Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Even heartbreak isn't excuse enough

For those of you who followed my story Happily never after,i only let you in on just a little of the pain i went through.Life was really hell those periods and even my looks realized it.That was as much of a problem to me as what i became.I transformed into the opposite of what i was and what makes it worse was that i was considered a very good person,but that wasn't who i really was at that time,on the contrary,i was a terrible person.

Like i mentioned in the series Happily never after,the last six months of my one year relationship with my ex were hell and very heart wrenching.However,by December of last year,2010,i started making moves towards moving on.I needed to forget the person who had become my world,the person who made it impossible for me to see another woman.And to do this,i decided to start dating again,but only that i didn't date one person.I started with one though,then move up to two,then ain't me,i kept on telling myself,but i was still doing it.I hurt most of these people all because i lost someone and was heartbroken,but that wasn't a good reason.That isn't reason enough to be as heartless as i became and i realized this soon enough though.I started letting them off my hook and left just one and now i can almost say i'm back (my mind still wanders back a whole lot).

I've seen heartbreaks cause serious disasters.I've also witnessed people get heartbroken and  take it out on other people.I once told a story about my friend in Men are dogs but women are bitches who got heartbroken and took a course way worse than the one i took.Right now,he doesn't even trust any gurl,he feels every gurl is a heartbreaker,he even doesn't like me being in a serious relationship because he feels i'll end up heartbroken.I've also witnessed gurls date random men all because they feel no man is trust-worthy.

Furthermore,people engage in other not-so-cool things all because of a heartbreak.For instance,i know gurls who turned lesbians because they got heartbroken a couple of times.I also know of guys who take in more alcohol than a tree close to a river takes in water and also smoke more cigarettes that even a chimney would get jealous of the smoke.The list of outrageous things people do when heartbroken is just so endless and disheartening.

However,even heartbreak isn't reason enough for all these outrageous indulgence so suck it up people.I ain't saying this as a saint,i mean i told you my story and confessed how i started doing terrible stuffs,but i'm saying this as one who has analyzed the issue critically and come to the understanding that it just isn't worth it.Why kill yourself over someone who's happy with his/her life by drinking to hurt yourself and smoking to kill your lungs? I mean,why disrespect your body over a guy who's having fun with a gurl he obviously likes better or a few gurls? Really,is it worth it? Here's the simple and blatant truth about this; Nobody is worth your tears or heartaches! QED! Yeah,no guy or gurl is worth the tears you have running down your cheeks.No guy or gurl is worth the harming of yourself so once again,suck it all up! I'm tired of hearing guys are liars or gurls are not trustworthy,well have you no idea it's all a circle? A guy breaks a gurl's heart,she gets so mad she starts dating random guys and one of those guys who genuinely loves her gets to find out she's cheating then leaves heartbroken and then believes gurls are not trustworthy and then starts dating random gurls among which is one who genuinely loves him but realizes he has chains of gurls and leaves heartbroken and does the randon dating thingy.Ain't that an effing circle?! Abeg abeg abeg,make we talk something more serious jare,i don talk my own finish!


  1. True words gorgeous.. Suck it up people..! There r still a few good people around, guys n gals, search for those. N if u get heartbroken along d way, so b it, its life.. No need trashing urself *mwuah*

  2. if only you could hear me snapping my fingers all on point afterall why kill yourself over someone who has moved on and happy and probably does not even remember what he/she had with you

  3. Melanie-Yes dear,there are still good folks around and we just have to keep searching till we find them.

    Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken-My point exactly! It's so not worth it!

  4. True story or like my ibo brodas ll say Gbam! lol. I feel the post, but which one is make we talk something serious. This one is a very serious something too.

  5. As the saying goes..."hurting people hurt people"

  6. boys are serial heart breakers. i'm sure the irst person to start the circle was a guy! :(

  7. BSNC-It's not as if it's not serious,but the way people,mostly gurls,talk about this make it sound unserious to me mostly with this obvious fact.

    Anonymous-True talk! We would've loved to get your name though.

    Kitkat-Yeah,boys are serial heartbreakers,but gurls aren't saints in the issue of heartbreak.Meanwhile,since you don't have facts to back your claim,lets just say a gurl or a guy started it.

  8. Heart break or no heart break
    Love never fails!

  9. You are so right! Why cloud your future and make someone else sad just cause of one person that hurt you. Heartbreak is no excuse


  10. ur so right, i second every word u said, n am glad u saw ur wrongs n not just corrected it but acknowledged it n even shared it
    lol.. @Kitkat ur just too funny

  11. Tisha-You're so right about that,love never fails.

    The Corner Shop-Thanks Adiya!

    Chizy K-Hehehehehe...sharing is one way to reach out to people so they don't make the same mistake as i did.Kitkat is actually a funny missy!

  12. @KITKAT no!!! it wasn`t started by sure was a GIRL :P "just saying"