Friday, April 29, 2011

Z is for Zeal

I'm a very enthusiastic guy...very enthusiastic,mostly when it concerns the things i like or believe in.I learnt quite early about 'zeal' and it's importance so it'll be bogus to say i just realized.Over the years,i've taken time to analyse certain profession or career path and what i concluded was; the people that are successful in their chosen career path are mostly people who are zealous,i mean very enthusiastic.One of such persons is Dr. Ben Carson,a surgeon and writter who authored Gifted hands.If only you could hear him talk about Medicine as a field.Another person i'd like to mention is Bill Gates of Microsoft.Computer is like a lover to him and he's so very enthusiastic about it.No wonder almost every homes have at least a microsoft operating system on their computers.Now let me come back home and dabble into the music world a bit.TuFace is doing extremely well in Nigerian music and has been around for close to a decade,that is a long time for a name to constantly ring in the music industry.His horizon expanded far beyond Nigeria and of course Africa.Need i go further?

The importance of zeal in whatever we do is so obvious and so on no account should a person perform without it.However,some people don't thrive in their professions because they're in wrong professions.In such situation,the only solution is to determine the field you're passionate about and go into it.I've head of people switching professions to the actual professions they love,that's a very good change.This is the much i have to say at this point.Have a lovely weekend people.

Y is for Yesterday

A lot of people tell you not to look at yesterday because it is past,that you should focus on today that is here and they sometimes tell you tomorrow would take care of itself.Well,i'm going to tell you something contrary to what they say and i am going to make you see reasons why you should consider what i tell you.

Indeed yesterday is past and gone,but you shouldn't forget about it.Yesterday holds alot.It holds what we wanted to be,what we missed,waht we loved,what used to be our short,it hold a whole lot.But these aren't the reasons we should forget about it.The reason we shouldn't forget about yesterday is that is serves as a reminder of what we want.If you have a dream and it's not yet achieved,'yesterday' reminds you to work hard to achieve that dream 'today' or at least put the necessary things in place to achieve it 'tomorrow'.Yesterday is a drive,it sometimes come with the 'anger' you need to change your present situation.For instance,sometimes i think of back at the time when i was broke and all the shits i had to take and even though right now i'm doing very well,i just know i don't have a choice but to make it and make it know what i mean?!

Again,yesterday helps us to do better and i mean in every aspects.Looking back at yesterday helps us to make certain needed and imperative changes that would make a better 'today' and an even better 'tomorrow'.Certain mistakes were made yesterday and looking back helps us to make corrections.And also,yesterday also makes you realize how far you've come.

However,what you shouldn't do is making yesterday the reason why you don't want to move forward.Some people get scared of trying stuffs simply because of the things they suffered 'yesterday'.Yesterday shouldn't scare you,it should encourage you.Everything really happens for a reason and if you don't know that the challenges you passed through yesterday were to make you stronger and build you,then you are really in serious trouble.Yesterday isn't your enemy,but a friend.Don't say goodbye to yesterday,but don't let it scare you while it's with you.Have a nice day people.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for Xerox

There's this soap opera i am addicted to, How I Met Your Mother.It is a very very interesting soap about a guy,Ted Mosby,who tells the story of how he ment his wife to his kids.But this post isn't about Ted Mosby,however it's about something that occurred in the soap.Ted has a group of 5 friends,himself inclusive and they somehow managed to meet 5 different people that looked exactly like evry member of the group.The one that was striking was Barney Stinson's look-alike,the guy looked and talked like the real Barney Stinson but in contrast had beards.This brings me to the reason for this post.

What would you do if you realized there was someone out there who looked almost exactly like you with only one minute contrast? I couldn't think of something else to consider this so i opted for the word 'Xerox'.I mean,if i realized i had a look-alike,i'll consider him a photocopy,whether or not he's my senior,because i am the only original person in my own image,any other one na Xerox.Hvae you met anyone that looked very much like you that you could consider your xerox? It could be a friend who has not decided to make you his/her role model and thus talks and does everything like you.For instance,i have a friend who laughs like me these days and also is now mischievous,i consider her my xerox...or somehow at least.Have a nice day people...the remaining part of the day that is.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Why

My imagination created this just today and sincerely i can't really put my hands on what inspired it.Anyhow,i hope you enjoy it.

