Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Makers of noise

 I composed this little piece just as i was on my way to work this morning.Normally i get my inspiration at night.Most of my poems were written at night,like 90% or more of them.I hope you like this.

Makers Of Noise
I hear them in my sleep
"Are you mad?"
"Why is my food not ready?"
"Lazy woman,all you know how to do is spend my money"
"How did you even end up in my house?"

I wake up and hit the road
Happy the night is over and i won't have to endure horrible noises
And then...
"What? You hit my car?"
"Are you blind?"
"Do you know who i am?"
"I will finish you today"
"I will arrange your face"

I get into the office and happy this time it really is over
No more noise
But just then i begin to hear them in my head
They are the makers of noise,the are everywhere
Even in my head


  1. This is a very nice piece.It kind of defines a typical Nigerian set.

  2. LOL at makers of noise, honestly some people are just unnecessarily loud - in buses, at work, even in the library... so sad.

  3. 9ja-great..i just can`t stop laughing here,been a while since i heard "I will finish you today"
    "I will arrange your face"..the scariest words for me growing "i was raised near a barrack so u can imagine how close i was to bullies"

  4. Anonymous-Thanks alot and thanks for stopping by.We'd love to have your name next time though.

    P.E.T Project-Yeah,so sad!

    DIDI-I can imagine bro.Those are funny lines from funny and mostly lazy people.

  5. So much noise everywhere, but we have to be careful of the ones that stick in our head, take time to relax, etc.

  6. how come in the poem, you're a woman?lol
    nice poem though, i hear voices in my head too, but the ones there are nicer than the ones in your poem lol.

  7. Honestly, there is no where you'll go you won't hear makers of noise. So annoying. I like this poem. And that's true Myne


  8. Nice piece- though i was confused in the beginning about the gender choice lol.

    *See, I don't always come to fight :) lol*

  9. Myne me,that poem ain't about me.

    Kitkat-The poem ain't about me but came out from my wild imagination.It's nice that the voices in your head are nice.

    The Corner Shop-True! Thanks alot Adiya.

    LadyNgo-My very own LadyNgo...hehehehehe.You really don't always come to fight.