nonexistent smiles becomes untraceable
If I was ignorant of the consequences of sacrifice
Now I can advice on its consequences
I could change situations
I could end the pains
I could find sleep once again
But I am on a quest
Quest to retrieve the object of happiness
The object of a beautiful life
And if this is the price to pay
I’ll pay it however the cost


  1. Hey there's nothing wrong with being emotional- especially if it triggers poetry as nice as this.

    Makes me miss my poetic days :(

  2. Its Healthy to Cry when the need arises but please do that in the shower with water running,best heartbreak advice i ever got but never implemented. Nice poem though,just that it came out of a heart break

  3. waoooo! good one... being emotional is healthy.

  4. I love that you're a guy and you're not scared to say you get emotional too. This poem is it!

  5. The most apealing thing is the difference in an individual and to see you sharing some thoughts everyday it makes me scream Unique!...lovely poem

  6. Awww sorry! This is so dark. But the last two lines are actually hopeful. Lovely


  7. LadyNgo-I ain't ashamed of beinf emotional so yeah,there's nothing wrong.Please go back to your poetry days o,poetry world needs you.

    DIDI-Men don't cry...hehehehe...yeah right! Thanks though!

    9jaFOODie-Thanks alot.

    Kitkat-I'm not scared of saying i'm emotional at all.Thanks!

    Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken-Thanks Ms. Yellow Sisi,i really appreciate that.

    The Corner Shop-The sorry came late but i appreciate it sha...hehehehe


    ChizyK-Thanks dear.