Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q for Queens of Kings

A man struggles to make it in life,to be successful,own houses,cars,properties,businesses,etc etc all because of a woman.A woman always wants to look good...wear good cloths,wear good fragrances,wear pretty smiles etc etc all because of a man.Don't give me that i-don't-dress-to-look-good-for-anyone-but-myself attitude because deep down you appreciate the stares and compliments you get,from men too!

Women were ordinarily meant to be Queens to men who are Kings.This is true! But the problem is some women don't just get the fact that they're Queens,i mean they are totally unaware of the fact.Somebody please slap awareness into their pretty heads,thank you! As a woman,you're supposed to think,talk,act,dress and reason like a queen.As a woman YOU ARE A QUEEN and as such i'd like you to consider these;

A queen doesn't expose her body for the world to see because it is her pride.I'm saying this as a guy,women who wear skimpy cloths are mostly not taken serious but taken to bed and discarded.Pardon my bluntness,but some women need to learn harshly!

A queen is confident of herself and in her ability.Women who are not confident of themselves sometimes put themselves in a tight position and at some points get desperate.Men are terrible,yes i am a man but it's sadly true.We take advantage of women who are desperate.You'd agree with me that a woman who's confident and knows what she's worth won't ever be desperate.

A queen never sleeps around.Men consider women who sleep around cheap and slutty.Would you blame them? It is not ok to sleep with a guy on your first day,trust me such kinds of relationship do not go far and a queen doesn't have casual relationships.

A queen is respectful.Remember the saying that "Respect is reciprocal"? If you want respect,you have to be respectful yourself.

A queen carries herself gracefully.Carriage is very important for women,it can actually get Kings drawn to you or mere NFA guys (No Future Ambition).

A queen considers her man a King and she treats him as such.You don't hope to be considered a queen if you don't consider your man a King and you don't hope to be treated as a queen when you don't treat your man as a king.Na scratch my back i go scratch your own!

A queen doesn't settle for less than a king! This is very important! If you are a queen then you need nothing less than a King!

These are the little i have for now,but please take them serious.You don't hope to attract a King when you yourself ain't a Queen and please,you deserve a King! I love you ladies,always! Have a nice day people!


  1. QUEEN PET says spot on!

    RE: A queen doesn't expose her body for the world to see because it is her pride ---->>> Fact!

  2. P.E.T Projects-You're just awesome considering @ QUEEN PET says spot on! I like that and thanks!

  3. I agree with you 100%

    I think to get respect you have to give respect, but even before that, you have to respect yourself. And that means not dressing like a street walker and not settling for less than you deserve...

    I liked this post. ^_^

  4. Misha-Thanks alot Misha,i'm glad you liked the post.

  5. Nodding my head vigorously and all the way!


  6. i was just having this conversation last night lol. im gonna need for you to stop with these Jedi mind tricks where i think of something and then u write about it lol

    I agree with this 96%

  7. Abi oh!! I bet we girls' heads are getting bigger hehe. I like this post dearie


  8. lol hope u do the kings version too!..but i agree with everything though. and yes, we like getting compliments duh!!..even guys like getting compliments too :p

  9. HoneyDame-Dear Anonymous HoneyDame,thanks alot and please come as the main HoneyDame next time...hehehehehe

    LadyNgo-Now you know how my poems are! Sorry about me entering your head,i do it often.My imagination is just so...96% from you is very very cool...hehehehehe

    The Corner Shop-Your heads deserve to get bigger Adiya,trust me and thanks too.

    Kitkat-I'd think about the kings' version and true,even us guys like compliments.

  10. 9ja great please get out of LadyNgo`s post though..U seem to be getting more applauds than missile...i guess "WE" managaed to tame the