Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Damn!

Ok,i know i've been on and on about this my issue with my ex,but seriously i'm just tired of the evil gurl.She just won't leave me the hell alone.I was just laying down on my bed resting my tired bones after a long day at work yesterday when my phone beeped,i picked it up to behold an sms from my ex,"Baby,i'm coming to see you,pls don't disappear".I took it as a joke and didn't bother to reply her.She waited a few minutes and then tried calling like a million times,i didn't pick and sometimes just cut the calls.After some minutes again she sent me an sms saying i should please say something that she really need to talk to me,it's dark and she didn't want to have to go back to her house.I still didn't reply,but sincerely i was very confused.What if she comes now? What will i do? I can't run away from the house i paid with my own hard earned money because of my wicked ex.But she's the last person i want to see.These were the thoughts racing through my head.Meanwhile,i was about drifting into partial slumber when i got her sms,sleep disappeared with the speed of light.

After like a while,i managed to sleep without the thought of her dropping in uninvited and unannounced and she actually didn't show up.I woke this morning feeling very lazy but very happy that i didn't have to see my wicked ex.I have series of question running through my head though.What if she comes to my house unannounced and uninvited? What if she decides to come late in the night? Because she knows i go to work and come back in the evening.What should my reaction be? Would it be wrong to yell at the top of my voice and tell her to go to hell and leave me the hell alone? Would it be wrong if i send her away late in the night if she makes the move of coming to my house late at night? Truly,what i have in mind is to tell her horrible things and make her feel very terrible,but spectators see best,so my people,what answers do you have to the questions i mentioned earlier.


  1. Hummm....Close your door. if she has no way of getting in, then u r safe.

  2. 9jaFOODie-Wish i were that hard.But i won't be able to watch her stay outside my door and pretend she's not there (or so i think).

  3. and u said she's married??.. hw wld her hubby let her spend the night at someone's house?
    and i thought u had feelings for her?lol..smh

  4. hmmm i [ity her yes, but if her husband doesn't maltreat her i think she should stay with him. love grows it can be cultivated
    You can help her too, be tough on her, self pity never works n we ladies love to learn d harsh way, hence you will be doing her a favor

  5. I think you should give it to her very harshly. She has got to leave you alone. She's so selfish it's unbelievable!!


  6. Like I said before, threaten to report her to her husband....and Close your door, plug in earphones

  7. Your married ex is after you? Something fishy is going on o, be careful...

  8. Kitkat-I had feelings for her,she was my gurlfriend remember? But i'm over my feelings for her now (i think).

    Chizy K-Maybe i'll be tough like you suggested,that could work.

    The Corner Shop-Trust me Adiya,i did that sometime ago but it clearly didn't work.Maybe i'll take the harshness to another level.

    Sisi Yemmie-Hehehehehe...Reporting to her husband may not change anything because the husband is aware of her supposed feelings for me and knows that she still contacts me.He's an asshole if you ask me.(I'm not beefing).

    Myne Whitman-Yes Myne,my married ex is after me.I'm trying to be very careful.Thanks though.

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    Go to http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/p/awards.html and pick up your award.

  10. Deidra Eden-Coppel-Thanks alot for the award,i really appreciate it and thanks for stopping by too.

  11. You cannot say NO with a smile and expect it to be interpreted as NO!
    if her husband is okay with this nonsense you shouldnt be, especially because it might affect ur prospective girl.
    Take the bull by the horn, drag the tail too if u must, inshort, hit it with a stick in the eye and get it outta your life... phew!

    Ok, in english... keep her out of ur house, the cold should interprete to her that its over *evil grin!
    (but im serious oh)

  12. P.E.T Project-I actually never say NO with a smile in the context that you mean it,trust me.However,i'm going to take the bull by the horn and maybe drag it by the tail like you suggested,it obviously has come to that.I kinda like the evil grin though!