Why do you feel comfortable walking part them when you see their hands raised up
Extending the bowl of expectation?

Why do you turn your face when they walk up to you in anticipation of something to help them live through just that day?

"It is better to give than to receive"
It indeed wasn't a man without wisdom who said that
Extend a caring hand today and touch a life

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Vacation-less

I'm always quick to say i need a vacation,but i'm yet to go on that vacation.I've been rambling on vacation and how i need it,how i deserve it,how i'll go on it as soon as i have the chance.Well,i've been doing that for close to a year now.Then came the time when i really should have gone on that vacation,the time i really needed it.I had started making preparations even and was almost booking my flight.My friends where already expecting me,but somehow vacation!

Somehow,i've realized the reason i keep stalling to go on that vacation i keep talking about,and the reason is that i like to work.Yes,boring me like working.It gives me a sense of responsibility and that feeling is one i don't joke with at all.As if my boss got the memo,he calls me on holiday periods to come to work when my colleagues would be with their families having the time of their lives and i don't even complain.I worked on chrismas day and i think new year,and i didn't really mind.I ordinarilly don't work on saturdays,but my boss calls me lots of saturdays and yet i don't complain.Sometimes i wonder if this isn't what they call being a 'workaholic'.I have even started my own company yet and i'm like this,i can only wonder.Dear future wife,i seem to like working too much,this might change or it'll even get worse so please take note and don't complain too much.Lovingly yours,your future husband...hehehe! Thats just an advice to her.

However,this easter break gave me an opportunity to slow down.I hung out with family,saw a few movies in my house,drank some red wine,read 2 books...I somehow had a vacation of some sort.But it's just inadequate,so i'm still rambling about needing a vacation...somebody shoot me! Ok i'm out of here cos it's obvious i'm just...Cheerio people,and this is a birthday shoutout to Adiya of The Corner Shop,happy birthday in arrears.

Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Unprecedented love

The good thing about love is that it doesn't judge.It does care whether you're deserving or not.In most cases,men can give this kind of love.But consider the one who can give this kind of love and even better everytime.The reason for this season is the death and resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ (i call am my own because i no know whether na your own Lord too...hehehe).

As we celebrate this season,let us bear in mind that the love we enjoy now is unprecedented and thus should be extended.If you don't work for something,it shouldn't be hard to pass on.Pass the love to those around you,give them the privilege of smiling the way you're smiling.The thing alot of us don't know is that a smile can make a person's day.If just a smile can make a person happy,imagine what you can do with an arsenal of smiles.Personally,my other name is 'Ismaila' simply because i smile alot...hehehe! Have a pleasant day and have a Happy Easter celebration!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for The start of manhood

This poem was born out of my wild imagination.It has nothing to do with me so comment accordingly abeg!

I lost my innocence
Amidst the smell of incense
In a room where i shivered
As if i was down with fiver
To her eminence
A very beautiful princess
I could not move my feet
Even though she wanted us to meet
We eventually did it
Though i cannot explain it
But i let out smiles
While i laid in her arm
This is the start of manhood

Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Sacrifice of love

This poem was born during that time when i had my break-up and my mind couldn't think of something better better to work on.Yeah,you're allowed to comment anyhow you wanna.Yeah,i am a very emotional guy.
The night is always almost unending
Every second is a severe torment of not just my heart
But my very soul
The darkness wraps me like the stamen of a petal before it blooms
Like a little piece of paper in the hand of a large man
Sleep is a now forgotten friend
In the emptiness of my room
I battle with the cruelty of the night
My thoughts are like little pricks from a million needles
My head is often too heavy to be supported by my neck
And when I get lucky and find slumber
I wake up with the pain in my chest
When the night slowly turns into day
The weak light of dawn replaces the darkness of night
And the sun completely brightens the day
I welcome the day with gratitude
Even though it never stays as long as I want
But it comforts me
The hotness of the sun on my skin
The noise of day all around me
The dust raised by rushing feet
All conceal the torment of the night
When the intensity of the sun reduces
The brightness weakens
And when finally the sun is drowned in the horizon
The torment slowly creeps in
And with it comes the pain in my chest
My almost nonexistent smiles becomes untraceable
If I was ignorant of the consequences of sacrifice
Now I can advice on its consequences
I could change situations
I could end the pains
I could find sleep once again
But I am on a quest
Quest to retrieve the object of happiness
The object of a beautiful life
And if this is the price to pay
I’ll pay it however the cost

Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Reasons to live

Life isn't always fair,it sometimes throws shit at you or bricks that'll hurt when they make contact.But when such happens,do you know what you should do? Use the shit to make manure and use the brick to build a house or a fence or a dam,just build something with it.I know i may not have experienced things so awful and horrific when it comes to life,but i've actually had my fair share of life's bitterness.But now,nothing can go wrong again because i have learnt that hoping for the best actually attarcts the best.

