Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Peace!

I was born in Nigeria.I've lived all my life here in Nigeria and would always come back home to Nigeria no matter how far i travel.While i was growing up,things were very different than they are currently.The love we experienced then has somehow managed to walk off to a very far distance or even a cave where it might take long to find it.As a kid and even a teenager,i had lots of mothers and fathers,not just my biological mother and father.In other words,men and women around your neighborhood were allowed to scold and correct you.They were like a part of your parenting and were actively involved in your growing up.Also,people were always ready and willing to give an helping hand to their neighbors,killing was very rare and seen as a great sin.Neighbors trusted themselves.But all those changed.

When i grew to a certain stage,i realized alot had changed from what they used to be.For one,if another person scolds a child,it is war between the child's parents and the person.Neighbors became very suspicious of themselves.Fences got higher and dogs increased in numbers.The nation generally transformed into a war-zone.The peace we once thought wasn't even enough would be greatly appreciated now.

I know there are factors that brought about these changes,but that doesn't mean we can't have peace.Ethnicity and religious sentiments should be dumped.They are the main robbers of our peace.The recent killings in parts of the country based on election is very much uncalled for.The election was done with religious sentiment by a group of people and this is so wrong.If we still think about religion or ethnicity,then we really have a long way to go in search of peace.Till we start realizing we're not northerners,southerners,easterners,or westerners but NIGERIANS,we'd not get to that place we are all wishing to get to.Lets pray for lasting peace in every region of Nigeria,it is these regions that gave birth to the name NIGERIA.Have a nice day people and please say a prayer for my beloved country for me.


  1. I wonder if it is still safe to say 'it takes an entire village to train a child'.

    Shouldnt I be scared that instead of correcting my child's wrong someone may just snuff out his/her life as a permanent solution to whatever trouble the little child has caused?

    Our tribes and religions will continue to differ just like our finger prints, it is therefore in our own interest and for posterity sake that we must begin to learn to coexist.

    It is no longer about the 'illiterate' man weilding weapons, some of us 'acclaimed elites' are worse off, the things we blurt out all under the guise of social media are enough to tear down an entire nation.

    How can we cry of racism when we cross continents, yet we abhor our neighbour because his dialect is unknown to us?

    Lets take heed, lest we be destroyed but things we ordinarily should have control over!

  2. P.E.T Project-God bless you for that nice one dear.

  3. True talk two of you! PET Projects, that comment was long enough for a blog post LOL!! The world is getting smaller, but some people are just bent on trying to divide Nigeria for their own selfish gains. They won't succeed.


  4. Things have sure changed from what they used to be. People are ready to kill even at the minutest provocation.It is such a sad situation. The differences we have in tribe and religion will always be there so why cant we just accept that and instead focus on what binds us: The Nigerian Blood?

  5. I am against other adults trying to play the "parent" role in my life. I dont mind getting advice but dnt scold me or shout at me when u arent my parent. save that for your kids lol.
    I agree with u when u say religious and tribal sentiments should be discarded. I really cant stand tribalistic people, i think its mostly the older generation that are tribalistic. Hopefully tribalism would die a natural death.

  6. What is happening in Nigeria right now is so pitiful! God save us!

  7. I can't imagine living in a place that knows so much war. We have dangerous neighborhoods here, but it's nothing like what you must see from day to day. Praying for peace!

  8. We really should look past religious and tribal sentiments. Until we do, there will be no true unity and we will never be a nation. Just a bunch of people stuck in a common geographical location.

  9. The Corner Shop-They won't succeed o,we want Nigeria with the different tribes and tongues.

    Okeoghene-Nicely said.The tribal difference will always be there so we need to just learn to live with that peacefully.

    Kitkat-Kids are always against right things at one point in their lives,so i understand your stand-point.Although it's mostly our older generations that are tribalistic,however,our younger generations too are guilty of this same sin.

    Myne Whitman-Yes it is Myne and we really need God's intervention.

    Karen Peterson-It's not as bad as it seems,trust me.Although there are times when it is very horrific,but it doesn't get that way on the daily,forget what you hear,read or see in the news.

    Natural Nigerian-I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by.