Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poetic Path: My voice is a thunder

My voice is a thunder
It breaks asunder
Those things that keep people under
It reaches the far distances of the earth
It reaches the deepest part of the heart
When I roar
The whole earth shakes from front to rear
I do not make
Make no mistake
But i encourage
I stir up courage
Life is all about me
So it could be about other me
My might is my sight
My sight is always bright
I will walk this path
Not because I worry about my epitaph
The ground will always rumble
Each time I walk like the humble
I am great
And that is not something to debate
My voice is like thunder
It breaks asunder
Those things that put people under
My voice are my actions
It sounds every time because of the reactions
And I have this grace
Because I try to do right in God's face


  1. hmmmm have you tried not Rhyming so much with your poetry... in order for it not to sound a mothergoose story or poetry, try freely expressing yourself.

  2. bArOquE-Thanks man.


    lovelife4sale-I actually have lots of poems where i didn't rhyme (would post some as time goes on),but i just like rhymes.Thanks for the tips though,i really do appreciate it.

  3. The Corner Shop-Thanks alot Adiya.

  4. Nice poem. I am still a working progress with poems. I have written only two poems ever and i wrote them on blogsville. I got inspired..

  5. BSNC-Thanks dear,i'm waiting for the release of your loads of poems.