If you think you've been manhandled by life and so life is worthless,then i'm sorry to say you're so wrong.True,i don't know you or the least of what you're going through,but really you have at least something to live for.The first and most important thing you should live for is HOPE.Yes,hope that things would change.Hope is believing things will get better.You don't know what tomorrow holds,it might hold something more terrible for you,yes! But also,it might hold the answers to your nagging and throbbing questions.It might hold the solution to your many problems.It might be the start of a new phase of life for you,a phase of happiness.Hope has kept countless of people alive,trust me your case ain't gonna be different.The other thing you should live for is HOPE,i explained it earlier.Then the last thing on my list you should live for is HOPE.I explained it earlier too...hehehehehehehe

However,if you want other reasons i consider tertiary,then here they are;
You should live because no matter how you are,someone out there loves you.
You should live because you make someone smile.You don't wanna take away that smile,do you?
You should live because someone out there thinks you're funny.You owe someone laughters,bottom line!
You should live because you're unique and there's no other you that life would use.Life isn't a mistake,you're in it for a reason and when that reason is fulfilled,you'll know.So until then,you should be alive.
You should live because because you should live.
I don talk finish jare.Do have a nice day people and keep this in mind anytime you think you're tired of life.You always do have reasons to live!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q for Queens of Kings

A man struggles to make it in life,to be successful,own houses,cars,properties,businesses,etc etc all because of a woman.A woman always wants to look good...wear good cloths,wear good fragrances,wear pretty smiles etc etc all because of a man.Don't give me that i-don't-dress-to-look-good-for-anyone-but-myself attitude because deep down you appreciate the stares and compliments you get,from men too!

Women were ordinarily meant to be Queens to men who are Kings.This is true! But the problem is some women don't just get the fact that they're Queens,i mean they are totally unaware of the fact.Somebody please slap awareness into their pretty heads,thank you! As a woman,you're supposed to think,talk,act,dress and reason like a queen.As a woman YOU ARE A QUEEN and as such i'd like you to consider these;

A queen doesn't expose her body for the world to see because it is her pride.I'm saying this as a guy,women who wear skimpy cloths are mostly not taken serious but taken to bed and discarded.Pardon my bluntness,but some women need to learn harshly!

A queen is confident of herself and in her ability.Women who are not confident of themselves sometimes put themselves in a tight position and at some points get desperate.Men are terrible,yes i am a man but it's sadly true.We take advantage of women who are desperate.You'd agree with me that a woman who's confident and knows what she's worth won't ever be desperate.

A queen never sleeps around.Men consider women who sleep around cheap and slutty.Would you blame them? It is not ok to sleep with a guy on your first day,trust me such kinds of relationship do not go far and a queen doesn't have casual relationships.

A queen is respectful.Remember the saying that "Respect is reciprocal"? If you want respect,you have to be respectful yourself.

A queen carries herself gracefully.Carriage is very important for women,it can actually get Kings drawn to you or mere NFA guys (No Future Ambition).

A queen considers her man a King and she treats him as such.You don't hope to be considered a queen if you don't consider your man a King and you don't hope to be treated as a queen when you don't treat your man as a king.Na scratch my back i go scratch your own!

A queen doesn't settle for less than a king! This is very important! If you are a queen then you need nothing less than a King!

These are the little i have for now,but please take them serious.You don't hope to attract a King when you yourself ain't a Queen and please,you deserve a King! I love you ladies,always! Have a nice day people!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Peace!

I was born in Nigeria.I've lived all my life here in Nigeria and would always come back home to Nigeria no matter how far i travel.While i was growing up,things were very different than they are currently.The love we experienced then has somehow managed to walk off to a very far distance or even a cave where it might take long to find it.As a kid and even a teenager,i had lots of mothers and fathers,not just my biological mother and father.In other words,men and women around your neighborhood were allowed to scold and correct you.They were like a part of your parenting and were actively involved in your growing up.Also,people were always ready and willing to give an helping hand to their neighbors,killing was very rare and seen as a great sin.Neighbors trusted themselves.But all those changed.

