Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happily never after (part 3)

Gail came that day looking very simple yet very beautiful.She was dressed in a slightly loose short,a flowery top,a pair of sandals and of course some jewelry that only made her dazzle.The fragrance she had on only did somethings to my senses that even right now i can almost feel.Anyway,she came in and we both sat down very close as usual and started gisting almost immediately.After a while,i stared deep into her eyes,then moved my lips toward hers,she withdrew.In my head i was like "Mehn,wetin be this? Does this gurl know how much i wanna kiss those lips? Does she have any idea how many years i'd dreamt about kissing her?".I tried again,because i didn't want to believe that just happened,but she withdrew again.This time,looking into her eyes,i knew she needed it too but was just playing around,and i also knew it was a matter of time before she gave in.What the heck,i've got all night! I tried again and again she withdrew and i'm like;
"What's the problem?"
"Nothing" she replied with a mischievous smile on her face.
"Iiigh,iight" i said with my own mischievous smile displayed on my face now.
Again,i shifted my head closer,and this time there wasn't any withdrawal.Our lips touched and i swear,my heart stopped beating.Still don't know how i managed to be alive because my heart stopped beating,i stopped breathing,i was just relishing the sweet taste of her lips.Although my eyes were closed,but i was seeing stars shaped in different beautiful shapes,bright and very colorful.After like two minutes of very intense kissing,we broke off from each other.However,my head was still close to hers and i was staring deep into those beautiful eyes.
"I had waited like eight years for that" i said meaning it with every iota of my blood and she just smiled.And before 1+1 could equal 2,my lips were already covering hers.This time,the kisses turned to touching and more touching.Seriously,my hands gained senses of their own,because they moved around her body with so much urgency yet with tenderness that would arouse the envy of feather.Even in my state of oblivion,i could feel her hands all over me too.All of a sudden she pushed me away;
"Stop" she said
"What's the problem?" i asked in my favorite bedroom voice
"We shouldn't do this" she responded
"Why?" i asked almost hitting my head on the wall
"Because i've not done this in like two years" she said
"I don't understand" i said,obviously confused and taken aback
"I'd not done this since i got pregnant with my baby" she said
"Ok,then we shouldn't rush things" i somehow managed to spit from between my lips
"Thank you for understanding" she said
"It ok dear" i said

And so,we just laid there with her in my arms and stayed quiet for a very long while,each of us in our thoughts.But mine was clear to me,i mean i was the 'thinker' wasn't i? I was thinking, "Finally...finally she's mine,at least for now.I can't believe this,i really can't believe this.The gurl i'd loved for so long a time is the same one in my arms,the same one i just finished kissing intensely".After a while,she announced it was time for her to leave.I took her home and while she wanted to walk up the stairs,i gave her a goodnight kiss and watched her climb up the stairs.I got home and our sms chat started.

Me: I just got home now
Gail: Thanks for taking me home
Me: It's ok,you know i enjoy doing that a whole lot
Gail: I can't believe that happened
Me: I can't believe it either,i mean i've been dreaming about it for like eight years now
Gail: So what's going to happen now?
Me: I don't know,but let's just take it one step at a time

After that day,we were always on the phone.I called her like three times daily,sent her like a million sms,that's minus her calls and sms.A few days after then,she came by the house looking beautiful as usual with her radiant smile,and i'm a sucker for beautiful smiles.We gisted a while and then started kissing and smooching.This went on a while and before you know it,we both couldn't hold it and...The rest is history.We made love like two more times after that and those were almost the best love making experiences i'd ever had.We soared to places i barely knew existed together and landed together at some points.Afterward,we talked and laughed and cuddled till it was time for her to leave.As usual,i walked her home and gave her a kiss goodnight and headed back home.Before i could settle down,i received an sms from her;

Gail: We shouldn't have done it,i told you we shouldn't have.Now i feel so helpless cos i want you even more
Me: And what's wrong with that?
Gail: Everything! Now i won't be able to stop and it's going to hurt
Me: Don't think about that yet baby
Gail: I'll try not to

Things went on very smoothly for like six months.Those were almost the best six months of my life.I felt love like i never knew was possible and gave so much love like i never knew i had.My friends got to know about us and most of them weren't surprised.They were generally happy for us.We got so stuck on each other that we just couldn't stay without seeing.

However,things changed when she told the other guy she wanted out of their relationship...


  1. Melanie said it all *sigh...*

    Dude! You can write oh!


  2. Melanie-Hmmmmmmm

    The Corner Shop-Thanks a millie Adiya,i'm trying real hard.

  3. is this real or fiction?
    so u stole her from her guy ba?lol ..hw did u feel bout making out with some one else's girlfriend?

  4. hmmm.....
    i bet the difficult part begins now doesn't it

  5. Kitkat-It is real dear and not fiction.I didn't steal her.I felt very good making out with her though.hehehehehehe

    Chizy K-Just stay tuned...hehehehehehe

  6. This is a very nice story.I read from the first one and it is really nice,you have good writing skills.Meanwhile,i'm waiting for the remaining parts.Can't believe it is real,it feels like Nollywood story or something.~John

  7. John-Thanks for stopping by.The rest of the story will be posted soon.

  8. Can such intense love eva end?

    1. Yeah it can,with the aid of another intense love.