Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I got 2 awards...Nice!

I just got two awards...One lovely blog award.

 I want to thank Chizzy K and Kitkat for the awards.And as it's traditional,i have to;
*Link back to the blogger who gave me this award
*Tell you seven facts about me you aren’t aware of
*Pass the award to fifteen recently discovered blogs that I “really” like
*Notify the bloggers of their awards

 So,here's 7 facts you don't know about me;
1.I am a music addict and i'm yet to meet someone who can match my appetite for music.
2.I am the best partner a gurl can ever have.
3.I am a Sneakers addict.
4.I don't get influenced but do the influencing (in most cases though).
5.I am very naughty *big grin*.
6.I look like my mum.
7.I respect and value women a lot because i believe they where created to be loved and cared for.

Okay,having brought you closer to me,lemme give you a list of recent blogs i really dig;
















I just started this blog this year and i already have two awards,it's good to know it is appreciated and so i'm gonna make sure i keep up the work.Thank you all!


  1. Auuuw thank you so so much
    i certainly wasn't expecting more awards

  2. I really appreciate this, and even more knowing about you. You're not modest at all, are you? LOL @ #2 and #5.

  3. 1.i need you see/hear your music collection
    2.best partner oshi...have oyu dated yourself before?
    3.so you always look like you're coming from the gym
    4.influencer, you need to get down from that your high horse before you get pushed down
    5.I am very naughty too...yaaay
    6.mummy's boy

  4. Thanks for the award!!!!!!! awwwwwwww

  5. Chizy K-Anytime dear,you deserve it!

    Myne Whitman-Hehehehehehe...Modest? Well...em...the thing is...Be right back.

    bArOquE-Is that your own list? hehehehehe
    Comot jare,i've been dating myself since i was born.Come push me from my high horse na,shuo!

    Sisi Yemmie-You deserve the award dear.

  6. Oooh! Thanks for awarding me! :D It's nice to know these about you. Yeah, i gathered you were kinda naughty lol!


  7. The Corner Shop-You deserve the award Adiya,plus i also want to know some stuffs about you...hehehehehe.

  8. Thanks for the award :D gone thru ur blog and i love it, following ur blog o!

  9. DramaqueeN-It's alright,you deserved it.Thanks for the follow!

  10. You are naughty? i wouldn't have guessed hehe. I am with baroque on this one oh. Have you dated yourself before lol. Music addict ke, i think you just found a match. Although my taste in music is more spread out.

  11. BSNC-Hehehehehe...C'mon na,i've been dating myself for a very long time now! I mostly don't sound the things i am so i'm not surprised you wouldn't have guessed i was. *wicked laughs*
    Are you sure you're my match in music? I mean i love Electronic,County,Fuji,Afro Juju,Rock,Raggae,Makossa,Carribean,the list is almost endless! #not kidding

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