Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for King of jokers

Someone made a post on my TL yesterday and got me really pissed,as a result i started remembering i had issues with people who always have something to say about other people.So here's what i feel about certain things;

As A Gurl
You hate other gurls that wear skinny jeans just because you're fat.Well,you can also put yours on if it's for everybody. *wicked*

You gossip about everything that passes by.No wonder guys just take a piece of you and dump you like a piece of used tissue,your mates are out there trying to make something of themselves.

You put up a facade just to feel good about yourself.It is only a facade,there's something underneath that'll be exposed sooner or later.

You think all guys are dogs.Trust me,many guys think you're a bitch.

You think to keep a guy you must sleep with him.Gosh,you're so just made yourself a figure.

You think it's not in a gurl's place to be intelligent.Ever wonder why you're not his official gurl?

You have an opinion of everybody you see.What makes you think they care?

You think being fashionable is exposing your boobs or other parts of your body for the world to see.Ever wonder why guys don't stick around?

As A Guy
You hate guys who have more games than you.Why don't you just step up your effing game?

You tell people how to live their lives.Well,why don't you just use your life manual to live your own damn life?

You think smoking and drinking is what makes you a cool guy.We'll see who's cooler when i come to your funeral.

You think it abusing a gurl is what makes you a player.Get a life sucker,it only makes you a weakling.

You live on your parents money without plans to start making your own.Are you serious? Do you have a 'tool'? If you do please cut it off,cos you don't deserve to be called a man.

You feel living on a woman is hustling.Home boy,you're a puppet.

You need a group of other guys to feel secure.Hahahahahaha...that's the only thing i can do.

You have an opinion of me and you think i care? You're the king of jokers!


  1. hahah.. I want to know the story behind what inspired this. you have some great points!

  2. Ouch!!!
    Truth be told, even though this post conveys a lil bit of anger, everything listed is sadly true!

    IMHO, u shld ignore certain comments up in here, some bloggers are just out to fish for trouble.
    BTW im loving this alphabet thingy with the post, pls do not relent.

    PET projects

  3. 9jaFOODie-Well,someone made a post on my twitter and wanted me to change how i spell certain words.WTF?! Na she open am for me?

    P.E.T Projects-Actually,the comment that got me started wasn't on blogville but on Twitter.My bloggers have been very reasonable,even when i'm being criticized.

  4. Oh I see... the ups and downs of the virtual world. Hang in there bro!

  5. Lool i totally enjoyed this post :p ..omg i hate when girls have the "pull-her-down" syndrome. hating on a fellow girl cos u think she's hot isnt cool!,lol..i am guilty of having an opinion on pretty much everyone i am in contact with. Then again, people have opinions bout me too sooo ..*kanye shrug*

  6. P.E.T Projects-Thanks alot dear.

    Kitkat-I hear kanye shrug works everytime...hehehehehe.Guilty Kat!

  7. 9ja-great wetin happen??? U just whipped some people mehn...I noticed U are a very fast learner coz last time U did a post and attacked only ladies,u got the missiles but this time U added some balance "SMART"..i know U got more points on the ladies and so i would see U in chambers for that..hahahaha..Just do U bro..don`t let nobody tell you how to do you "totology"

  8. I loved the passion in the post. Enjoyed every bit of it.

    Thanks for stopping by my page

  9. DIDI-No mind some people jare.They won't just mind their effing business.'Tototlogy'? O boy no spoil me o...hehehehe.Thanks alot though.

    Okeoghene-Thanks jare and i had to stop by your page and love your post on Child Abuse.

  10. True Talk!!!! Honestly oh, some people should be konked cause they're guilty of these