Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for gender equality.

The last post i made E is for Emergency inspired this post because the reactions i got were very nice and some were plain a wrong way.It is true that we are all clamoring for women empowerment,it is true we all believe very strongly in the capabilities of women,but that shouldn't give the women the idea or notion that they are equal to men,that is very wrong normally and even religiously.Permit me to dabble into the religious sphere in this post as i try to drive home my point.

The reason why some women 'holla' gender equality is simply because we have some very disgraceful men out there,who would rather sit down and wait for their wives to go out and make money for the family.Some men are so pathetic that they allow their wives go out,hustle in whatever way they can and bring money for them to feed on and run the family.The most pathetic thing is that some of these men even still use their wives money to chase other women...please,someone should give them wrappers abeg! It is not cool to sit at home watching TV while your wives is out there working her ass off,your JOB! It is not cool to be at a beer parlor with your fellow  jobless and visionless friends in the early hours of the day when your mates are in various places trying to make money for their families.

 I have never witnessed a woman who is the bread winner of the family being comfortable with the fact that her husband is such that is jobless and comfortable with it.Such that doesn't make any move to look for a job or at least engage in something that would fetch him money at the end of the day.I have never seen a woman who'd have such husband and be comfortable and happy and all lovey-dovey with such man.Don't get me wrong though,we have women doing the bread winning in lots of homes,but the plain truth is that they are unfulfilled and unhappy women.The reason is not far fetched,it is simply because it is not in their place to be the bread winners.They can assist in the running of the home with their finances,that is allowed,but it shouldn't be a normal occurrence.I have witnessed women screaming and raining curses on their 'lazy-ass-husbands' using words like, "You're not even ashamed,your mates are out there looking for money and you're here eating my money", "Are you a man at all?", "You should be ashamed of yourself being fed by a woman", "Just shut up o,afterall i feed you".(If you feel i haven't witness stuffs like those,then just take it that they are what the women who are in such situation say).Women who say they're ok with them being the bread winner (obviously the ones who scream gender equality) don't see the loopholes in that line of thought.They are,permit me to use the word 'Shortsighted',yes they are.They may feel it's alright but when they really get into it,they'd see the grievous disadvantages of it.I mean how would you feel if you come home with your friend or colleagues in the middle of the day and they see your husband all relaxed at home,watching TV? I have never heard of a woman who is happy in her marriage being the bread winner,but i have heard and witnessed lots of women dish out deserving insults to their lazy husbands.

Again,i'd now like to dabble,like i said i would,into the religious angle to this.The bible stated it in 1 Timothy 5 verse 8 that "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel".The reason why the bible used 'His' is because the man was normally considered the head of the family,that is seen in 1 Corinthian 11 verse 3 "But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God".If the bible considered man the head of the home,just as Christ is the head of the man,will it then be realistic to consider man and woman equal? Don't misunderstand me,i am not saying women shouldn't be empowered,i am not saying they shouldn't be equipped with certain rights,all i am implying is that a woman should never consider herself equal to a man.A woman should never attempt assuming the roles of a man when the man isn't dead.Everyone has his role in the family,the man and the woman alike,the man shouldn't attempt to take the role of the woman and the woman shouldn't attempt to assume the role of the man.

Finally,it is very much allowed for a woman to support in the running of the home,no harm in that.But her husband should be man enough to provide for his family.However,there are times when the woman earn more than the man,it is allowed for her to spend,i mean the man isn't idle and in reality he is taking care of his home.It is not just in money alone,but in the sweat that comes out of him while in search of money that counts.When Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden of Eden,God leveled punishments on both of them.One of man's punishment was that he'll sweat before he'll eat,he'll work the ground real hard before he'll feed.He didn't give that same punishment to woman,her's was different.Oh well,this is just my own view on the subject.Have a nice day people!


