Monday, March 28, 2011

Only chickens get scared of love

Hope you all had a nice weekend like i did? This week has started and it's going well so far for me and i hope it is so for you also? The title of this post is catchy right? I thought so too! Anyways,i heard and read lots of rubbish about love these few months and believe me,my belle don full! Wetin sef,ah ahn,na only love dey this life wey na only am we dey hear and talk about most times?! Hehehehehe...Don't mind me jare,i'm just kidding.Love is very important and that's the reason it has such 'hype' and publicity and all that.Now,more into the main aim of this post.

I've seen lots of people get very scared of love and each time they say they're just trying to take precautions.More amazing are the guys who were meant to be the stronger ones (at least we always claim macho in everything we engage in) are also very scared of love.You know players are just scared of love and what follows,don't you? If you don't know,then you need to come to my school lemme teach you one or two things...hehehehe (see me wey dey talk,wetin i sabi?).But on the real now,the reason why people don't keep relationships or simply keep very casual ones is because they are scared of love and what accompanies it.Love comes with many things; attention,commitment,sacrifice,compromise and the likes.For you to really be in love and be loved in return,you have to embrace these things.Some people are so into themselves that they don't actually know the first thing about any of these things.However,they get scared of the other very important thing also,HEARTBREAK! Do i blame them? Hell yeah! So what? People fall in love and give their all and end up getting hurt,does that mean it happens to everybody? I mean,people die everyday,don't they? Does that mean you should just stop living because those who tried died eventually? I said it before,i think,that bad stuffs happen doesn't mean good stuffs don't.The fact that we have bad people in this world doesn't mean we don't have good people.Anyways,it's alright to be scared,it really is if you're a CHICKEN,yeah i said it,CHICKEN! Because you're scared of being hurt you deny yourself that very awesome feeling called love? Damn,you need to get your head examined.Geez,just who the hell i'm i talking to sef? Hehehehehehe. Make una no mind me o,but i know lots of people who made me decide to make this post.They are just so withdrawn,so away,so scared.

However,love isn't bad at all,it only gets very painful when it goes sour,and it really does go sour.But,many a people have enjoyed love and they celebrate it years and years later.It is the best thing you can have and give also.When it goes sour,terrible things happen,cigarette smoking,beer drinking,woman nizing (i separated that on purpose o),tears giving,scream shouting (mehn,i killed English)...But the fact that the battle field is a terrible place doesn't stop brave men from going into them,and they mostly emerge victorious.It is true,you should be scared of love because it isn't for everybody,it is only for the strong and brave hearted,not for chickens! Abeg,i don talk finish jare...hehehehehehe.Have a very nice day people.


  1. Good one great. I think most pple confuse love with emotions. love as far as I am concerned isn't a feeling, It's a conscious effort to choose someone elses happiness over yours, and it can never be a one way street, it needs to be 2sided to work.

  2. 9jaFOODie-I like the way you put this "It's a conscious effort to choose someone elses happiness over yours",it makes so much sense and yes,it can't ever be a one-way street.

  3. Preach it brov!!!!
    I tell people all the time when they question me about my r/ship cos of the distance and yadayada that " I will give it my best shot. It is either it works or not. If it doesn't work, the fault wont be from me." As per getting hurt, I am not even scared of that. why? Cos nature is magnanimous in that if I get hurt, I will heal.
    Abi wetin man pikin go do. I shall wont stop sleeping because I dont want to die, will I?

  4. U nailed it mehn..NIce POst..not only chickens get scared of love though..some hearts have been broken beyond mend point.

  5. lol u shld be like a love doctor or sumn cos u'r always talking bout love :p

  6. Hahaha I love what you put as the title!!! Genius!!!

    I'm stopping in to welcome you to the A-Z Blogging Challenge!!! I'm a co-host so should you need anything I'm here to help!! Feel free to stop by my blog to say hello or join us on Twitter (I'm @jenunedited)!!

  7. HoneyDame-My point exactly,if you get hurt,you'll heal.You dey feel me jare!

    DIDI-I feel you though,but even when you get hurt a thousand times,it still doesn't give you the excuse to be scared of love.

    Kitkat-Yeah,i like anything that has to do with love alot...hehehehee.

    Jen Daiker-Thanks alot Jen,i'll make sure i stop by your blog to say that hello.I'll follow you on twitter too,just make sure you return the favor.

  8. those afraid of love are not necessarily chickens lol. there are people who have been hurt and don't heal. they carry around bitterness and baggage for the rest of their lives. Love can be the best thing to ever happen to you or the worst thing- gotta choose wisely :)

  9. LadyNgo-Based on your reasons,they are still chickens.There's this saying that "It's not falling that matters,but whether you'd get up or remain on the ground".These things will always happen,but the strong don't let these happenings define their lives.That's the way i see it though.