Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happily never after (grand finale)

She confessed to me that she didn't love him but was only there because she felt she had no choice.She felt no one would want her with her baby in toll and so when the guy came she just accepted.Well,i had no problem with her calling off their relationship because i already had made up my mind that if she agrees,i'd get married to her,i mean i loved her that much.Sometime later,i received an sms from the guy;

"Hi,my name is John,i'm sure you must have heard about me from Gail.She's my fiance and i love her very much,stay away from her."

I didn't reply the sms,but told Gail about it when we spoke later that day.She apologized and of course i didn't get mad because to me he was just a big baby.I mean,why even think of establishing any form of contact with me? I didn't hold a gun to her head to be with me,neither was she a baby,so why bother with me?
 We continued living our lives until one certain day i called her and someone else,a guy,picked up the phone;

Me: Hello
"Hello" in a guys's voice
Me: Please i'd like to speak with Gail
The Guy: Gail's not here,did you get my sms?
Me: Yes i did
The Guy: Good,stay away from her because she's my fiance
Me: I've heard you

And i hung up the phone.Later Gail and i spoke and i recounted the call and again she tendered her apologies.We continued living our lives again and then she realized she was being tailed.Someone was following her but she couldn't tell who,but all she could tell was that her 'fiance' would call her and tell her what she's putting on and sometimes even ask her to go back and change.Meanwhile,he was based in Lagos so couldn't have seen her even if he were a prophet.We started being quite careful,but i kept on reassuring her telling her we shouldn't be too careful because he should know better than to try anything stupid.Things kept on like that till she had to go for service and her service location was Lagos,thanks to her 'finace' who made sure of that.I was extremely bitter about it,she was too but couldn't do anything about it because her family was on his side.While she was getting set to leave camp,she got an unpleasant news from her mother.Her mother told her that her bride price had been paid and so as she's coming back to Lagos,she should get set to go stay at her husbands house.When the news reached me,i almost had a stroke.What the hell? My angel? Married? I almost lost it,but i remained positive (i am and would ever be an optimist) and still stuck in there.I became very curious and asked why her family were being that nice to the John's family regardless of her own feelings,then she told me they were indebted to the John's family.Apparently her dad and the John's were involved in a deal that went sour and that put her dad in debt of millions of naira.He was paying till her died and his wife continued but couldn't anymore when it got to sixty three million naira and so they wrote an agreement that the favorite daughter in Gails family marries the favorite son in John's family,you do the math.I didn't know what to do,i didn't have sixty three million,not even if i sold my elder brother (just kidding...hehehehehe)

Well,day came when she had to leave camp,she was very sad and even though i was also,i tried to make her feel better with encouraging words.She got home and immediately her mother told her to go to her 'husbands' house.She pleaded and pleaded but they landed on deaf ears.She had to go that night but called a friend of hers to go with her.That night was the beginning of my nightmares! I couldn't sleep,even though i had to go to work the next day.I tossed and turn with very horrible thoughts in my head.By a great miracle,morning came and i rushed to work.A little while after that,she went back to her mother's house,but not for long.Her mother this time told her she had to move in completely into her 'husband's' house and actually left her no choice (at least that was what she said).She called me as usual to break the horrible news,i begged and begged and gave reasons and gave reasons,but she told me her hands where tied and so she had to.I even cried at some point (common,men cry too),but...nothing.She went to her 'husband's' house and that night marked the beginning of many months of sleepless nights,literally.Even though i was already traumatized,my phone beeped and when i looked at it,it was an sms from a number that wasn't on my phone,it was a three-page sms and it read;

"I just did something i never believed i'd ever do,thanks to you.I know she's planning to divorce me after our marriage because of you,but that ain't going to happen because my seed is growing in her,something you couldn't do".

