Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Reasons to live

Life isn't always fair,it sometimes throws shit at you or bricks that'll hurt when they make contact.But when such happens,do you know what you should do? Use the shit to make manure and use the brick to build a house or a fence or a dam,just build something with it.I know i may not have experienced things so awful and horrific when it comes to life,but i've actually had my fair share of life's bitterness.But now,nothing can go wrong again because i have learnt that hoping for the best actually attarcts the best.

If you think you've been manhandled by life and so life is worthless,then i'm sorry to say you're so wrong.True,i don't know you or the least of what you're going through,but really you have at least something to live for.The first and most important thing you should live for is HOPE.Yes,hope that things would change.Hope is believing things will get better.You don't know what tomorrow holds,it might hold something more terrible for you,yes! But also,it might hold the answers to your nagging and throbbing questions.It might hold the solution to your many problems.It might be the start of a new phase of life for you,a phase of happiness.Hope has kept countless of people alive,trust me your case ain't gonna be different.The other thing you should live for is HOPE,i explained it earlier.Then the last thing on my list you should live for is HOPE.I explained it earlier too...hehehehehehehe

However,if you want other reasons i consider tertiary,then here they are;
You should live because no matter how you are,someone out there loves you.
You should live because you make someone smile.You don't wanna take away that smile,do you?
You should live because someone out there thinks you're funny.You owe someone laughters,bottom line!
You should live because you're unique and there's no other you that life would use.Life isn't a mistake,you're in it for a reason and when that reason is fulfilled,you'll know.So until then,you should be alive.
You should live because because you should live.
I don talk finish jare.Do have a nice day people and keep this in mind anytime you think you're tired of life.You always do have reasons to live!


  1. Thanks for the reminder that there are reasons to live for. I really needed this.

  2. You should live because God does not create nonsense (therefore I am not nonsense.. I make perfect sense to Him, and that matters the most).

    Althoooo... what would you say of barbaric people who live nonsense lives..... hmm. Ok God does not make nonsense, though we can make ourselves nonsense.

    (Gosh I'm so sorry for rambling. Just thining/writing out loud on someone else's blog LOL!)

  3. Okeoghene-I'm glad i could reach out to you.Thanks alot!

  4. This is a beautifully written post. I haven't tried blogging about anything too serious yet. I found you from the challenge.

  5. Rhonda@laugh-quotes-Thanks for stopping by.

  6. As always,You are on point and this is good inspiration. nice piece..

  7. Lovely and inspiring. Where there is life there is always hope. There are so many things that make like happy, joyful, and just plain worth it. I've actually been compiling these things as a mini-project sort of:

    See ya

  8. i really love your posts. It's so true that no matter how bad we think we have it, there's always a reason to keep on going. If only we could focus more on the pros instead of the cons in our life, there'll be less suicides.