  1. seems you and i don't even have the same definition of gender equality here. To me gender equality is about eliminating double standards. For example, if me and George are working at the same job with the same job title/duties, we should be making same amount of money. If me and George are both equally qualified for the same promotion (or even if i am more qualified), i shouldn't have the "glass ceiling" preventing me from moving up in the company. If its ok for George to go out and screw everything that moves and has the right anatomical parts without judgment, the same should be true for me. That is gender equality. Wanting/Having to go out and work while my husband sits on his lazy ass all day has nothing to do with it lol. Thats just a disgrace as i feel that everyone should be pulling their weight in the household. I feel the same way for housewives, if the man is out making a living then there should be no excuse for properly taking care of home.

    For the record, i know of quite a number of households where the wife works and the husband takes care of the house and kids. They seem to be fine with the arrangement. Just because a man has a penis does not mean that his "work" or "sweat" should have to come from a 9-5 job. Likewise just because the woman has a vagina does not mean she should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen all the time either.

    *It seems like im always coming here to fight u lol. I hope ur not taking it that way :)

  2. LadyNgo-Hehehehe @ It seems like im always coming here to fight u lol. I hope ur not taking it that way :) It really is ok dear,in fact i like it cos we both air our views.Meanwhile,i based my definition on gender equality based on the comments i got from the previous post i made.If you go through the post,you'd see the angle i was coming from.I really do relate to the definition of gender equality u gave.However,it doesn't matter whether a man has a 9-5 job,but he should be making money for the family anyhow,that was my point.

  3. First of all,i think having Men who sit at home whiles their women go to work and they do chores is a different topic all together. GENDER EQUALITY has a million and 1 scenarios,LadyNgo has a point coz looking at Gender Equality from the "Co-operate world" angle where in most cases women feel deprived coz they often don`t get their work`s worth. U find out Career women are mostly happy when they either own their company or its for their Husband..From the political point where Erm.."i know I will get Missiles for this but thats how i feel" I think giving women power can be TROUBLE!!!! big ones Out with the speed of light 9ja Great.

  4. I'm hopping in from the A to Z, and part of this may be cultural, but I am a woman who has ALWAYS been my family breadwinner and my husband was the nurturer who raised our children, cooks, shops, gets them to their appointments. And it's a good match. I'm not suited to domestic affairs--I love my kids and I will pitch in on chores, but I'd be miserable without a career. I have more education and better earning ability.

    What I'd like to see for gender equality though, is for my masters degree and 15 years experience to translate to the same dollars as a man earns with a master's degree and 15 years experience, because I can promise, it doesn't. I am no less skilled, but the fields women choose (in my case health) are not as highly valued as the fields men choose (engineering, or some such thing)--people aren't as valued as money. And that's just wrong.

  5. ok.....hmmm.....I believe the man should be the major bread winner. However that might not be the gender equality issue being referred to...

  6. I understand Lady Ngo's point of view however i'm going to address this from 9ja-great's perspective.

    I do believe in equality BUT like you said, a man must get up, go out and be the head! Provide for the family be in the lead.

    The wife is 'a help-mate', she's there to 'complement'. Notwithstanding, if and when for health or other reasons, the man cannot provide then the woman must take the mantle, however, home boy must be seeing as hardworking and resources!

  7. DIDI-Come back here my friend,you're always running away.

    Hart Johnson,Sisi Yemmie-Like i said in one of the responses i gave,i based this on the reactions i got on my last post.Some made a statement that she wouldn't mind being the bread winner while her husband stays home because she's into gender equality.So,i decided to set those notions straight.From my point of view,gender equality means different things in different context.Thanks for stopping by though!

  8. P.E.T Project-In fact,you deserve a hug for that.**hugsssssss** You so get me!

  9. *home boy should be seen as hardworking and resourceful!

  10. LadyNgo Right on!! Exactly. But still, i don't think i want to be sugar mama for any man oh :s


  11. P.E.T Projects-On point!

    The Corner Shop-Hehehehehe @ But still, i don't think i want to be sugar mama for any man oh :s