Monday, March 7, 2011

Cleaning out my closet

I presume your weekends were great cos i had a very lovely one even though i spent it indoors.And on sunday,i had maximum fun in God's presence with Frank Edwards taking praise and worship for a few minutes (was told the guy was small,but never anticipated he'd be that small).Anyways,the weekend was just awesome sha.

My closet has been very dirty these few months and thus needed serious cleaning...I don't mean that literally in case you're confused or something.I had a very heart breaking breakup last year that dragged into this year somehow (that's a story for another day) and somehow,i changed from the kind of person i used to be.In my defense,it was in a bid to forget stuff.I know some of you might be tempted to judge me after reading this post,but don't bother cos i already did that on your behalves.

I am generally a very nice person (Eh ehn,what?! Can't i blow my own trumpet every once in a while?!).On the real though,i actually am nice based on the feedback i've gotten from friends and acquaintances.But i get like twice nice when it has to do with women.To me,they were created to be loved and cared for,thus my sentiment.I'm not a saint,but i really try to do right by my gurls.I mostly don't cheat on them (true story) and i always made sure i listen to them and give them all the time they desire and i can give.However,all those changed when i had that very terrible breakup.The breakup was terrible because i could have sworn i had found my wife,you know,my soul mate (since i now know it does exist).Anyways,i became a very different person (though i managed to still be nice and caring)...I became what i criticized! Work was always pressing so i didn't go out much,but i was always on the internet.There's this phone app i had on my phone that allows for meeting people and chatting and that app helped turn me into a 'terrible person'.The gurls first go to my profile and when they see my pix they always wanna chat.And when we chat they mostly fall (Let's just say i am good with words) and the next thing is they wanna be by my side.Between December 2010 and February this year,i got involved with five gurls minus the two that were there before the app as standbys (Don't bother judging me,i've done that already).However,these gurls would swear i am nice,caring and loving,but knowing the kind of person i ordinarily am,i was plain heartless! I called often,listened often,make them feel special,but then again,a hawk pays attention to it's prey doesn't it? I toyed with seven hearts (I'm ashamed of it now so drop that judging attitude abeg,wetin?!) for over a month till i met someone.She was among the seven hearts but proved to be different from the other six and thus she won the highest percentage of my attention.

However,i still had these other six because i was still  doing my study (I do that before going into any serious relationship) on her for you-know-what reasons.She proved to be different,like i said before and so as a result,i told myself it was time to return back to my old self.This person made me take a look at my closet and i realize how dirty and unkempt it was and knew i had to do some cleaning.I started doing the right thing,i started letting the numerous gurls go (Of course they felt i had broken their hearts,not knowing i was just saving them from impending excruciating pains).I used the last two weeks in the month of February to do this and so officially this month,i am left with just one gurl (Really,lucky her!...hehehehehehe).Although i am still in the studying stage and very much sane still...if you know what i mean...I just knew if i wanted my closet to smell fresh and look nice,then it should be cleaned.In other words,i knew if i wanted to accommodate 'Love',i need to create an atmosphere it can thrive in.That is what i have done and i am proud of it! Have a nice day people and just remember as humans we're liable to making mistakes,but we also should know that realizing them and making amends is what makes the difference.


  1. Am really proud of u gorgeous.. U cant hear, u cant see, but i applaud u.. u deserve d biggest kiss ever.. mwuuuaaahh..

  2. For the fact you're writing this means that you're ready to become your nice self again. That cool. Yeah, i'm joining Melanie to give you kisses lol



  3. Yes o!!! Blow your own trumpet o....
    nawa I was thinking of ways to develop our virtual love and then u have gone and fallen for this babe...mcchceewww..
    I yam rekindling my "rove" with YY then..lemme not lose in both ways....
    Good for you though. Hope it grows into a wonderful association. And that last line is key to any form of relationship...I think I want to adopt brother?....heheheheheh

  4. hmm so i've noticed you're very emotional and very into relationships.. cute :p
    dnt be hard on urself for the whole dating five chicks at the same time.. shit happens. atleast u admit it was wrong and you're ready to start afresh with the new chick.
    goodluck with this relationship :)

  5. Melanie-Thanks dear and thanks for the kisses too.

    The Corner Shop-Yeah,i'm ready to be my nice self cos i think i enjoyed me better that way.

    HoneyDame-Hahahahahaha...Gurl you just cracked me up.Don't worry,i might just consider cheating virtually...don't tell anybody o! *wink* Blog brother ke? Whatever happened to the virtual love you were professing?! Now now things don change...Mchewwwwww

    Kitkat-I am Libra dear,it's typical of us to be very emotional and 'relationshipy'.Thanks alot though!

  6. They say its not the number of times we make mistakes, the good thing therefore is you've discovered your wrongs and are on the path to getting it right all over again.

    i'ld be on the look out for more gist!

  7. Mccheeww... Might consider gini? If I am not the real deal..forget abourrit! we can to convert the love to familial one.YOu are libran? I dint know librans were supposed to be emotional and relationshipy! I am libran too and YY swears by the overgrown nail on his pinkie that I am an "odaju"....remember Kanye West's Heartless. I am just not that kind of mushy. I am hard and soft at the same time....confused? So M I...:D

    On the flip side, YY is libran too (uhm..M I supposed to be compatible with a Libran as a libran?) and he is a very mushy person, so maybe the horoscope tendencies are gender specific....

    And just like PET, my oliver twist self is yearning..."more, more, more ...gist"!

  8. Nice!!!! lucky her indeed, hopefully she's the right one this time

  9. Sorry, I am back again. Just a question for Melanie. Your page is blocked. Is it intentional? If not, kindly unblock so we can share in your experience/blog/posts...I will check back sometime soon again...Thanks

    As for you, youngman, can we get an update?:D

  10. P.E.T-More gist huh? More you'll get! *wink*

    HoneyDame-Hard and soft? I ain't confused bout that,i get there sometimes depending on who i'm with.Horoscope tendencies aren't gender-specific trust me.However,you could be the exceptional few who are different from the typical Libra.

    Asper familiar love between us...well...actually...the thing know...what i'm trying to say is i'm not available for now...hehehehehehehe!

    Chizy K-Yes o,hopefully she's the right one cos the hunt for a relationship is very stressful and time consuming,meanwhile flings are much more easier...hehehehehe!