I wasn't able to sleep earlier before the sms,and after it sleep didn't seem to be something i knew how to do.That was when the pain in my chest started."OMG! She's been raped! She's been raped by the fool!" i just kept thinking.The first of horror nights finished and in the morning i asked her what happened and after intense convincing,she eventually told me that he came into her room while she was in the bathroom and had his way.It was so easy for him because she was already naked and there was no need to struggle with clothes and all.From that night,i became something i didn't understand.My beards grew and i didn't care,i became very close to God (don't judge me!).I went to church regularly,read my bible always,prayed always,fasted for two weeks,all to just avert the doom,but nothing happened.At a point i got so fed up,lost so much weight because food became an ordeal,sleep...well,i didn't know there was something like that for a long time.My colleagues got worried because i stopped talking or smiling.Stopped calling and stopped picking my calls,except hers.Her husband obviously wasn't enjoying his so called marriage and he resorted to threats.He threatened to hurt me severally,but i was too stubborn to listen to a weakling.He even gave my office address to one of his thugs and also my number.But all that were too minor to deter me.Then my health became so threatening that i felt i might get severely hurt or even die and so i called her one fateful day and ended the relationship.But i couldn't stay away,and she also wouldn't let me be,so we got back together.Thing went on as usual and we broke up again.We broke up like thrice and then i decided it was enough.I mean,the reason i was holding on was because i felt she was going to change her mind,but she didn't change her mind and so i decided i had to move on with a very heavy heart.The story was a happily never after one for us...But for me? It's gonna be a happily ever after because i've got my whole life ahead of me,it was her loss,not mine!


  1. Baby.. Tears r running down my cheeks, ofcourse i already knew, but it breaks my heart everytime when i c how much u have been hurt. But I also u r strong n when u r not as strong i am here, always.. *mwuuaaah*

  2. Hmmm....It is well.

  3. i dunno wat to say.. it's jst a messy situation.

  4. oh gawd!!!!.....this is epic...and I am still struggling to believe it is not fiction!

  5. i'm trying not to cry, didn't know dat pple still buy their wives, it may b a sad ending but pulling out of the relationship may mean the start of an even better one, so b glad

  6. Melanie-Thanks alot dear!

    Helen-Yeah,it is well!

    Kitkat-It was a messy situation,but it no longer is.

    HoneyDame-Well,believe it dear,it's my very own story.

    Chizy K-Money's still a strong force on this earth and apparently some people prefer it to their children's happiness.I'm already out of it.

  7. I find it a bit funny....

    Do you honestly believe she was raped? Before you and her came together after 8yrs,she was already dating this guy.

    This is 2010 or 2009...what girl after university wud agree to 'go to her husband's house' honoring a debt (NOT A PROMISE OF FUTURE 60 SOMTHING MILLION) an old expired debt that went with the previous generation?

    ...then even if she was forced...she didnt know how to get a divorce while all the while claiming she loves you?

    A graduate.

    I dont know sha oooo...it sounds a bit funny but I'm sure you were hurt. sorry you went thru that painful time

  8. aww...speechless but your last sentence made me smile cuz your personal happiness is the most important afterall

  9. Nutty J-I have good reasons to believe she was raped because the fool sent me an sms to announce his deed.He had not slept with her all the while they were dating.The debt did not expire because it was on paper and she couldn't get a divorce because the marriage was traditional and cannot be nullified by the law.My dear,the story is so very complicated,i just try to make it as simple as possible.

    Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken-Yes me dear,it'll end well for me.

  10. oh Okay...

    Glad you bounced back eventually....

  11. awww so sad. i see why you didn't want to share the story at first. Glad you did sha. Hope you feel better. So sad, my dear like 2 pac will say "life goes on"

  12. Nutty J-Yeah,i'm glad i did.Thanks!

    BSNC-I feel better dear and life truly goes on.

  13. Wow! It's like a nollywood movie. But you know, it happened for a reason, and only God knows why. And you're right, it was her loss. You've got your life ahead of you- surprises on the way :D


  14. The Corner Shop-Thanks alot Adiya,i've always believed everything happens for a reason.