When i grew to a certain stage,i realized alot had changed from what they used to be.For one,if another person scolds a child,it is war between the child's parents and the person.Neighbors became very suspicious of themselves.Fences got higher and dogs increased in numbers.The nation generally transformed into a war-zone.The peace we once thought wasn't even enough would be greatly appreciated now.

I know there are factors that brought about these changes,but that doesn't mean we can't have peace.Ethnicity and religious sentiments should be dumped.They are the main robbers of our peace.The recent killings in parts of the country based on election is very much uncalled for.The election was done with religious sentiment by a group of people and this is so wrong.If we still think about religion or ethnicity,then we really have a long way to go in search of peace.Till we start realizing we're not northerners,southerners,easterners,or westerners but NIGERIANS,we'd not get to that place we are all wishing to get to.Lets pray for lasting peace in every region of Nigeria,it is these regions that gave birth to the name NIGERIA.Have a nice day people and please say a prayer for my beloved country for me.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our curses

When i read some comments,i just laugh.I have a very wild imagination.I can even enter into your mind even though i don't know you.I've written poems and people claim i wrote about them.My poems are not always about me,in fact,they are mostly not about me.I just use my imagination and put something down.So,before you comment,put this in mind so you don't make wrong comments.My advice to you is that you drop comments on my poems as if it was written by an anonymous person!


She is the most beautiful among her peers
But she’ll never live to see where life takes her
Cos she is the property of the gods
She’ll be taken when she turns eighteen
Her beauty is her curse

He is very truthful
But he’ll never be successful
He’ll never ride in exotic cars like his peers
Cos truth is a taboo in the system
His sincerity is his curse

They are ignorant
But they’ll be hung
They’ll die for a crime they did not commit
Cos they were at the wrong place at the wrong time
Their ignorance is their curse

I am so much in love with you
But you’ll leave me
Cos you’re betrothed to another man
I’ll be very broken
My love is my curse

We are not wrong for the things we do that are right
Or the things we are that are beautiful and sweet
Or the place we go when we want to
But yet these things turn out to be our curses
Strange thing this life is!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Naturally men express themselves more when they're heartbroken

Many a gurl have complained that their men are not expressive enough.They complain that their men don't express their love for them with words (women love words...hehehehe) and as a man,i've come to realize this is true.I am not one of such men sha o...seriously.I prolly am the few that do express themselves wella,whether heartbroken or not.However,i have analyzed the situation and from my analyses,i've come to realize that men express themselves more when they're heartbroken.Have you seen a man being emotional about being in love,like shedding a few tears of joy like some women do? Just wait till they're heartbroken and you'll swear most waterfalls don't have the much water you'll see.Also,the kind of lines they'll use will marvel you.You'll even wonder if Shakespear was that expressive.To further buttress this,consider the songs that are very very expressive and were done by men.Lots of Usher's songs that are very nice are heartbroken songs...Ne-yo,R-Kelly,Boyz II Men,Bruno Mars,the list goes on.If you not taken note of these,here's a chance to.Have a nice weekend my people.I voted for my candidate today,for those of you in Nigeria,hope you did thesame? We cannot get the change we desire if we just sit down and watch.

Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Makers of noise

 I composed this little piece just as i was on my way to work this morning.Normally i get my inspiration at night.Most of my poems were written at night,like 90% or more of them.I hope you like this.

Makers Of Noise
I hear them in my sleep
"Are you mad?"
"Why is my food not ready?"
"Lazy woman,all you know how to do is spend my money"
"How did you even end up in my house?"

I wake up and hit the road
Happy the night is over and i won't have to endure horrible noises
And then...
"What? You hit my car?"
"Are you blind?"
"Do you know who i am?"
"I will finish you today"
"I will arrange your face"

I get into the office and happy this time it really is over
No more noise
But just then i begin to hear them in my head
They are the makers of noise,the are everywhere
Even in my head

Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lost...are flat tummy gurls going extinct?

