Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happily never after (Part 2)

Things changed a great deal between Gail and i in December 2009 (i mixed it up in the last post,it was  December 2009 not 2010).She was with her mother in Lagos for the Christmas holiday while i was in my base,Port Harcourt.Somehow in the middle of the month,we started an sms chat and talked about alot of things.Here are some of the chat i can remember;

Me: You stopped communicating after the last time we saw,why?
Gail: Nothing.
Me: You and i know that's not true.You know what i think?
Gail: What?
Me: I think you saw me and realized you still had feelings for me.
Gail: Ok yes,i had feelings for you and still have feeling for you,but nothing is going to happen.

*At that point,i felt the leaping of my heart for joy*

Me: Why did you say nothing is going to happen?
Gail: I have someone i am supposed to marry and if i attempt to break the engagement both families will kill me.
Me: But why would you marry someone you don't love?
Gail: Sometimes that's how life is,you don't end up marrying the one you love.
Me: Well,i have always had feelings for you and i still am in love with you.
Gail: So what are you going to do?
Me: Well,i'm going to be exceedingly happy,even if it lasts for only a short while.
Gail: How do you mean?
Me: I mean i'm going to risk being with you,even if it last for only a short while cos i'm always very happy with you.
Gail: I'm always happy with you too,but it's better we don't start anything because it'll only cause us pain later.
Me: The happiness being with you brings is going to supersede the pains.
Gail: I don't know about this.
Me: Well i do and i'm willing to take that chance.

We ended our sms chat that day and continued another day and that was when she told me she would be in Port Harcourt by January 2010.Here's a few of the sms we exchanged i can remember;

Me: When are you coming to Port Harcourt?
Gail: Sometime in January.
Me: I really can't wait,i miss you so much.
Gail: I miss you too.

She came towards ending of January.Her flight arrived in the afternoon so she went to see her aunty who stayed quite close to my house then.After a few minutes with her aunty,she called to notify me that she's on her way to see me,i was so excited i could barely sit still.All of a sudden time became so slow,a minute felt more like an hour.I could've sworn at that time that the battery of the clock on the wall was weak.Eventually she called that i should come out to our junction to pick her up,i was already downstairs before she finished talking.I got there and immediately i saw her,i just took her in my arms and held her right there so people could have their eyes full.Eventually we both walked to my place and settled down.Then we generally just talked and caught up on old gists.She had a daughter and when i found out,i stopped talking to her for a few days.So,she used the opportunity to explain how it happened and i apologized for my actions which she gladly accepted.She had to leave after a few hours,which was definitely not enough for both of us,and i walked her home (she also stays in thesame estate as i) to have more time with her.We got to her gate and couldn't stop talking.We talked for close to 30 minutes till her elder sister came out and saw her,then we had to part ways.We fixed an appointment for a few days later.That day came and changed my life!


  1. Hmm.. n d story continue.. now i read something u didnt tell me, gorgeous..

  2. Melanie-Hahahaha...The things you read i didn't tell you may have skipped my mind.*hugs*

  3. kinda wondering how something dat important 'skipped' mind sweets, its all gud.. *hug back*

  4. O waoooooo.... I want to read write really well.

  5. marraige is a long time commitment, d biggest mistake u can make is to marry someone u don't love

  6. 9jaFOODie-You will dear and thanks alot,i try my best!

    Chizy K-My thought exactly,but i guess some people still don't think that way.

  7. ehehn...??? then what happened? which kind to-be-continued-shortly be this?

  8. leave her alone!!..who tld u to not tell her u loved her before she met the man she is about to marry?lol
    that's the problem with guys..they wont say how they feel until it's too late!..tsk tsk

  9. I'm with kitkat dont know what they want and they go about confusing women. if she cheats on the person she's with now all of a sudden she can't be trusted cos she might do the same to you. selfish men!!

  10. bArOquE-Easy man,the remaining part will come shortly.

    Kitkat-But she also was in love with me,why didn't she tell me? Don't you gurls like shouting that saying; what a man can do,a woman can do better? hehehehehe

    Anonymous-Mmmmm,that was quite sentimental.But she was also in love with me na,why didn't she tell me?

  11. Wahala!!! Why does she want to marry someone just because of the families? That's messed up. See the wahala you're looking for sha oh- she said she's married you said oya nau, make we still do. LOL!!


  12. The Corner ShopHehehehehe...No mind me o Adiya.You know what they said "Fly wey no hear word na im dey follow dead body enter grave".Hahahahaha

  13. Is Malanie your sister or your girlfriend?

    Cos if she is neither and you are giving her off-blogsville gist before you blog about it...then you berra be giving me too ooo

  14. Nutty J-Busted! Hehehehehehe...Melanie is not my girlfriend neither is she my sister,but she's a very dear friend,maybe my adopted sister sef!

  15. hahah as usual i was going to comment on the story, but nutty's comment got my attention. lol so why are you mincing the gist na. You berra give nutty gist too oh.

  16. BSNC-Ah ahn,i was doing that na,but Nutty got it all wrong...hehehehehe!