Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lost...are flat tummy gurls going extinct?

You will agree with me that it is allowed for a guy to walk around with a pot belly (not that i like the sight of that),but for a gurl to walk around with pot belly? Mehn,now that would never be a pretty sight.I have had this in mind for a long time,but i was prompted to make this post based on the discussion i had with a friend yesterday.

We were gisting over the phone and we somehow dabbled into pot belly when she told me she started doing a form of exercise to help reduce her tummy.I was a tiny little bit stunned because she doesn't have a big tummy.I asked her why she wanted to going through with the exercise,she told me her tummy was getting big and she didn't want that.At that point i realized it had actually been a while since i last saw a gurl with a flat tummy.She is a student of University of Port Harcourt and told me that while she was in school yesterday,she didn't see even one gurl with a flat tummy.I would have argued with her and accused her of exaggerating,but i didn't bother to because i have also hardly seen a gurl with a flat tummy for a while now.So my questions are where did all the flat tummy gurls go? Are flat tummy gurls going extinct.

Just in case you're trying to throw missiles at me,like DIDI would say,just know that i am just a guy curious about where flat tummy gurls went and also missing them.I remember those days when you'd go out and flat tummies would grace your eyes,but now....oh well! The other day a guy went out with his gurlfriend and people who just met them for the first time were congratulating them and asking when the baby is due...hehehehehe.Maybe it didn't happen,but c'mon,that may soon be the case if things don't change o.However,with all this noise i've been making,i'd actually dated a handful of gurls with pot bellies.Some slightly big while some..well,let's just say i don't want to think of that.*shakes my head*

Recommendation: If you don't have a flat tummy,please try and work-out to reduce it.By 'you',i mean both guys and gurls because ladies would actually prefer their men to have flat tummies.And if as a guy you would want your lady to have a flat tummy,why would you be comfortable with being pot bellied? Just wondering! And just in case you're wondering,yes i have a very flat tummy...true true! *wink*


  1. Hmm... some of us can work out all dey want n dont get any result, how about those..? *feeling kinda insulted*

  2. Melanie-The ones that work-out without results are excused,they obviously aren't lazy.The ones who have pot bellies because they're lazy are the ones the post was referring to.

  3. @Melanie, please don`t feel insulted.. 9ja-greAT wants the best for everybody..Those who work out and don`t get results have to do more than just work out,they have to get a diet plan too..

    @9ja-Great..All the pot bellies U see around are mostly caused by DESIGNER FOOD and unhealthy eating habbits,Flats are really going extinct..

  4. Thank goodness for that disclaimer at the end because i was fully prepared to come in guns a-blazing about that "men are allowed to have a pot belly" nonsense lol

    Anywho, i agree that people, men and women alike need to get healthy. What i don't agree with is the idea that women shouldn't have a pot belly because it aesthetically displeasing to you or any other random man. If you are big and beautiful (and healthy) then do you mama! Only person anyone in this world has to please is themselves (and their mate)

    From a scientific standpoint, "belly fat" is the hardest fat to lose, especially on a woman. So no, adding a diet isn't going to help to help as much as people assume. Dieting only helps you stay where you are, it doesn't burn fat. If the belly is already there, then exercise is whats going to do it for you. If it hasn't been working thus far (and you are actually doing the correct workout for your problem area), then you are probably out of luck (and/or you need to get on the p90x or some other extreme workout regimen). Theres a reason why women who are trying to get in shape are always complaining about those "pesky 5-10 pounds" and that "stubborn belly fat/spare tire" that just won't go away.

    *please pardon my dissertation. health and wellness is surprisingly one of my hot topics that for no real reason at all i know a lot about. Go figure, especially since i am a big girl myself :)

  5. In fact, i tire too oh. I was recently lamenting about how hardly any guy i see has flat tummy and abs :'( Maybe it's the typical Nigerian diet? And maybe it's beer heh


  6. lol i blame too much fries and chocolate *kanye shrug*
    and eeew! men shoud also have flat tummies o!, i dnt want a pregnant boyfriend/husband lol

  7. DIDI-Thank man and true,the diet in 9ja ain't cool at all.

    LadyNgo-As usual,my very own LadyNgo was coming with the intention of combat.*sigh* Thank God for the disclaimer o...hehehehehe
    You comment was actually very insightful,thanks a millie.

    The Corner Shop-Adiya,i wanna agree with you that it's our Nigerian diet and add laziness to that.Lots of Nigerians don't work out so get out of shape.

    Kitkat-If you're flat 'tummied',then you deserve a flat tummy boyfriend and not a pregnant one.

  8. oh boy,dis ur post is just so on point.b4 u go see girl wey get flat tummy now eh na WAEC oh!even me sef go look my tummy sometimes n wonder if am preggie,hehehehe.My younger sisters re exercisin seriously to get d perfect tummy size but i just wonder ow long it will last cos wif all these unhealthy food n designer eating habits as DIDI said,i jus dey wonder.....

  9. Helen-Hehehehehe...please encourage your sisters o,they get results if they eat and exercise.However,to get the best results,they need to have a diet plan.

  10. my flat tummy is still intact, but i doubt that would be the case if i live in Nigeria 4 just a year.
    Nigerian diet is filled with too much starch n d whole drinking n idea of going to bed minutes after eating add to it.

  11. ehn....i was about to fight here!!!! esp when i saw the topic. lol

  12. I doubt it's the diet. It's the awareness. People are only just realizing the importance of a being fit and healthy.


  13. Even with the disclaimer, I'm still a bit irked by this post.... because you focused extensively on the women and just threw in the men at the beginning and end to avoid the missiles...
    *shrug* :-/

  14. Chizy K-You are right about that,our diet is really filled with starch.However,we're mostly lazy and rarely think of exercising.

    Sisi Yemmie-Hehehehehe...Thank God i escaped o.

    neks2U-The diet plays a major role in impregnating us,but lack of exercise and unhealthy living are other factors.Thanks for stopping by.

    Prism of an immigrant-Maybe i mostly focused on women because i'm a man.However,do your findings and you'd see that most men are actually flat-bellied.Thanks for stopping by though.