Monday, April 18, 2011

Our curses

When i read some comments,i just laugh.I have a very wild imagination.I can even enter into your mind even though i don't know you.I've written poems and people claim i wrote about them.My poems are not always about me,in fact,they are mostly not about me.I just use my imagination and put something down.So,before you comment,put this in mind so you don't make wrong comments.My advice to you is that you drop comments on my poems as if it was written by an anonymous person!


She is the most beautiful among her peers
But she’ll never live to see where life takes her
Cos she is the property of the gods
She’ll be taken when she turns eighteen
Her beauty is her curse

He is very truthful
But he’ll never be successful
He’ll never ride in exotic cars like his peers
Cos truth is a taboo in the system
His sincerity is his curse

They are ignorant
But they’ll be hung
They’ll die for a crime they did not commit
Cos they were at the wrong place at the wrong time
Their ignorance is their curse

I am so much in love with you
But you’ll leave me
Cos you’re betrothed to another man
I’ll be very broken
My love is my curse

We are not wrong for the things we do that are right
Or the things we are that are beautiful and sweet
Or the place we go when we want to
But yet these things turn out to be our curses
Strange thing this life is!


  1. LMAO I can see why you put up that mini disclaimer. uhm! It is a thought provoking poem. Sometimes, those things we regard as strengths might end up inhibiting us. May we not be at the wrong place at the the wrong time!
    Nice one Bruv

  2. I really like this!! Sometimes, the good things we do or are can hurt us.

    Observation though- ignorance (in the third stanza? paragraph?) is odd. I don't think ignorance is a good thing. Naivety maybe? dunno.


  3. Nice one, your preamble made me laugh.

  4. I have the biggest feeling of dejavu reading that disclaimer (lol @ it, by the way). I don't know if you've written it someplace before or if my telepathic powers made u write it here (see it is the reader that has now gotten into your head! aha)

    Anyway sha, very nice poem!

  5. HoneyDame-I had to put up that disclaimer na cos lots of times people refer to me when talking about my poems when in actual sense the poem ain't even about me.

    Kitkat-Thanks dear!

    The Corner Shop-Actually Adiya,i used 'Ignorance' on purpose because it best describes the message i was trying to pass with the poem.Naivete would have been talking about people who are inexperienced.

    Myne Whitman-Well,i'm glad it made you laugh though i was passing a very serious message.

    LadyNgo-Hehehehehe...maybe your telepathic powers worked,maybe they didn't.Thanks anyway.

  6. Nice Poem. Disclaimer helped alot,coz i can be %^^*&^ like that lol

  7. Fani.Edas-Thanks alot and thanks for stopping by.