Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for How did i get so fearless?

I had a rough childhood at some point.I was raised by a single mom (the best mother the world has produced yet,seriously).That explains the reason i respect women so much and alway wanna protect the ones i have in my life anyhow i can.Anyway,at that point in my life,i was a very scared kid (c'mon,even 9ja-great had fears too...hehehe),was scared for my only brother and i,was scared for my amazing mom.Like MI Abaga said in 'money slow to enter',"i grew with a complex,low self esteem".I meant that literally,not just as the song stated.Anyway,things sometimes got to the extreme and that scared kid would get more scared and very sad.However,my teenage years were better,we'd moved from lagos to port harcourt,but my low self esteem moved with me.I'd always loved reading and writing,it was on those my quest for knowledge that i came across certain motivational books that infected my perception and changed my life.Among such books were Gifted hands by Dr.Ben Carson.If you read that book them you'll know why my perception about life became different.These and other things i experienced and encountered made serious impact on me.Well,that scared kid from yester years transformed into a something greatly different.

However,there's this attribute that still stuns me even till this day,the fact that i am extremely FEARLESS.I don't ever believe anything can go wrong.Don't get me wrong,lots of things had gone wrong (or had they?),yet i never entertain fear.I got into the university with fear but from my second year i was the fearless 9ja-great people got to know.I graduated from the university with that same fearlessness and up till this moment i'm still amazed.I don't wanna believe it was just the books,on the contrary i believe it was something more,but what is that? That thing that made me fearless...fearless of the present and the future was someone i became close to,someone awesome...GOD! I didn't just become fearless,no,not even those books and audios made me this fearless,but God did because that's one of his countless specialties.This is how i got this fearless people,right now i know nothing can go wrong,and come to think of it,nothing has gone wrong...i still have Him.Have a nice day and weekend people,please go out and vote.

PS: I've passed this fearlessness on to a few of my friends and they are trying to grow on it.I can swear they sometimes feel i am a billionaire who's hiding or i have a backing,which i do.


  1. Good for you! Fear is so crippling it's terrible. The thing is though, even if you feel the fear, you do it anyway.


  2. good for u!! and plz dnt vote for the mallams :p

  3. Woop woop!!! Be fearful of nothing brov!

  4. FEAR nothing but GOD :) Lol @ Kitkat`s "dont vote for the mallams"

  5. First, let me say that your mom is lucky to have a son that would write all those wonderful things about her (I love that) and the fact that you are fearless means that she has given you a lot of love so you are able to spread your wings and fly! What a wonderful post!! :)

  6. The Corner Shop-You got that one right Adiya,fear really is crippling.

    Kitkat-Hehehehe @ and plz dnt vote for the mallams :p I'll vote people who i consider credible and have that same passion of making Nigeria a great nation as me.

    B's Mom-Thanks alot and thanks for stopping by.

    HoneyDame,DIDI-Yes o!

    Snakesmom-Thanks alot Smakesmom,i'd say i was the one who was blessed to have been born by her.Thanks alot again and thanks for stopping by,do visit often.

  7. Its good to know you overcame your self esteem problems. Fear is one of man's greatest obstacles to achieving set goals.

    With this bravity you can conquer the world... what are u still waiting for? GET ON IT BRO!!!

  8. P.E.T Projects-Trust me dear,i'm on my journey to conquer the world!