Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You can't fight for love

I often hear people say if you love someone,you'd fight for them.They say things like love being worth fighting for and all that.Yeah,i understand their sentiments.I mean,we have people who fight for their 'god',even though their god ought to be strong enough to fight for himself (i know my own God is strong enough to fight for Himself).Back to the topic though! Love...love...love! There's this amazing movie i love so much,'A Walk To Remember'.There,love was considered kind,patient,compassionate,not boastful and not slothful.These things tells me love is indeed very strong and intense.

Lemme just put it to you directly and bluntly; You can't fight for love! You're too weak to fight for love.Love is too strong,too great,too intense to be fought for.If you find love,you won't beg to be called on the phone...you won't ask for words of affirmation...you won't beg for gifts...you won't have to give your birthday reminder...you won't have to ask for kisses...you won't have to long to be shown off...you won't have to introduce yourself...you won't have to sit at home alone...valentine won't be the only time you're shown affection...you certainly won't be sacrificed for anything...Tell me,how can you fight for something as perfect as that? Love is such a strong force.It creates a kind of bond that even scientist can't explain.Those things you do when you're in love that you marvel at and you can't explain are all indications that love is stronger than anything you can think of.When you're really in love,you're not in control,but love controls you.That's why a grown up man would wake up in the middle of the night and go and stand in front of his girlfriend's window to scream "I love you" to wake her up (and of course her neighbors who definitely would feel like shooting the crazy dude).That's why you see a woman who used to be so hard,independent and all suddenly become so soft.That's why you see a guy everybody know to be a player suddenly become so responsible and emotional.If love wasn't such a strong force,all these wouldn't have been possible.It is love that takes control out of the hands of those that claim they are in control and make them do things that even they themselves awe at.There's this Mtn advert they used to show on TV where the guy woke up very early in the morning,called his gurlfriend and told her very sweet things and eventually asked her to step out into her balcony,there she saw the sun rising and he said "Babe,thanks for bringing sunshine into my life" and she cried "Ooohh Jerrrryyy".Mehn,very romantic! But a sane man would rather be on bed or getting set to go to work! hehehehehehe...I'm just saying!

On no circumstance should you fight for love.So,if you're in a relationship where you're doing any form of fighting,then the kind of love you deserve isn't there.If you are single simply because your partner sacrificed your love for anything (family or money or anything),then don't even think for a second that you did the wrong thing walking away.On the contrary,you just opened the door for that deserving person to come in.And when that person comes in,the person will damn all consequences to be with you,even if it means forsaking his or her family for you.If you're in a relationship and you're fighting with a guy to keep your gurl,or fighting with a gurl to keep you man,then you're definitely on the wrong track.Love won't even give a chance for competition.Love won't wanna see you frown,not to talk of cry.You could fight and end up losing your life and your partner would move on with his or her life.You could fight and in the end still lose your partner.Why put yourself through such ordeal?

Finally,a lot of us fight for love and don't even realize it.Are you always quarreling with your boyfriend or gurlfriend about a particular person you feel threatened about? You're fighting for love! Are you begging him or her to allow you people work things out? You're fighting for love! Are you always crying or frowning in your present relationship? You're fighting for love! Are you tired or your relationship but thinking about all you've put into it? You're fighting for love! Love won't ever give the opportunity to beg to work things out,it would always allow things to get worked out.Love won't allow you to complain about a certain someone you feel threatened about,it'll sacrifice that person for you.Love won't allow you cry or frown,it'll find out the reason and put an end to the tears or frown.Love won't give you the opportunity to get tired and start thinking of all you've put in the relationship,it'll make you so happy that you'll never put into cognizance what you've put in the relationship.Love is kind...love is caring...love is patient...love is compassionate...love is considerate...love is tolerant...love is soft...LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL! Above all,love will always find a way.You can never fight for love,not in this life,nor in the next,or the one after that.It is just too strong and mighty a thing to fight for! Have a pleasant day people!


  1. lol.. ok loverboy.. i hear u :)

  2. Kitkat-Lover boy huh? Well,i get that alot! hehehehehe

  3. At first i didn't quite agree, but when you gave your examples in the conclusion i saw where you were coming from. True talk

    And thanks for checking out my blog, and leaving a comment! Yay :D


  4. The Corner Shop-Thanks to you too Adiya.You're doing such a great job with your blog and that wasn't my first visit! Thanks again!

  5. awwww....this is lovely!!!

    I believe you!!!

    Love would find a way...

  6. Nutty J-Eeeeeeeee Nutty,i really missed u o...hehehehehe! Yeah,love would most definitely find a way.Thanks alot! How you been though?

  7. Nutty J-Good to know dear.Abeg update your blog o,i missed your posts!

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