Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for If i had

I wrote this poem a long time ago,precisely on the 7th of February,2008.It has nothing to do with me though.I don't always write about myself,so most of my poems are not about me despite the fact that they're mostly emotional.I am able to penetrate the minds of people who i don't even know or haven't even met,still don't know how i do that.Anyway,enjoy the write up and do feel free to drop your comments as usual,i love them.

If I Had

If I had not been a man that day
If I had gone down on my knees
If I had cried
If I had begged you from the start
If I had made you understand I needed you
If I had made you understand that life is meaningless without you
If I had been a little weak
If I had convinced you
If I had not been mute
If I had been able to relay my feelings
If I had not walked out of the door without a word
If I had not been confused
If I had not stayed away
If I had called you over and over again till you talked to me
If I had been a weaker man than I was that day
If I had been a different man that day
If I had not been a nice guy
If I had been greedy
If I had not been scared of seeing you cry
If I had not seen the stupidity of being the cause of your tears
If you had not been my world
If you had not been my happiness
If you had not been the reason I smiled
If you had not completed me
If you had not been my angel
If you had not been you
I would have been fine
I would have been sleeping
And not writing this
If only wishes were horses


  1. Why do I have the feeling that this poem's about you??? Cant shake off the feeling...

    Somehow, just somehow... i've been there before *sober look

  2. P.E.T Projects-You have that feelings because this poem precedes the story of my ex and i.But i wrote that poems in 2008,i'd not started dating her then and i sure wasn't in love at that time too.

  3. If Only mehn..this is a nice piece,was gonna say U are the party involved but since U made it clear that U did this long before U even dated then i guess its just one of those random poems that gives us all that little reflection moment..

  4. ....If only horses were wishes
    A begger like me would take a ride
    ....If only you were not you and I was not me
    Then this story of ifs will not exist

    Nice poem. I love the personal touch.

  5. DIDI-Everyone who reads first feels it about my,you're not the first.But like you now know,it was just a random poem,not about me.

    Myne Whitman-Thanks alot Myne.

    Okeoghene-Your comment is poetic,nice one.Thanks for stopping by.

    Kitkat-Pele ke? It's not about me na...hahahahaha

  6. "If i had" is a very terrible thing to say oh