You will agree with me that it is allowed for a guy to walk around with a pot belly (not that i like the sight of that),but for a gurl to walk around with pot belly? Mehn,now that would never be a pretty sight.I have had this in mind for a long time,but i was prompted to make this post based on the discussion i had with a friend yesterday.

We were gisting over the phone and we somehow dabbled into pot belly when she told me she started doing a form of exercise to help reduce her tummy.I was a tiny little bit stunned because she doesn't have a big tummy.I asked her why she wanted to going through with the exercise,she told me her tummy was getting big and she didn't want that.At that point i realized it had actually been a while since i last saw a gurl with a flat tummy.She is a student of University of Port Harcourt and told me that while she was in school yesterday,she didn't see even one gurl with a flat tummy.I would have argued with her and accused her of exaggerating,but i didn't bother to because i have also hardly seen a gurl with a flat tummy for a while now.So my questions are where did all the flat tummy gurls go? Are flat tummy gurls going extinct.

Just in case you're trying to throw missiles at me,like DIDI would say,just know that i am just a guy curious about where flat tummy gurls went and also missing them.I remember those days when you'd go out and flat tummies would grace your eyes,but now....oh well! The other day a guy went out with his gurlfriend and people who just met them for the first time were congratulating them and asking when the baby is due...hehehehehe.Maybe it didn't happen,but c'mon,that may soon be the case if things don't change o.However,with all this noise i've been making,i'd actually dated a handful of gurls with pot bellies.Some slightly big while some..well,let's just say i don't want to think of that.*shakes my head*

Recommendation: If you don't have a flat tummy,please try and work-out to reduce it.By 'you',i mean both guys and gurls because ladies would actually prefer their men to have flat tummies.And if as a guy you would want your lady to have a flat tummy,why would you be comfortable with being pot bellied? Just wondering! And just in case you're wondering,yes i have a very flat tummy...true true! *wink*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for King of jokers

Someone made a post on my TL yesterday and got me really pissed,as a result i started remembering i had issues with people who always have something to say about other people.So here's what i feel about certain things;

As A Gurl
You hate other gurls that wear skinny jeans just because you're fat.Well,you can also put yours on if it's for everybody. *wicked*

You gossip about everything that passes by.No wonder guys just take a piece of you and dump you like a piece of used tissue,your mates are out there trying to make something of themselves.

You put up a facade just to feel good about yourself.It is only a facade,there's something underneath that'll be exposed sooner or later.

You think all guys are dogs.Trust me,many guys think you're a bitch.

You think to keep a guy you must sleep with him.Gosh,you're so just made yourself a figure.

You think it's not in a gurl's place to be intelligent.Ever wonder why you're not his official gurl?

You have an opinion of everybody you see.What makes you think they care?

You think being fashionable is exposing your boobs or other parts of your body for the world to see.Ever wonder why guys don't stick around?

As A Guy
You hate guys who have more games than you.Why don't you just step up your effing game?

You tell people how to live their lives.Well,why don't you just use your life manual to live your own damn life?

You think smoking and drinking is what makes you a cool guy.We'll see who's cooler when i come to your funeral.

You think it abusing a gurl is what makes you a player.Get a life sucker,it only makes you a weakling.

You live on your parents money without plans to start making your own.Are you serious? Do you have a 'tool'? If you do please cut it off,cos you don't deserve to be called a man.

You feel living on a woman is hustling.Home boy,you're a puppet.

You need a group of other guys to feel secure.Hahahahahaha...that's the only thing i can do.

You have an opinion of me and you think i care? You're the king of jokers!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Judge not

Looking back at the way i was,i know i have actually grown.I have grown alot and as a result,my perception of life has changed a great deal.A few years ago,i was ready and willing to give answers to questions about life with a few minutes of thought.But now,growth has taught me not to do that.

You see,life is a very complicated thing.Situations are sometimes so complicated that what you think is the answer to a question is indeed not the answer.Lots of times when people are faced with challenges,we just give what we'd do had we been in their shoes,lots of times we actually give the opposite of what we'd actually do if faced with the same situation.When you're faced with a situation,that's when it gets clear,but if someone else is faced with it,it isn't very clear to you.Lemme give you an instance on a personal note.My ex's Mom collected her bride price without her knowledge nor consent and that made her traditionally married (totally married in the Nigerian context).If you had asked me years ago if i'd have anything to do with a woman who is traditionally married,i'd have cursed and cursed and sworn to tell you i'd never attempt it.But when really faced with the situation,i actually not only had something with her but slept with her after the traditional marriage we both didn't know about.Yes,it happened after we got to know she had been traditionally given out in marriage...Don't judge me!

