Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be that change

I was talking with someone a few days back as regards our great country and the person expressed reasons why he feels Nigerian isn't going to get better.Amongst the reasons he gave was; our leaders are currupt and our youths are even more corrupt.This is true,but he failed to understand that inasmuchas there are a huge number of youths who are corrupt,there also are a very great deal of youths who are credible.We've seen alot in this great country of ours,enough that can make a grown man cry.We've seen atrocities being committed with the culprits going free.We've been deceived,we've been lied to,we've been bullied and a whole lot more.But this isn't where it stops,surely there's an end and i don't mean this from just religious point of view.

I'm sure you've come across very corrupt people who make you feel very bad,but think about this; haven't you also come across Nigerians who make you very proud to be a Nigerian? Well,if you haven't,i have.Alot of them are popular,alot of them are not,but they are very great minds.Matter of fact,i am one of those great minds,the question is are you? We all want a very lovely Nigeria,i'm sure you have picture of your dream Nigeria.Well,it can change from a dream or picture to reality,but that won't happen with you complaining about the leaders we have.It can only happen with you doing your own bit,no matter how small.I have learnt to stop complaining even though i know things are not working right now because i know complaining isn't going solve nothing.I am determined to make a mark,it won't be a bad idea if you can also do thesame.Imagine if you want to make a mark,the next person to you wants to make a mark and so on,we'd have what we crave,what we desire.Have a very nice day people.


  1. i know u ve a point, n i know they say 1 man ca make a difference, but we all know the chances are really slim. i just hope God sees us thru cos without him or if it were all in d sole power of Nigerians, our country would go down d drain b4 d twinkle of an eye. I always remember this great country in my prayers

  2. same thing ive been thinking about for days now

  3. Its time to stop complaining and be the change we all want to see,although we all agree that it ain`t that easy coz we live in an era where GOOD has become bad "to SOME" and BAD become GOOD..Corruption is the biggest Problem i personally think tackling this problem requires GOD`s intervention..GOD BLESS 9ja.

  4. loved this post and i totally agree with everything u said!..we are the change that we seeK!!

  5. Chizy K-I'm glad you said the chances are slim,meaning there are chances and that's exactly what we need to act and make our own changes.The most important thing is we've got chances.

    The Corner Shop-Thanks jare!

    Sisi Yemmie-So i stole your thoughts huh? hehehehehe

    DIDI-I agree with you DIDI,and believe me,God has intervened,but we need to takes steps.

    Kitkat-Thanks dear.

  6. P.E.T Project-Definately! I am one of those that make up the hope,and i strongly feel you are too!