What brought about this post was the conversation i had with a friend a few day back.She asked a very complicated question,"A couple who couldn't bear children were robbed,the wife was raped and got pregnant in the process.If you were in the husband's shoes,what would be your decision? Would you tell her to keep the pregnancy since you've not been able to bear children or would you ask her to abort it? If she says she wants to keep the pregnancy,would it destroy your marriage?".My response was "I can't say anything right now because i'm not in the position to.I can say something else now and do something else if i'm in his shoes because this is a very sensitive issue".The best person to take a decision is the one faced with the situation.This brings us to the reason why i don't judge people and their actions,or at least i try as much not to judge.Things are different from outside than they are from inside.If you're not hurt,you won't know how pain feels.If you've not been in a situation before,don't be too hasty in concluding because you might do exactly what they're doing or maybe differently when you are in the situation.Have a nice day my very own people!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for If i had

I wrote this poem a long time ago,precisely on the 7th of February,2008.It has nothing to do with me though.I don't always write about myself,so most of my poems are not about me despite the fact that they're mostly emotional.I am able to penetrate the minds of people who i don't even know or haven't even met,still don't know how i do that.Anyway,enjoy the write up and do feel free to drop your comments as usual,i love them.

If I Had

If I had not been a man that day
If I had gone down on my knees
If I had cried
If I had begged you from the start
If I had made you understand I needed you
If I had made you understand that life is meaningless without you
If I had been a little weak
If I had convinced you
If I had not been mute
If I had been able to relay my feelings
If I had not walked out of the door without a word
If I had not been confused
If I had not stayed away
If I had called you over and over again till you talked to me
If I had been a weaker man than I was that day
If I had been a different man that day
If I had not been a nice guy
If I had been greedy
If I had not been scared of seeing you cry
If I had not seen the stupidity of being the cause of your tears
If you had not been my world
If you had not been my happiness
If you had not been the reason I smiled
If you had not completed me
If you had not been my angel
If you had not been you
I would have been fine
I would have been sleeping
And not writing this
If only wishes were horses

Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for How did i get so fearless?

I had a rough childhood at some point.I was raised by a single mom (the best mother the world has produced yet,seriously).That explains the reason i respect women so much and alway wanna protect the ones i have in my life anyhow i can.Anyway,at that point in my life,i was a very scared kid (c'mon,even 9ja-great had fears too...hehehe),was scared for my only brother and i,was scared for my amazing mom.Like MI Abaga said in 'money slow to enter',"i grew with a complex,low self esteem".I meant that literally,not just as the song stated.Anyway,things sometimes got to the extreme and that scared kid would get more scared and very sad.However,my teenage years were better,we'd moved from lagos to port harcourt,but my low self esteem moved with me.I'd always loved reading and writing,it was on those my quest for knowledge that i came across certain motivational books that infected my perception and changed my life.Among such books were Gifted hands by Dr.Ben Carson.If you read that book them you'll know why my perception about life became different.These and other things i experienced and encountered made serious impact on me.Well,that scared kid from yester years transformed into a something greatly different.

However,there's this attribute that still stuns me even till this day,the fact that i am extremely FEARLESS.I don't ever believe anything can go wrong.Don't get me wrong,lots of things had gone wrong (or had they?),yet i never entertain fear.I got into the university with fear but from my second year i was the fearless 9ja-great people got to know.I graduated from the university with that same fearlessness and up till this moment i'm still amazed.I don't wanna believe it was just the books,on the contrary i believe it was something more,but what is that? That thing that made me fearless...fearless of the present and the future was someone i became close to,someone awesome...GOD! I didn't just become fearless,no,not even those books and audios made me this fearless,but God did because that's one of his countless specialties.This is how i got this fearless people,right now i know nothing can go wrong,and come to think of it,nothing has gone wrong...i still have Him.Have a nice day and weekend people,please go out and vote.

PS: I've passed this fearlessness on to a few of my friends and they are trying to grow on it.I can swear they sometimes feel i am a billionaire who's hiding or i have a backing,which i do.